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The Stallions of MLP:FiM

The Stallions of MLP:FiM

!stallions stallion

For all the stallions in Equestria.

The Stallions of MLP:FiM (stallions) group


  1. dfuyiyfjkjgghhfgjkedtjedtyjrstjtyjhdfghjdghlkiwitjhjh !stallions

    Thursday, 22-Nov-12 11:18:52 UTC from web
  2. !blameredenchilada !swass !hakunamatata !hughaku !aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa !lyricastream !halobronies !thunderlane !soarin !hugwoona !waifucrusaders !skypers !yet !hugrenovatedkitchen !rdngaming !chrishemsworth !stallions !groupname !thebrits !blamegherkin !hugscribble !mintrefresh !saved !hugcavatina !lurk !tummywubwub !scootabuse !rdnbirthday !northengland !teamfortress2 !mrscake !lolsleep !forscience !eqdaily !lyreponies !lnrdn !lgbt !thankmrdragon !coffeehousebackup !rdncomic A full 2 pages of groups I'm in... yikes!

    Tuesday, 14-Aug-12 00:08:45 UTC from web
  3. @woona You have one or every !stallion ^_^

    Thursday, 26-Jul-12 21:23:49 UTC from web
  4. Thanks for the welcomes, everyone!

    Saturday, 21-Jul-12 18:54:06 UTC from web
  5. @leonkfox I know, but !stallion brushie needs to be in my possession. (Also, second best stallion.)

    Tuesday, 10-Jul-12 11:34:53 UTC from web
  6. @koveryl There are two topics of extreme high iority: #, Braeburn and # yes, we are pretty random with our topics :D

    Monday, 09-Jul-12 20:27:20 UTC from web
  7. The things I do with my blind bags... #

    Sunday, 08-Jul-12 14:10:59 UTC from web
  8. Ew Braeburn.

    Wednesday, 04-Jul-12 14:14:23 UTC from StatusNet iPhone
  9. Why Braeburn? I mean he's cool & all,

    Tuesday, 03-Jul-12 19:25:22 UTC from web
  10. @imjustme Welcome to RDN! ...You might want a hardhat before you head in, though.

    Monday, 02-Jul-12 12:52:48 UTC from The Land of Confetti and Pirates
  11. !stallions Hay guys! I drew butt! The first thing I've drawn in like... over 2 months

    Saturday, 30-Jun-12 22:11:07 UTC from web
  12. hello i'm new on this blog :)

    Saturday, 30-Jun-12 15:39:50 UTC from web
  13. so silly and cute

    Tuesday, 26-Jun-12 16:29:04 UTC from web
  14. And, now, adorable !Braeburn and Big Mac. !stallions

    Monday, 25-Jun-12 12:47:04 UTC from web
  15. And then I returned :)

    Saturday, 23-Jun-12 22:40:23 UTC from web
  16. While we're on the topic of !stallions ;

    Saturday, 23-Jun-12 10:46:33 UTC from web
  17. Morning everypony.

    Saturday, 23-Jun-12 10:12:37 UTC from web
  18. I find it necessary to post this again Http://

    Saturday, 23-Jun-12 10:33:08 UTC from web
  19. any good groups to signup to in here?

    Friday, 22-Jun-12 14:36:11 UTC from web
  20. Gooood morning ponyville!

    Friday, 22-Jun-12 08:03:19 UTC from web
  21. @greydragon412 Sorry for the late reply. Had to do some urgent office stuff. However - don't let that stuff get to you.

    Wednesday, 20-Jun-12 12:43:23 UTC from web
  22. So I am currently admin for the !braeburn group, the !lgbt group, and now the !stallions group.... I am a brilliant person...

    Sunday, 17-Jun-12 14:13:33 UTC from web
  23. !stallions are best ponies.

    Sunday, 17-Jun-12 14:11:04 UTC from web