RainyMan! (baron)

  1. fairy tale fight artwork http://rainbowdash.net/url/861482

    Wednesday, 16-Aug-17 19:46:19 UTC from web
  2. For every bad reply I get on any post, I write your name down on a scrap of paper and put it in a bin. On the day of reckoning, I am dumping this bin onto the floor and tallying who made the most bananaty posts. Whoever this is will stand no chance against a boy of my size.

    Wednesday, 16-Aug-17 19:25:11 UTC from shitposter.club in context Repeat of delores
  3. @scribus It is just the IMAGE of the screen you see of the site.

    Wednesday, 16-Aug-17 19:11:38 UTC from web in context
  4. I just need the link, for what it might make possible as an instance.

    Wednesday, 16-Aug-17 19:06:49 UTC from web
  5. @scribus Yeah you're right, that's the meaning of the term. Get it?

    Wednesday, 16-Aug-17 19:04:07 UTC from web in context
  6. How does one acquire the *rainbowdash UI* if anyone is listening?

    Wednesday, 16-Aug-17 19:00:23 UTC from web in context
  7. @delores >Rick and morty isn't good
    wubalubadub dub ha ha

    Wednesday, 16-Aug-17 18:58:00 UTC from shitposter.club in context Repeat of rw
  8. Been off but now i return to sender the mail on 'ere again.

    Wednesday, 16-Aug-17 18:55:07 UTC from web
  9. it's so quiet, are they asleep?

    Tuesday, 14-Feb-17 10:01:37 UTC from web in context
  10. what is tfw?

    Tuesday, 14-Feb-17 09:33:01 UTC from web in context
  11. I was gonna call it INACTIVE but that's too easy, esp when i have the other kept ACTIVE but then whats the big deal, maybe i will learn it later.

    Tuesday, 14-Feb-17 09:31:52 UTC from web
  12. @moonman "No idea what happened" is the default state of all GS servers...

    Tuesday, 14-Feb-17 09:21:19 UTC from social.heldscal.la Repeat of lambadalambda
  13. @zennx I do have to make the effort, it wasnt happening on it's own, but yeah, hopes for an upturn soon :)

    Tuesday, 14-Feb-17 09:16:11 UTC from web in context
  14. @netkitteh hey kiwi you alright?

    Tuesday, 14-Feb-17 01:19:43 UTC from social.heldscal.la in context Repeat of dtluna
  15. @zennx Things cud be better but coping ok at the moment.

    Tuesday, 14-Feb-17 09:07:16 UTC from web in context
  16. Hi all, is it good today?

    Tuesday, 14-Feb-17 08:55:29 UTC from web in context
  17. @mrmattimation changing network pressure?

    Tuesday, 14-Feb-17 07:16:10 UTC from web in context
  18. This is diffrent here, i like the light colors and this is a distraction from the dark theme and also a new slant on a general social experience, so it can lead to unexpected surprises i reckon <3

    Tuesday, 14-Feb-17 07:15:23 UTC from web
  19. Looks like prosody hanged again.

    Thursday, 02-Feb-17 21:12:04 UTC from community.highlandarrow.com in context Repeat of maiyannah
  20. @moonman Secondary is what?

    Thursday, 02-Feb-17 21:08:57 UTC from web in context
  21. @rainyman did i just spell that wrongly?

    Thursday, 02-Feb-17 21:08:02 UTC from web
  22. If somebody got rid of that darn pony and put a devilish icon in place of it, it can be a decent breakaway from so so soup can't it?

    Thursday, 02-Feb-17 21:05:15 UTC from web
  23. @maiyannah Yeah, I've been thinking about that too, if only to get rid of the bother of having to manually exclude someone from the convo.

    There's one potential little issue though. If a convo starts sprawling into several branches do you want to force people to unnotify from all branches or do you want to say "I'm not interested in the Trump branch but I am interested in the firearms branch"?

    Saturday, 21-Jan-17 10:54:40 UTC from community.highlandarrow.com in context Repeat of verius
  24. By the way the avis of so many add to the sparkle alright, but then what will it be, IF there was Little Red Riding Hood for their site?

    Monday, 16-Jan-17 16:43:27 UTC from web in context
  25. @rainyman I just think there's a limit to being a decent part of the community, if not having a Mastodon type of reputation, what is there?

    Monday, 16-Jan-17 16:41:55 UTC from web
  26. i read the book of genesis and almost every chapter had a line in it that had been used as the name of a book, song or band

    Friday, 13-Jan-17 20:14:06 UTC from shitposter.club Repeat of augustus
  27. I think reserving spaces for tooners is also about the use of that word reservation~ism. Isnt that quite the case?

    Friday, 13-Jan-17 21:39:00 UTC from web
  28. @rupe Toon Sun Reservist

    Friday, 13-Jan-17 21:34:49 UTC from web in context
  29. @thelastgherkin Cartoon Communique Zones

    Friday, 13-Jan-17 21:34:03 UTC from web in context
  30. @rainyman Incidentally, it might engineer the more ADULT version of toony tunes, like batty and suupie does right?

    Tuesday, 10-Jan-17 05:30:54 UTC from web