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A group for the Mandarin Chinese speaking portion of the brony world, btw I'm American and am currently just learning Chinese, so I may not be able to understand you perfectly if you actually use Chinese. 一组为国语中文为母语的brony世界的一部分,顺便说一句,我美国和我目前刚刚开始学习中文,所以我可能不能够完全理解你,如果你真的使用中国。

中国讲bronies (chinesespeakingbronies) group


  1. @flutterstyle Y U No post anything?!?! We could be practicing !Chinese!!!

    Tuesday, 21-Feb-12 00:05:25 UTC from web
    • @badcooldude Aww......I really need somepony else to join !chinese

      Thursday, 09-Feb-12 03:18:46 UTC from web
    • Drug market, submarket, sometimes I wonder how I ever got in. Blood market, love market, sometimes I wonder why they need me at all!

      Thursday, 20-Oct-11 07:38:25 UTC from web