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New RDN Names

New RDN Names

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What? RDN is evolving!

New RDN Names (newrdnnames) group


  1. !nrdnn Radically drawn network

    Thursday, 23-Feb-17 05:26:08 UTC from web
    • !nrdnn Animasters of the Fediverse

      Wednesday, 04-Jan-17 17:18:53 UTC from MuSTArDroid
    • !nrdnn Cartoon Rubber-Room?

      Tuesday, 03-Jan-17 18:48:01 UTC from MuSTArDroid
    • !nrdnn

      Tuesday, 03-Jan-17 17:50:00 UTC from web
    • Top Toon Network !nrdnn

      Tuesday, 03-Jan-17 17:35:23 UTC from web
      • !nrdnn Also just a friendly reminder that we do not have lawyers.

        Tuesday, 03-Jan-17 17:27:54 UTC from web
      • !nrdnn Cartoon Commune

        Tuesday, 03-Jan-17 09:09:44 UTC from web
      • !nrdnn I guess we could always name it "cartoon network", that name hasn't been used, right?

        Tuesday, 03-Jan-17 07:14:44 UTC from web
        • !nrdnn Public Relations Reindeer reporting in.

          I'm a fan of Toon Landing and Cartoon Republic, and Cartoon Federation. Toon Castle has a certain charm to it, but those are my favorites so far.

          Tuesday, 03-Jan-17 03:34:12 UTC from web
          • (Better yet, !nrdnn) Fruit Filter Funzone

            Monday, 02-Jan-17 23:25:58 UTC from web
          • The only !newrdnnames I managed to brainstorm last night are: Toon Boon, Toon Room, Toon Landing, That's No Toon, Toonbase

            Wednesday, 28-Dec-16 22:35:30 UTC from web
          • @thelastgherkin Still shopping for names? How about Cartoon Cafe, it's got alliteration and a secret ECH throwback.

            Friday, 30-Dec-16 15:27:44 UTC from MuSTArDroid
          • Anyway, please contribute to !nrdnn to get in on the ground floor of... whatever we're doing.

            Wednesday, 28-Dec-16 22:37:43 UTC from web