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The Lurkers of RDN

The Lurkers of RDN

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For those that aren't posting, but can't get off of RDN.

The Lurkers of RDN (lurk) group


  1. @flashmint nice friend? maybe they should join, they could lurk but then with an account.

    Wednesday, 11-Sep-13 21:57:07 UTC from web
  2. @vt3c !lurk

    Tuesday, 27-Aug-13 23:12:37 UTC from web
  3. !blameredenchilada !swass !hakunamatata !hughaku !aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa !lyricastream !halobronies !thunderlane !soarin !hugwoona !waifucrusaders !skypers !yet !hugrenovatedkitchen !rdngaming !chrishemsworth !stallions !groupname !thebrits !blamegherkin !hugscribble !mintrefresh !saved !hugcavatina !lurk !tummywubwub !scootabuse !rdnbirthday !northengland !teamfortress2 !mrscake !lolsleep !forscience !eqdaily !lyreponies !lnrdn !lgbt !thankmrdragon !coffeehousebackup !rdncomic A full 2 pages of groups I'm in... yikes!

    Tuesday, 14-Aug-12 00:08:45 UTC from web
  4. !lurk over >.> NINI FO REALS <3. @Scribble, when you get this, hope you have a freaking awesome day, please make the most of it, it wont come a second time <3. LOVE YOUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUU

    Thursday, 17-May-12 23:57:13 UTC from web
  5. Did I do this right? ` replyto bigint CHECK (replyto IS NOT postid AND replyto IS CASE WHEN conversation IS NOT postid THEN NOT NULL),` !coderpony #

    Tuesday, 08-May-12 20:19:16 UTC from web
  6. !lurky

    Saturday, 05-May-12 14:49:07 UTC from web
    • hurr durr imma !lurklurk

      Tuesday, 01-May-12 18:32:58 UTC from web
    • @greydragon412 I know this feel. (Also !lurky )

      Saturday, 28-Apr-12 16:00:10 UTC from web
      • !lurk

        Friday, 27-Apr-12 18:26:20 UTC from web
      • Mah RDN Refresh keeps hanging... How am I supposed to !lurk like this?!

        Thursday, 26-Apr-12 22:55:00 UTC from web
        • !lurky

          Tuesday, 24-Apr-12 14:29:41 UTC from web
          • !lurk

            Sunday, 22-Apr-12 18:43:01 UTC from web
          • Dont everypony greet me at once!

            Thursday, 19-Apr-12 15:26:58 UTC from web
          • oh yeah i'm in bed arent i !lurk

            Wednesday, 18-Apr-12 22:08:29 UTC from web
          • And now back to !lurking...

            Wednesday, 18-Apr-12 21:26:17 UTC from web
            • @greydragon412 @cavatina on the !lurk icon.

              Wednesday, 18-Apr-12 18:16:49 UTC from web
            • How did I get here I don't know computer. !lurk

              Tuesday, 17-Apr-12 22:36:34 UTC from web

              Tuesday, 17-Apr-12 09:56:01 UTC from web
              • So if there are groups for straight and bi/gay/etc. ponies, does this mean I can make a group for ponies who have no idea what the hell their sexuality is even doing?

                Monday, 16-Apr-12 19:37:25 UTC from web
              • Sometimes !lurking is fun but that was just painful.

                Sunday, 15-Apr-12 02:42:44 UTC from web
              • #

                Thursday, 12-Apr-12 23:55:28 UTC from web
              • *yawnsqueak* Nightynighty everypony <3 Queen of !Lurk checking out! :3 <3

                Wednesday, 11-Apr-12 22:54:52 UTC from web
              • Getting tired of !lurking. What do? Uh... POST RANDOM PIC

                Wednesday, 11-Apr-12 22:34:23 UTC from web
              • The international face of !Lurk is now departing!

                Wednesday, 11-Apr-12 13:43:40 UTC from web
              • TIL i am the face of !Lurk

                Wednesday, 11-Apr-12 11:42:46 UTC from web
                • Welp. I'm gonna try getting on my laptop and working on my desktop pony. Entering # mode!

                  Wednesday, 11-Apr-12 07:44:34 UTC from MuSTArDroid
                • Dunno why I have been so inactive last couple days. I guess I just went into ultra !lurk mode.

                  Tuesday, 10-Apr-12 20:25:09 UTC from web
                • *tumbleweed*

                  Sunday, 08-Apr-12 14:36:57 UTC from StatusNet iPhone
                • !lurk mode activated.

                  Friday, 06-Apr-12 16:49:25 UTC from web
                • !Lurk

                  Friday, 06-Apr-12 16:48:39 UTC from web