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Halo Bronies

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A group for Bronies who love the Halo games.

Halo Bronies (halobronies) group


  1. !calgarybronies !halobronies

    Sunday, 27-Jan-13 10:40:56 UTC from web
  2. !halobronies We now have a page open on BronySquare! Feel free to join it if you have a BronySquare account!

    Wednesday, 10-Oct-12 12:35:12 UTC from web
    • !halobronies Latest preview of Halo: Forward Unto Dawn! Who else is excited for Forward Unto Dawn and/or Halo 4?

      Friday, 21-Sep-12 12:41:14 UTC from web
    • !halobronies If you are a PonySquare user, we have a page on PonySquare!

      Tuesday, 18-Sep-12 16:15:02 UTC from web
      • !blameredenchilada !swass !hakunamatata !hughaku !aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa !lyricastream !halobronies !thunderlane !soarin !hugwoona !waifucrusaders !skypers !yet !hugrenovatedkitchen !rdngaming !chrishemsworth !stallions !groupname !thebrits !blamegherkin !hugscribble !mintrefresh !saved !hugcavatina !lurk !tummywubwub !scootabuse !rdnbirthday !northengland !teamfortress2 !mrscake !lolsleep !forscience !eqdaily !lyreponies !lnrdn !lgbt !thankmrdragon !coffeehousebackup !rdncomic A full 2 pages of groups I'm in... yikes!

        Tuesday, 14-Aug-12 00:08:45 UTC from web