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  1. @randomwonderbolt Tragedy struck overnight

    Monday, 17-Feb-14 23:26:36 UTC from web in context
  2. So have any of you listened to # yet? What'd you think of it?

    Monday, 17-Feb-14 23:25:21 UTC from web
  3. @redenchilada I've been getting them because of my EFNW account. Their forums are on there. I always get a good chuckle out of their claim that "The Last Stand of Harmony" is somehow "The first full-length feature film made by bronies, for bronies." As if Journey of the Spark doesn't exist and won't be released long before theirs is. Besides which, the last thing that made a claim like that was Double Rainboom and we all know how that went.

    Monday, 17-Feb-14 02:45:11 UTC from web in context
  4. @scoot Promoting the album and answering your questions.

    Monday, 17-Feb-14 02:40:29 UTC from web in context
  5. @mrmattimation Choosing not to use RDN isolates me from a grand total of zero people, so I am not really sure what your argument is here.

    Monday, 17-Feb-14 02:38:15 UTC from web in context
  6. @mrmattimation That title comes with two things- power, and an implicit endorsement of the words and behavior of the one holding it. When you hold that title you are a representative of the site.

    Monday, 17-Feb-14 02:33:35 UTC from web in context
  7. @scoot Yup. As I said earlier I did make an attempt to return back when that happened but openid was broken and I didn't care enough to make a password back then. Destiny however is too important. Openid is fixed now anyway, but now I have a password too XD

    Monday, 17-Feb-14 02:29:48 UTC from web in context
  8. @mrmattimation The timeframe was not in the post, it was in my profile. I've updated my profile since returning so it's not there anymore, but it used to say something to the effect of I'll come back when Nerthos isn't a mod anymore.

    Monday, 17-Feb-14 02:26:07 UTC from web in context
  9. @clayinthecarpet That is pretty much exactly the reason. It does not make it right though.

    Monday, 17-Feb-14 02:23:16 UTC from web in context
  10. @nerthos I never said that I wouldn't come back. I gave a very specific reason for why I left, along with a very specific timeframe for when I would return.

    Monday, 17-Feb-14 02:22:40 UTC from web in context
  11. @rarity Then why do you care?

    Monday, 17-Feb-14 02:20:42 UTC from web in context
  12. @scoot I suppose that is technically accurate, but anyone using the phrase is going to mean it in a condescending way so I still feel it's correct to say that one would not say it if they liked it.

    Monday, 17-Feb-14 02:20:10 UTC from web in context
  13. @clayinthecarpet The album is called "Destiny: A Tale of Unicorn Wings" by HeyLasFas. You can find it at

    Monday, 17-Feb-14 02:17:58 UTC from web in context
  14. @rarity You would not be saying that if you'd listened to this album.

    Sunday, 16-Feb-14 23:52:58 UTC from web in context
  15. @redenchilada The fact remains that they have by far the biggest audience next to everything else combined. A solo post on EqD would give this album a MASSIVE boost.

    Sunday, 16-Feb-14 23:51:50 UTC from web in context
  16. Also please fill up EqD's submit box with it, somebody there has some kind of vendetta against him and is trying to prevent the album from receiving the recognition it deserves. Tell them the fans won't settle for it being buried in a compilation post a month from now. Today is the one year anniversary of Magical Mystery Cure. There is no better day than today. There is no better time than now. Tell them not to let petty politics consign a brilliant artist to enforced obscurity. If gets to have its own post there is no reason to deny this album the same kind of attention.

    Sunday, 16-Feb-14 23:46:29 UTC from web in context
  17. I don't think I can post snippets from the rest of this without giving away major spoilers, so you're just gonna have to go look for yourself if you want to see the rest. Or even better, listen to it! Besides we gotta get to the premiere party for it now anyway. I hope you all give the album a try and at least some of you buy it too!

    Sunday, 16-Feb-14 23:42:21 UTC from web
  18. I'm sorry
    I didn't mean to fly away
    I'm sorry
    I've lost myself today

    I chased maturity so long that I've learned to surrender
    I gave my mind to someone and I watched it burn to embers

    Was it something that I said?
    An empty room, an empty bed
    This library is just a shadow of what it used to be.

    # # #

    Sunday, 16-Feb-14 23:33:24 UTC from web
  19. @fortecadenza Luna watch over your dreams~♪

    Sunday, 16-Feb-14 23:23:35 UTC from web in context
  20. Did they ask about the filly in the mask?
    Did they even care at all?
    Did they hold out for a princess who never came?
    Would they catch her when she falls?

    # # #

    Sunday, 16-Feb-14 23:21:02 UTC from web
  21. I never wanted power!
    I never wanted fame!
    I never wanted wings!
    But, my! Look how that changed!
    All I want to do
    Is watch it burn
    Look how many fell
    Guess it's now my turn
    So, to your offer
    I must enact
    You changed my life
    There's no changing back.
    All I learned was true
    Free will's a myth...

    # # #

    Sunday, 16-Feb-14 23:09:30 UTC from web
  22. If royal work is what you want
    I'll show you now just what I've got
    It doesn't matter who makes the rules around here
    This work in progress moves as planned
    Set in motion by your own…


    It's not like I can't make up words around here.

    # # #

    Sunday, 16-Feb-14 22:58:52 UTC from web
  23. And every friend along the way was just a tool, was just a tool
    And every little boundary was just the rules, was just the rules
    And everyone who listened in was just a fool, was just a fool
    When I'd be crowned and you'd bow down and tell me everything was fine
    When you would speak of destinies, I only know this isn't mine.

    # # #

    Sunday, 16-Feb-14 22:47:48 UTC from web
  24. @redenchilada Oh whoops, I forgot to click save after I fixed it XD *now* it should be correct!

    Sunday, 16-Feb-14 22:37:50 UTC from web in context
  25. There is no other time
    So wear your broken crown with pride
    Learn boundaries you'll never find
    You broke your word
    I won't break mine
    There is no talking back
    Now watch as she reacts.
    So perfect dressed in black
    And still I'm thinking that...
    It feels like...

    The stars are burning out.

    # # #

    Sunday, 16-Feb-14 22:35:58 UTC from web
  26. @ceruleanspark Ok I think I fixed the list! Probably can't fix the post at this point by at least future posts should be fine. And alright, I'll continue posting them then. Glad it's getting you interested! :D

    Sunday, 16-Feb-14 22:34:16 UTC from web in context
  27. @xx420mattc365xx Yeah it looks wrong on the post, but when I went to the list on my account it looked correct. When I post with it it looks wrong though. I am very confused!

    Sunday, 16-Feb-14 22:29:14 UTC from web in context
  28. Does the @#staff want me to stop promoting # in this way? I'm sorry if I annoyed you, I just thought that posting a snippet of lyrics from each track on the album in order would be a cool way to generate buzz for it. (sorry for deleting and reposting this, I thought it posted wrong but I guess it didn't?)

    Sunday, 16-Feb-14 22:26:53 UTC from web in context
  29. I hoped I never had to say
    Your five friends are still in the way
    Distractions only lead astray
    I'm sorry there's no other way…

    # # #

    Sunday, 16-Feb-14 22:17:30 UTC from web in context
  30. @mushi Yus ^_^ *gives you the hugs*

    Sunday, 16-Feb-14 22:12:02 UTC from web in context