1. How does one acquire the *rainbowdash UI* if anyone is listening?

    Wednesday, 16-Aug-17 19:00:23 UTC from web
    1. @baron I've been here for almost 6 years and have no idea what that's supposed to mean

      Wednesday, 16-Aug-17 19:02:00 UTC from web
    2. @baron User Interface?

      Wednesday, 16-Aug-17 19:02:32 UTC from web
      1. @scribus Yeah you're right, that's the meaning of the term. Get it?

        Wednesday, 16-Aug-17 19:04:07 UTC from web
        1. @baron Right between the eyes if I don't remember to duck

          Wednesday, 16-Aug-17 19:06:12 UTC from web
          1. @scribus It is just the IMAGE of the screen you see of the site.

            Wednesday, 16-Aug-17 19:11:38 UTC from web
    3. @baron ASK around dearest I.

      about a year ago from web