Jack Zhang (jackzhang)

  1. The BC Bronies forum was recently purged and registrations have closed. To catch up with everything, please use the "Vanhoover" Facebook Group. Also, don't forget that our Metrotown Meets still happen. See this post for more info: http://www.bcfurries.com/forum/index.php?topic=9234.0

    Sunday, 02-Nov-14 05:21:06 UTC from web in context
  2. RDnet has been inactive for the last while. For the latest updates on BC Bronies, Check the Twitter account "BC_Bronies" or the "Vanhoover" Facebook Group.

    Sunday, 02-Nov-14 05:12:54 UTC from web
  3. Another reminder that this Saturday is 42 night. RSVP confirmations will happen at Metrotown from now on. FB and Google Form RSVPs get priority.

    Tuesday, 28-Jan-14 18:23:52 UTC from web
  4. Sign ups are open for the 42 Night on February 1st, 2014. Depending on awareness, we may do on-site signups again if the Google Doc is not being used. Sorry about there being no FB event to let everyone know it was this weekend. Great turnout regardless though. We may be doing Steel Battalion stuff at February's 42 night too, so save the date!

    Sunday, 05-Jan-14 19:04:27 UTC from web
  5. Remember, 42 night is this weekend at David's.

    Tuesday, 31-Dec-13 10:54:32 UTC from web
  6. New details are in for the Michelle Creber Concert in West Van: Tickets range from $25 to $45. http://kaymeekcentre.com/on_stage/1817

    Tuesday, 03-Dec-13 22:50:17 UTC from web
  7. Those reserving for December's 42 Night by David will now have to wait till January 4th for the next David-run 42 night.

    If you can't wait, Ryland Jenkins is holding December's 42 night. Signups for December 21st will be exclusively on FB though.

    Monday, 02-Dec-13 20:48:05 UTC from web
  8. ...Oh and don't forget 42 night this weekend on the 30th!

    Tuesday, 26-Nov-13 17:31:08 UTC from web
  9. Thanks to the 80+ people that made it out to the Season 4 Screening today! Upcoming events include the Christmas Concert with Michelle Creber happening on December 14th.

    Sunday, 24-Nov-13 10:57:12 UTC from web
  10. S4 screening looks like a go for the Executive Hotel in Burnaby. Doors open at 1:30PM and events go till 5:30PM. Price is $5 at the door. There may be a post-screening dinnermeet afterwards.

    Wednesday, 20-Nov-13 12:20:47 UTC from web
  11. Deep apologies for the last minute change of scheduling, but 42 night is now on Nov 30th due to a potential after screening dinner. You will still need to confirm your attendance in person at the meetup or via the FB event.

    Sunday, 17-Nov-13 08:25:28 UTC from web
  12. The S4 premiere screening as of now is most likely happening in the Executive Hotel in Burnaby (by Gilmore Skytrain station and Brentwood mall) Check the doc for full details. All details still subject to change. http://ur1.ca/g1mts

    Saturday, 16-Nov-13 00:10:42 UTC from web
  13. !vancouverbronies S4 Premiere Screening details are now up! (all subject to change) https://docs.google.com/document/d/10scK8rwMhRKj5e19CNiD-c54T3tG7BdF45vonWlPk-A/edit

    Friday, 08-Nov-13 09:47:48 UTC from web
  14. !vancouverbronies A Christmas Concert with Michelle Creber, MandoPony and BlackGryph0n will be held at the Kay Meek Center in West Van on December 14th! Specific times TBA.

    Monday, 04-Nov-13 06:25:27 UTC from web in context
  15. !vancouverbronies Sign ups are open for the 42 Night on December 14th or the 21st. In order to RSVP for the post-screening after party 42 night, please be in person after the screening, or call, text, or FB message David the day of.

    Sunday, 27-Oct-13 08:02:29 UTC from web
  16. !vancouverbronies Still plenty of spots open for the 42 Night at Ryland's place. We can do on the spot reg at the meetup tomorrow.

    Saturday, 26-Oct-13 05:30:48 UTC from web
  17. !vancouverbronies Due to events stacking up at David's place, this upcoming 42 night will be held at Ryland's place. Bring your PS3 and Wii games and your 360 console with games. We may also do scary movies, so bring those over as well.

    Sunday, 20-Oct-13 22:40:22 UTC from web
  18. !vancouverbronies Strike the "or Earlier" statement from 42 night, it is for sure happening on the 26th. (Halloween themed night)

    Friday, 04-Oct-13 08:32:16 UTC from web
  19. !vancouverbronies 42 Night for October 26th's (or earlier) sign-ups are now open. We could bump it up to the 19th at the last minute, so stay tuned.

    Sunday, 29-Sep-13 10:44:00 UTC from web
  20. !vancouverbronies (continued) Scratch that VCON statement, VCON is next week. However, Rainfurrest is this weekend so some people that go to that may miss out on 42 night.

    Wednesday, 25-Sep-13 06:40:31 UTC from web
  21. !vancouverbronies Here's your mid week reminder that 42 night is this weekend. We realize some people will be at VCON, but October 5th won't work for David, and I'm not aware of many going to VCON from the group. (other than Silver)

    Tuesday, 24-Sep-13 21:30:56 UTC from web
  22. !vancouverbronies The 42 night that was planned for October 5th has been moved up to September 28th due to David being busy on the 5th.

    Friday, 20-Sep-13 08:54:42 UTC from web
  23. !vancouverbronies Good turnout for our Ryland test night! Next 42 night will be October 5th and will return to David's place. Sign-ups are now open.

    Sunday, 15-Sep-13 07:53:13 UTC from web
  24. !vancouverbronies 42 night according to the Google Doc is still wide open with 7 slots open. If you reged on FB, I highly encourage counting in your tally via Google Docs so that I can properly tally how many are coming.

    Saturday, 14-Sep-13 05:57:20 UTC from web
  25. !vancouverbronies Hey Ocean will be playing in New West's Massey Theater on November 2nd at 7:30PM. This is not listed on Hey Ocean's official site, only on the Theater's site: http://www.masseytheatre.com/listings.php

    Thursday, 12-Sep-13 02:58:44 UTC from web
  26. I come back to RDN to see the Norwegian video I've been sharing with all my furry friends has now influenced this site too.

    Monday, 09-Sep-13 09:06:52 UTC from web
  27. !vancouverbronies Whoa. That was a huge turnout today! Thanks to all that wished Happy Birthday to Michelle Creber over the phone! 42 night is next Saturday, space is limited (10 slots only) so reg up!

    Sunday, 08-Sep-13 01:19:01 UTC from web
  28. !vancouverbronies Michelle Creber's Birthday is tomorrow! Let's celebrate Applebloom at the Meetup tomorrow by Buying some Apples!

    Saturday, 07-Sep-13 01:30:28 UTC from web
  29. !vancouverbronies Nothing happening this weekend at the Saturday Meetup, but next week, we have 42 night with Ryland. (Mall ratting with Silver is most likely this weekend)

    Wednesday, 04-Sep-13 06:43:01 UTC from web
  30. !vancouverbronies Don't forget, after cooling down from the high that was BronyCAN, we have Mare-a-thon Night 2013 this Saturday! Did you attend "Beating a Dead Pony" at BronyCAN? Imagine that panel going through the night at David's this Saturday.

    Monday, 26-Aug-13 22:56:03 UTC from web