sasha (sasha)

  1. i just got one of those new fangled mastodons working

    Saturday, 21-Jul-18 03:00:54 UTC from web
  2. @ceruleanspark i like this one

    Wednesday, 23-Nov-16 19:42:12 UTC from web in context
  3. Is this The Year of !GNUSocial For People Who Are Not Into Free Software or My Little Pony? # !fediverse

    Tuesday, 22-Nov-16 12:19:45 UTC from web in context
  4. What is it with the # characters spying on each other every episode?

    Tuesday, 21-Jun-16 01:32:18 UTC from web
  5. Trying out # and it's still a bit rough, more than a year after I last tried it. But I can use it and file some bugs. #

    Monday, 20-Jun-16 23:23:33 UTC from web
  6. If anyone has a Finnish word list they use with !emacs # auto-dictionary-mode, please tell me. :)

    Monday, 20-Jun-16 01:16:35 UTC from Emacs Identica-mode
  7. It's a decade since my first # / !linux distro.

    Wednesday, 08-Jun-16 11:22:45 UTC from web
  8. Gibs are back! #

    Wednesday, 08-Jun-16 11:19:55 UTC from web
  9. OFF STRINGS:3 ゲスト セイジ(ギターウルフ) # #

    Monday, 06-Jun-16 15:27:54 UTC from web
  10. Been trying out Action Quake 2 for the first time. Should be called Action Rocket Arena. I'm not a huge fan of RA/CA, but AQ2 is better because no rocket launcher means no rocket jump without self-damage.

    Tuesday, 31-May-16 17:57:22 UTC from web
  11. I suddenly miss my 1600x1200 75hz CRT.

    Monday, 30-May-16 19:09:33 UTC from web
  12. New # track sounds boring like Awake was. Dive may stay his last good album.

    Saturday, 28-May-16 11:52:30 UTC from web
  13. @ceruleanspark I think Overwatch had a chance to improve on CTF which is where TF2 kinda dropped the ball but it doesn't have it. My go-to for class-based shooters is still TFC but I'm a crazy person.

    Wednesday, 25-May-16 23:13:45 UTC from web in context
  14. # The Origin III was good! II and especially I were kinda boring. Casval/Char is really devious in this one. But his goggles are actually sports goggles?

    Sunday, 22-May-16 20:59:19 UTC from web
  15. LameXP info screen is weird, it tells you "not to pay money to obtain or use" it, and "if a third-party website tries to make you pay for downloading it, you should not respond to the offer". But it's under GPL which allows this...

    Sunday, 22-May-16 18:41:03 UTC from web
  16. EKK's server is down since a few hours. Once again because an excavator cut the main cable. Our connection remained functional for a while anyway, but the downtime now is probably due to work being done on the cable. We'll be back soon!

    Thursday, 19-May-16 17:03:31 UTC from Repeat of quitter
  17. I can't believe this is real. This looks real terrible. #

    Thursday, 19-May-16 19:22:08 UTC from web
  18. # - c16 deep tread (KSUA Radio Rip)

    Thursday, 19-May-16 14:20:15 UTC from Emacs Identica-mode
  19. Tonkatsu DJ Agetarou ep 6 is fantastic. chill out

    Monday, 16-May-16 15:04:45 UTC from Emacs Identica-mode
  20. # is really dumb. When you mix water with space apples, it turns you into a zombie.

    Monday, 16-May-16 15:03:07 UTC from Emacs Identica-mode
  21. @inscius @expatpaul @perloid The FSF could do a remake horror movie called "The Binary Blob".

    Tuesday, 30-Jun-15 18:34:54 UTC from Repeat of saziusmayfirst
  22. Ems from new Mark Pritchard: sounds like someone's phone is on vibrate throughout most of the track.

    Sunday, 15-May-16 15:11:56 UTC from Emacs Identica-mode
  23. My # favourites:
    1) Yngwie Malmsteen
    2) Sabaton
    3) Italy
    3) France

    Saturday, 14-May-16 23:37:35 UTC from web in context
  24. I think my bicycle was stolen, and I had a new wheel put on recently. :( But only two bikes stolen is an OK tally, and last time was around 2007-2009.

    Saturday, 14-May-16 02:27:30 UTC from Emacs Identica-mode
  25. !listening # - feed1 #

    Saturday, 14-May-16 02:10:55 UTC from Emacs Identica-mode
  26. # AMA !android

    Thursday, 12-May-16 20:45:45 UTC from Emacs Identica-mode
  27. @kzimmermann @bob Here at Oulu uni, there's only one classroom with computers that dualboot Windows and Fedora, better than nothing. There are Red Hat servers students can ssh into.

    Wednesday, 11-May-16 23:12:45 UTC from Emacs Identica-mode in context
  28. @theru @postblue I'm looking for another original 1994 Natural Keyboard as the first one I bought had some unresponsive keys... If I were rich, I would probably be looking at this:

    Tuesday, 10-May-16 20:44:10 UTC from Emacs Identica-mode in context
  29. New µ-Ziq album out Friday # #

    Tuesday, 10-May-16 20:08:44 UTC from Emacs Identica-mode
  30. I tried some decentralised message boards:

    Tuesday, 10-May-16 17:37:50 UTC from Emacs Identica-mode