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  1. So what is the !eqdaily group even for?

    Wednesday, 29-Aug-12 22:37:47 UTC from web
  2. !blameredenchilada !swass !hakunamatata !hughaku !aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa !lyricastream !halobronies !thunderlane !soarin !hugwoona !waifucrusaders !skypers !yet !hugrenovatedkitchen !rdngaming !chrishemsworth !stallions !groupname !thebrits !blamegherkin !hugscribble !mintrefresh !saved !hugcavatina !lurk !tummywubwub !scootabuse !rdnbirthday !northengland !teamfortress2 !mrscake !lolsleep !forscience !eqdaily !lyreponies !lnrdn !lgbt !thankmrdragon !coffeehousebackup !rdncomic A full 2 pages of groups I'm in... yikes!

    Tuesday, 14-Aug-12 00:08:45 UTC from web
  3. I got a shout-out in an !eqdaily post again today. Does this mean I finally can become a real pony?

    Thursday, 31-May-12 04:13:58 UTC from web
    • !vancouverbronies !eqdaily The BCIT Magazine news story is now in tonight's Nightly Roundup on EqD.

      Friday, 30-Mar-12 06:48:37 UTC from web
      • !eqdaily members, any of you indy ponies, trying to find some for meetups and junk

        Wednesday, 29-Feb-12 03:10:44 UTC from web
        • hmm. !eqdaily custom compilation 46 has 15 blind bag customs. 45 has 10. 44 has 6.

          Friday, 17-Feb-12 17:35:04 UTC from web
        • @pony I decided to keep non-!anemi stuff off my pony blog and discuss things here- some topics-feel free to steal them I stole most from !eqdaily

          Wednesday, 08-Feb-12 03:31:34 UTC from web
        • @mushi why don't you get another #? !eqdaily

          Wednesday, 08-Feb-12 01:02:39 UTC from web
          • !eqdaily Not sure how aware of Us everypony was We have an excellent contest going on at and are looking for artists and vendors interested in table space for the fist Pony Con in Calgary Alberta Canada

            Tuesday, 31-Jan-12 17:25:11 UTC from web
          • Got featured alongside other remixes on !eqdaily. #

            Thursday, 15-Dec-11 16:47:44 UTC from web
          • I just want to say thank you to !eqdaily for giving more simple PMVs a chance! My 12 hours making the King Kong song PMV has not gone to waste.

            Tuesday, 13-Dec-11 09:17:54 UTC from web
            • I'm still very surprised at the positive reaction to my "Till The World Ends" Mashup, which is now on !eqdaily. If you can't view it because you're in Germany, I have an alternate link here:

              Wednesday, 07-Dec-11 21:28:22 UTC from web
            • So, is anyone here entering the drawing contest at !eqdaily ?

              Friday, 02-Dec-11 02:43:01 UTC from web
            • My friend Dennis made another podcast? and I only learned about it just now via !eqdaily...

              Saturday, 19-Nov-11 21:04:00 UTC from web
              • Welp, 3rd time, got posted on !eqdaily yet again! Thanks EQD! :D :D

                Saturday, 29-Oct-11 21:28:34 UTC from web
              • Some content of mine got featured on !eqdaily for the one-year anniversary post! go check it out! :D (thank you EQD team<3)

                Tuesday, 11-Oct-11 02:13:54 UTC from web
                • Die !eqaustrians wurden auf !eqdaily erwähnt! (

                  Sunday, 09-Oct-11 23:00:21 UTC from web
                  • Finally... One of my creations made !eqdaily!

                    Saturday, 08-Oct-11 08:23:19 UTC from web
                  • Congratulations to Equestria Daily for hitting the 50,000,000 Page views today ! =) !eqdaily

                    Wednesday, 05-Oct-11 21:18:25 UTC from web
                  • !eqdaily Happy 50 Million! :D

                    Wednesday, 05-Oct-11 11:42:10 UTC from web
                    • !eqdaily is totally going to be way past 50 mil by the time I get home. CONGRATS IN ADVANCE!

                      Wednesday, 05-Oct-11 11:02:29 UTC from web
                      • Nice , New Logo Equestria Daily it's so true ... !eqdaily

                        Friday, 30-Sep-11 22:07:10 UTC from web
                        • Wow! Just one month after breaking 385k views per day, it seems Equestria Daily broke another big milestone. EqD is now getting getting over half a MILLION views per day! That's just insane !eqdaily

                          Wednesday, 28-Sep-11 04:15:17 UTC from web
                          • I'm on [ !eqdaily ] Equestria Daily again :D

                            Friday, 23-Sep-11 02:59:46 UTC from web
                            • !vancouverbronies wahaha~! we have been posted on equestria daily's nightly round up xD.

                              Tuesday, 20-Sep-11 16:33:11 UTC from web
                            • @eqdbot You know, I've not seen this, but I don't really get the concept. I find the appeal of the series to be its light-heartedness. I don't want a "darker version".

                              Tuesday, 20-Sep-11 14:55:42 UTC from web
                            • An updated EqD Bot to replace @sethisto? Sweet. Though I do suggest that @eqdbot should be a member of !eqdaily and possibly add the group tag to the end of posts. *Subscribes*

                              Sunday, 18-Sep-11 21:06:58 UTC from web
                            • Am I the only one who finds it awesome that !eqdaily did their 100th nightly roundup the same day that S2 premiered?

                              Saturday, 17-Sep-11 18:29:32 UTC from web
                            • !eqdaily Lauren Faust pony is best pony.

                              Friday, 16-Sep-11 02:21:55 UTC from web
                            • Apparently someone in BC (British Columbia, Canada) requested Pony art on a pizza box, cause 250 is a BC area code for phone numbers. (from the latest nightly roundup on !eqdaily)

                              Tuesday, 13-Sep-11 14:01:26 UTC from web