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A place to chat about the pony-taming RPG by Yotes Games

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  1. We were interviewed on a podcast about game development!

    Talking about making a Pony RPG in Unity over many many years.

    Hosted by ILoveKimPossibleALot! (Reposted with fixed technical issues)

    about 20 hours ago from web
    • Battle Gem Ponies 1 Year Later...

      Check out this video about the development journey so far and the upcoming changes to how we do things here at YotesMark

      If you're in a rush, the short summary is that the game won't be out for another 12-16 months, the merch store is closing in October so if you want extra shirts better grab 'em now, the physical Kickstarter rewards will start going out in October (excluding all the stuff that won't come 'til release), and we have far reaching plans to make Battle Gem Ponies a full-fledged series when this is all said and done.

      We're looking forward to all the updates to come over the next year and are eternally grateful for every backer's help in making it possible.

      about 22 days ago from web

      • Released to celebrate the 1 Year Anniversary of the Kickstarter that made this project possible!

        Download Here:
        In This Demo You'll Find:
        - New Battle Mechanics
        - More Team Customization Options
        - A Lively Island Overworld to Explore
        - A New Shop & Currency System
        - 12 New Pony Ultra Forms
        - More Advanced Battle AI
        - Improved HUD/UI
        - And a Bangin' New Boss Fight Track!

        about a month ago from web
        • The beefiest update yet, and we're still not finished! Another Demo is on the way. Look out for the Free Public Demo on August 25th, just in time for Everfree Northwest.

          about 2 months ago from web
          • Big thanks to everypony that stopped by to play our game at TrotCon!

            about 3 months ago from web
            • New Horizons on PINTO ISLAND! | Battle Gem Ponies Devlog #
              See the culmination of all our gamedev efforts this Spring!

              about 3 months ago from web
              • We'll Be Vending Again at Everfree Northwest 2022!!
                So very excited to see people's reactions to how far the game has come over the past year.

                about 5 months ago from web
                • Got a little somethin for all the patient BGP supporters out there... A brand new demo showing off the Overworld we've been working on since August!

                  Enjoy your stay on Pinto Island ~

                  about 6 months ago from web
                • Here's a vid on how we figured out the math behind making combat work. (was trickier than you'd think)

                  about 10 months ago from web
                • We did it!! Battle Gem Ponies reached its funding goal with a week to spare!
                  It's still up til Sept 3rd 6pm EST if you wanna hop onboard: ????

                  about a year ago from web
                • A Pony Indie Game YEARS in the making...
                  Battle Gem Ponies is LIVE on Kickstarter Until Sept 3rd! ????????????
                  (Play the Demo, See if You Like it)

                  about a year ago from web
                  • Kickstarter Incoming! (Battle Gem Ponies)

                    Two weeks 'til it drops! Everything is on the line here, so we hope we can count on everyone who's followed development up to this exciting point to show some love and help us make this game happen!

                    You can check out the Kickstarter Preview right now and sign up to be notified Day One!

                    about a year ago from web
                    • Made a Video Walkthrough showing off the Combat System & the game's Development History:

                      about a year ago from web
                      • Ohhh, it's coming... FINALLY after months of delays, the Combat Demo is nearly complete!
                        You'll be playing the new and improved Battle Gem Ponies within a week!

                        Come bask in the pre-launch hype with us on this month's gamedev Blog! ~

                        Monday, 31-May-21 21:08:03 UTC from web
                        • Got some awesome overworld footage of the game right here. You can capture the Fluttershy-inspired bee-pony Shyshock in the tall grass of Pinto Island!

                          Tuesday, 25-May-21 13:57:36 UTC from web