MetalTao (metaltao)

  1. @drinkingpony Naw man, replies are cool, but for some reason the UI was bugged, I had to hold down + Control Shift, and then hold left click to type something

    about 13 days ago from web in context
  2. The text box is REALLY hard to type with

    about 13 days ago from web in context
  3. yo

    about 13 days ago from web
  4. #

    Saturday, 18-Feb-17 17:38:39 UTC from web
  5. @mrmattimation tak-Tak-Tak-Tak-Tak-Tak-Tak-Tak-Tak-Tak-Tak-Tak-Tak-Tak-Tak-Tak-Tak-Tak-Tak-Tak-Tak-Tak-Tak-Tak-Tak-Tak-Tak-Tak-Tak-Tak-Tak-Tak-Tak-Tak-Tak-Tak-Tak-Tak-Tak-Tak-Tak-Tak-Tak-Tak-Tak-Tak-Tak-Tak-Tak-Tak-Tak

    Saturday, 18-Feb-17 16:50:02 UTC from web in context
  6. @nerthos Egg Sausage Muffin

    Saturday, 18-Feb-17 16:47:32 UTC from web in context
  7. @tiffany This is wonderful

    Saturday, 18-Feb-17 16:45:18 UTC from web in context
  8. @nerthos Punt Dunt grape

    Saturday, 18-Feb-17 16:44:17 UTC from web in context
  9. @tiffany What's a JoJo?

    Saturday, 18-Feb-17 16:41:17 UTC from web in context

    Saturday, 18-Feb-17 16:37:53 UTC from web in context
  11. MaYBe I T' s LuPUS

    Saturday, 18-Feb-17 16:16:14 UTC from web
  12. Also my reaction over the endangered species act repeal

    Saturday, 18-Feb-17 15:59:25 UTC from web
  13. Am tired Hello

    Saturday, 18-Feb-17 15:58:52 UTC from web
  14. I must have crossed their path again

    Thursday, 09-Feb-17 09:01:45 UTC from web
  15. Why do I see a Black Cat angry with me?

    Thursday, 09-Feb-17 09:01:31 UTC from web
  16. @m14brony This is a fate I am ok with

    Wednesday, 18-Jan-17 16:56:00 UTC from web in context
  17. **Chugs Tap water fervishly**

    Wednesday, 18-Jan-17 14:09:01 UTC from web in context
  18. FrogIsis

    Wednesday, 18-Jan-17 14:06:47 UTC from web
  19. Dude, Dragon FrankerZs are a universal Meme now? What?

    Wednesday, 18-Jan-17 14:03:58 UTC from web
  20. @nerthos Damn, nice, it's 2:45 herre so... yeah! What's with the horseshoes UgU

    Wednesday, 18-Jan-17 09:44:47 UTC from web in context
  21. @nerthos Mornign or afternoon maybe dude

    Wednesday, 18-Jan-17 09:31:02 UTC from web in context

    Wednesday, 18-Jan-17 07:08:15 UTC from web
  23. @tiffany I'll do it

    Wednesday, 18-Jan-17 07:02:24 UTC from web in context

    Wednesday, 18-Jan-17 07:02:20 UTC from web
  25. Night night

    Thursday, 12-Jan-17 11:10:28 UTC from web

    Ad a more Symphonic Piece, forgoing a lyrical structure for a movement structure

    Thursday, 12-Jan-17 11:03:49 UTC from web
  27. I am unfashionable late. It's a protest

    Thursday, 12-Jan-17 08:35:30 UTC from web
  28. Bum Bum Bum

    Thursday, 12-Jan-17 08:34:36 UTC from web
  29. I came just to say I noticed Minty nipples

    Saturday, 07-Jan-17 09:57:30 UTC from web in context
  30. She's done!

    Friday, 06-Jan-17 01:47:36 UTC from web in context