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Game Developer Bronies

Game Developer Bronies

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Equestria, Hyrule

Fans of MLP who decided to make games about little horsies or something else.

Game Developer Bronies (bronydevs) group


  1. BGP Devlog # (Hotfix TARTARUS!)

    Friday, 31-Dec-21 21:20:41 UTC from web
    • Derp? On April Fool's?
      Meet Derpzee. This pony is very clumsy, but has great potential. Think of her as a mix between Derpy from MLP, and Slaking or Magikarp from Pokemon because that's what I thought of when designing her.

      Friday, 01-Apr-16 04:37:05 UTC from web
    • Now that was a climb. Demo 4 is out there on the web now and it looks like hundreds of people are enjoying it. Feels good taking another step forward, but this mountain is still another year tall. Plans for Demo 5 are written and ready to be executed!

      Tuesday, 29-Mar-16 16:36:01 UTC from web