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  1. I really do love this Alabama Shakes song! As well as Vampire by Lazy Bly Empire

    Saturday, 19-Dec-15 00:38:42 UTC from web
    • !photography

      Sunday, 28-Dec-14 03:19:40 UTC from web
    • !photography Just had to share this!

      Saturday, 27-Dec-14 14:39:56 UTC from web
      • My Uncles website, a few lessons from him and I could have a whole career !photographybronies

        Tuesday, 20-Dec-11 02:16:31 UTC from web
        • !photographybronies I freakin' love Brian's face in this shot

          Thursday, 01-Dec-11 05:53:02 UTC from web
          • !photographybronies (Is that the group name? It's been so long...) Well, if this photo is at all worthwhile, I say it's more accident than skill. But it exists.

            Thursday, 01-Dec-11 02:28:40 UTC from web
            • !photobronies Rocked this shot. Best picture I've ever taken. Other shots from this weeks concerts;

              Wednesday, 23-Nov-11 04:47:32 UTC from web
              • !photobronies I just had a brilliant idea. Take one of these: put it in this: Instant pony camera bag.

                Monday, 21-Nov-11 06:58:24 UTC from web
                • !photographybronies - So I found my camera and lost any and all "talent" I may have once possessed. Not that I'm letting that stop me!

                  Sunday, 13-Nov-11 22:11:49 UTC from web
                  • I think !photobronies found it's new favorite pony.

                    Wednesday, 31-Aug-11 04:10:42 UTC from web
                  • !photobronies Damn. Just developed a roll of Ilford 400 that did not want to come out of the can. I had to re-roll into the reel for the developing tank like three times, it kept jamming up, lost a lot of the shots. Though a lot of those shots were street photography shots taken at like 2AM after I had stumbled out of a bar, and started shooting in aperture priority with my camera that has my 400 iso film, and not my 3200 iso film. So yeaaaaaaaaa, the ones that made it are not going to be seen by anyone ever. I might burn them. HOWEVER! The shots of my Totoro with the full moon in the background holy crap even on the negative they look amazing. I'm stoked to get those scanned. I also took some shots of cats at my gym sparring, those look meh, but I'll check 'em out after the film dries, maybe they'll look decent. The Totoro shots however, came out great. I'm really excited about those.

                    Tuesday, 16-Aug-11 20:32:11 UTC from web
                    • Whatever. I snapped a quick picture of my picture in the school yearbook, and I thought I would upload it.

                      Sunday, 12-Jun-11 02:45:59 UTC from web
                    • Today was insane. Nearly got flattened by a train! (Totally worth it, though!) !photobronies Then I get back home only to see everyone on my Facebook is now a pony. Oh, and I tried Silk milk also and I think I might be allergic or something. /end day. How 'bout everypony?

                      Sunday, 12-Jun-11 02:36:46 UTC from web
                    • !photobronies Was up late last night!

                      Friday, 27-May-11 21:46:44 UTC from web
                    • My tripod took a fall with my DSLR on it. Won't turn on. Feel sick. Celestia dammit! !photobronies

                      Sunday, 22-May-11 04:56:57 UTC from web
                    • !photobronies Drew a photographer pony! # #

                      Monday, 16-May-11 20:57:44 UTC from web
                    • !photobronies So today I was on a photo adventure with my best friend. He takes his shirt off only to shove a camera in front of his face.

                      Monday, 16-May-11 00:16:58 UTC from web
                    • Having a film and video grad student from Stanford be impressed with your work? !photobronies

                      Thursday, 12-May-11 18:27:26 UTC from web
                      • !photographybronies For some reason, I love that soda can trick. :p

                        Thursday, 12-May-11 11:34:36 UTC from StatusNet Android
                      • Thanks to My Little Pony, my 2:30 am photo print matting is now less lonely and 20% cooler. All I have to do now is pull myself away from the damn computer. !photographybronies

                        Thursday, 12-May-11 09:41:30 UTC from web
                      • !photographybronies !photobronies !photography

                        Thursday, 12-May-11 00:04:06 UTC from web
                        • Ha-hA! I remembered how I processed my photos! !photographybronies #

                          Wednesday, 11-May-11 22:03:15 UTC from web
                          • Man, now I reckon I should get a DeviantArt or somewhere to put my stuff... other than my Facebook. Also, start taking pictures again. !photographybronies

                            Tuesday, 10-May-11 22:10:10 UTC from web
                          • !photographybronies

                            Tuesday, 10-May-11 22:25:10 UTC from web
                            • Started a group for photographers, just in case we have any! !photogrpahybronies

                              Tuesday, 10-May-11 21:56:41 UTC from web