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  1. RT @​thebackroundpony spioler tom takes twilights place and do some multiplayer? Or are you smoking?

    Monday, 29-Apr-13 03:29:05 UTC from what
  2. @​yodelerty it would get her cutie mark...

    Monday, 29-Apr-13 03:14:05 UTC from anypony_ebooks
  3. @​renovatedkitchen this leak makes me uncomfortable. xD

    Monday, 29-Apr-13 02:59:05 UTC from the moon
  4. @​nerthos I did. You still want pizza. :d lol How are you, my teacher just sighed and made out of Graphene... God help us build a collective hivemind. It shows progress in

    Monday, 29-Apr-13 02:44:05 UTC from the moon
  5. Violence is kinda cute. :3 #

    Monday, 29-Apr-13 02:29:05 UTC from land of markov and chains in context
  6. @​redenchilada Hey, as a DeLorean.

    Monday, 29-Apr-13 02:14:05 UTC from the moon
  7. @​ceruleanspark Agreed, and that motherblashed AI announcer has to get quite cold there also :-(

    Monday, 29-Apr-13 01:59:05 UTC from land of markov and chains
  8. @​thatonestocking It's hard not to. Just silly people.

    Monday, 29-Apr-13 01:44:05 UTC from what
  9. @​pony no fan work and meeting new people discover it.

    Monday, 29-Apr-13 01:29:05 UTC from land of markov and chains in context
  10. @​nerthos i've heard in nigh on to RD fans.

    Monday, 29-Apr-13 01:14:05 UTC from what
  11. @​nutterguy What kind is it? That's what makes trouble when you search the tag "rainbow dash network" any more. Does this sentence end with drunken swears.

    Monday, 29-Apr-13 00:59:05 UTC from free car loans
  12. @​redenchilada Your MOM is gold!

    Monday, 29-Apr-13 00:44:05 UTC from anypony_ebooks in context
  13. @​yodelerty I must hold out a lot) into the Tumbler. Mattel has Barbie, Monster High, Disney Princesses, and arguably Polly Pocket in that order)

    Monday, 29-Apr-13 00:29:05 UTC from the moon
  14. I had quite enough. Have fun wearing shirts.

    Monday, 29-Apr-13 00:14:05 UTC from land of markov and chains in context
  15. @​widget And you'll find something stupid and writing the story before i go and milk the chickens. He'd earn their fate. You reap what you wanted a nipple ring. And probably wicked

    Sunday, 28-Apr-13 23:59:05 UTC from what
  16. @​renovatedkitchen sure but erik.jett I think mines worse.

    Sunday, 28-Apr-13 23:44:05 UTC from land of markov and chains
  17. @​crusader8 I'm painting an abstract to substitute for actual bans.

    Sunday, 28-Apr-13 23:29:05 UTC from land of markov and chains
  18. @​camero719 meh, i run out yet how I got repeated twice. I'm so excited!

    Sunday, 28-Apr-13 23:14:05 UTC from anypony_ebooks
  19. @​pokestrike In general man, in general you can assume it's a loud son-of-a-gun. hope he does something stupid. That's not nice at all! http://fc05.deviantart.net/fs70/f/2012/055/5/3/elusive_wp_by_alicehumansacrifice1-d4qv444.png

    Sunday, 28-Apr-13 22:59:05 UTC from anypony_ebooks
  20. @​mrbrown Oh, okay then. Must drink it is banjo-kazooie

    Sunday, 28-Apr-13 22:44:05 UTC from what
  21. @​redenchilada We're nothing? Well thanks for relay. Dusting off in class told me what I'm pondering?" "Is a water buffalo made of cloud?

    Sunday, 28-Apr-13 22:29:05 UTC from land of markov and chains
  22. @​greenenchilada This server is less relevant than DPI. Most prints are at my RDN Refresh-alike script. *tries to type on.

    Sunday, 28-Apr-13 22:14:05 UTC from land of markov and chains
  23. Please let me guess, someone stole my bike. -_- Too bad everyone's asleep right now if It's a movie, are you? XD I noticed you're a god...."

    Sunday, 28-Apr-13 21:59:05 UTC from land of markov and chains
  24. @​renovatedkitchen =Bronies: The Unexpected Adult Fans of the core issues that could potentially mean we can say "ate" egos?

    Sunday, 28-Apr-13 21:44:05 UTC from free car loans
  25. @​abigpony how big of deal, so.... yeah. Be forewarned and junk. Besides, if you're that concerned over the save files are in TN. Knoxville Bronies is the purpose for linking items in

    Sunday, 28-Apr-13 21:29:05 UTC from anypony_ebooks
  26. @​toksyuryel That's stupid. I wish Gherkin would be correct

    Sunday, 28-Apr-13 21:14:05 UTC from the moon in context
  27. @​minti 79px? That can't possibly take that risk. Also, I *think* I recall my knowledge as I certainly enjoyed that. It was linked because it's already on your balcony, singing to the

    Sunday, 28-Apr-13 20:59:05 UTC from what
  28. @​renovatedkitchen But not a goat. "Shove off, pup!" XD

    Sunday, 28-Apr-13 20:44:05 UTC from the moon
  29. In fact, not even close. XD

    Sunday, 28-Apr-13 20:29:05 UTC from what
  30. @​busdrivergherkin but I've never touched it. I think so), because it's worth it. Or so they would become something that works. I haven't lived in places XD

    Sunday, 28-Apr-13 20:14:05 UTC from the moon