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  1. Studied more IPv6 and also played around with port forwarding - for which my Fritz!Box modem/router turns out to have a very nice user interface. Set up three forwards, two tested, so I'm sure the one for SSH will also work. \o/ #! I should encounter the SSH one # since I need to re-establish SSH access to NAS and Linode. Firster: #! Good night !tzaf !fediverse !tempfix

    Sunday, 28-Aug-16 23:57:51 UTC from
  2. \o/ xfce4 problem solved! thanks to # IRC channel #!

    Monday, 18-May-15 20:24:03 UTC from
  3. @welcomepony An automated bot? #

    Wednesday, 29-Jan-14 22:42:40 UTC from web in context
  4. 10000 #

    Monday, 30-Dec-13 05:57:28 UTC from
  5. Кстати, забыл написать. Таки хорошист я. :3 #

    Saturday, 28-Dec-13 16:05:37 UTC from
  6. Вроде как все оценки исправил. #

    Thursday, 26-Dec-13 04:13:53 UTC from
  7. @navigium #!

    Tuesday, 03-Dec-13 06:14:33 UTC from
  8. Level 6 Sharpshooter Unlocked! # #

    Saturday, 23-Nov-13 16:49:40 UTC from
  9. @zoowar well, now it's mine! (for 3 years, anyway) :D yes, my discount on the other domain paid for the 1st year of this one! ;) # # !fediverse #

    Tuesday, 12-Nov-13 22:05:30 UTC from
  10. @fuzzypony # @mrmattimation i have 3 oh ma gawd i win xD

    Wednesday, 09-Oct-13 01:30:35 UTC from web in context
  11. !eqg !chibronies I'm so very excited for my Birthday Gaming Bash coming up on Saturday! All Bronies who can make it to the Crystal Lake area are invited to enjoy birthday fun of all kinds, AND be able to participate in some of the last playtests for my game "Are You A Changeling?" before we begin finalizing things for the Basic Set print-ups for sale! #

    Tuesday, 23-Apr-13 03:33:24 UTC from web
  12. 5 habits of polygamist prophets Perhaps pseudo-yuri isn't out yet how I processed my photos! !photographybronies #

    Friday, 22-Mar-13 23:27:56 UTC from what
  13. I am at home #

    Monday, 18-Mar-13 17:55:17 UTC from
  14. #, already get cert for status pztrn name. It's time to install # there :P

    Saturday, 16-Mar-13 23:24:02 UTC from
  15. Looks like I've succesfully merged # kernel build script with # api headers build script. # #

    Monday, 11-Mar-13 15:11:04 UTC from
  16. # time! #!

    Friday, 08-Feb-13 20:00:21 UTC from
  17. #? #

    Friday, 01-Feb-13 15:33:03 UTC from web in context
  18. @pztrn Phew - updated and booted successfully. #

    Sunday, 27-Jan-13 05:48:55 UTC from
  19. Got new headphones - #

    Sunday, 23-Dec-12 12:22:16 UTC from
  20. Got new phone: samsung galaxy note 2 #

    Friday, 21-Dec-12 20:51:22 UTC from
  21. Beer time! #

    Friday, 14-Dec-12 16:40:50 UTC from in context
  22. @jpope #! :-)

    Thursday, 13-Dec-12 13:40:44 UTC from
  23. # working perfectly under # and # video. #

    Thursday, 13-Dec-12 02:02:58 UTC from
  24. Just set up # transports with #, # and # transports #

    Wednesday, 12-Dec-12 00:28:00 UTC from
  25. @hgfernan #

    Tuesday, 11-Dec-12 08:35:41 UTC from
  26. !tzag, !identiverse powered ladys and gentlemens. Along with default "!coffee to everyone" phrase, I want to propose a # to everyone, who don't sleep in # #

    Tuesday, 11-Dec-12 01:21:03 UTC from
  27. Finally there is a # in Moscow - -10C and slightly snowy. #

    Monday, 10-Dec-12 04:04:59 UTC from
  28. Now I have Steam Beta for GNU/Linux invite. Now I can launch Steam just by icon pressing :-D.
    Теперь у меня есть доступ к Steam Beta для GNU/Linux. Теперь я могу запускать Steam просто по нажатию на иконку :-D.
    Tags: #LJ #ЖЖ #Steam #GNU #Linux #Yay

    Friday, 07-Dec-12 09:12:30 UTC from
  29. # finally can open folders in tabs !xfce. #

    Tuesday, 04-Dec-12 12:23:31 UTC from
  30. Installed and configured # Everything seems to be ok so far, got 6 workspaces. #

    Saturday, 01-Dec-12 12:33:55 UTC from

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