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    RT @noyoushutthecherryupdad Reminder that !spcmovienight is tomorrow (Sunday) at 5:30pm US Mountain Time.

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    RT @noyoushutthekiwiupdad Tonight's movie for !spcmovienight is Die Hard 2 (1990). Showtime is in ~15 minutes. Get in!

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    RT @moonman GARBAGE DAY!

    Starting in 15-ish minutes, we will watch LIFE ON THE LINE (2015) featuring John Travolta as, apparently, a heroic...electric lineman. When we saw this movie, we knew we had to have it for garbage day. 
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    Conversations with kids, about #, #, and #:

    "Why are they looking at me?"
    "Because they heard you fart."
    "Whhhhat do you mean?!?!"
    "Hearing people can hear farts."
    !education !parenting # !security

    about 23 days ago
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    !sexrobotdiscuss # Bride of Pinbot. Actually a very good # machine, one of my favorites behind Addam's Family. https://Potato

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