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Video Game Ponies!

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A group for all the ponies who enjoy playing video games! From FPS to RPG to RTS!

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  1. There is a good damn reason they only ever made one major movie in the first-person, when will video games learn that first-person is the worst-person? !vgp

    about 7 days ago from web
    • Borderlands 2 is fun right up until I either run up against the usual "What am I stuck on, why am I not running, why can't I even jump, if I'm not supposed to be here how did I even get in and why can't I get out again" antics of every FPS ever... That, or the keyboard-as-controller issues of "I wanted my knife, not to throw a grenade at my own feet..." !vgp

      about 22 days ago from web
      • @scribus True story: I grew up pretty much entirely on PlayStation 2 and Xbox 360, so when I finally got a PC that could properly handle video games I was immediately put off by the keyboard controls and plugged in an Xbox One controller instead. To this day it's really hard for me to play shooters the "real" way.

        about 22 days ago in context
      • @mrmattimation I had had an NES, GameBoy, SNES, Atari XE, and Sega Genesis before we got our first "real" family computer, a 486 running Windows 3.11. My parents declared that the computer was therefore not for games, unless they were educational. I believe I would go on to N64, 3DS, and Xbox 360 before trying WASD-anything.

        about 21 days ago in context
    • And now, # !vgp

      about 5 months ago from web
      • Well I beat the FF6 General Leo romhack today !vgp # language in that there video archive . . . <_<

        about 5 months ago from web
        • Hmm. Rebuilding the Returners, but I still haven't caught up with General Leo in the World of Ruin. :-/ !vgp

          about 5 months ago from web
          • On the off chance anybody can't wait for the YouTube upload to ignore four hours of city builder replay !vgp lol

            about 6 months ago from web
            • Well in three hours the replay should be a thing but it's on Twitch currently !vgp #

              about 6 months ago from web
              • So instead of City of Heroes, I have settled on trying out some Final Fantasy 6 romhacks, and moved to Twitch (despite Amazon being amazing asbananas) !vgp

                about 6 months ago from web
              • Dolin' out the harshn--I mean, "Justice!" !vgp #

                about 7 months ago from web
              • Five or six minutes out from a Final Fantasy Randomizer run !vgp

                about 7 months ago from web
                • They are now processing 3h50m or so of me frantically soloing my support character, and chattering to all of myself/the NPCs/the chat !vgp

                  about 7 months ago from web
                  • !vgp Several fun games made by, give them a try

                    about a year ago from web
                    • Bought "Cities Skylines" on Steam over the # sale. !vgp I'm stuck. I've been playing for 30 of the past 72 hours.

                      about a year ago from web
                      • Three weeks of work: !vgp !art #

                        Thursday, 31-Oct-19 05:27:17 UTC from web
                      • My NES pixel art skills do an incredible job of making you feel like you're playing an authentic Intellivision rerelease of an Atari game. !vgp

                        Thursday, 17-Oct-19 01:53:20 UTC from web
                        • Debating $55 on NES homebrew hardware, or like $130 on an Everdrive !vgp

                          Friday, 20-Sep-19 23:41:23 UTC from web
                        • Well, I appear to be back dabbling in City of Heroes. !vgp Good thing I'm between jobs!

                          Wednesday, 31-Jul-19 09:03:44 UTC from web
                          • The graphics on # for NES are pretty impressive. !vgp

                            Tuesday, 28-May-19 05:01:20 UTC from web
                            • Got my 8-way switcher so my NES, Genesis, TG16, SNES and N64 are all hooked up, and no more R/F switches. With room for a future Atari and Dreamcast, to boot! !vgp

                              Wednesday, 22-May-19 23:38:40 UTC from web
                              • Oops. I may have bought a # The next hour will tell.... !vgp

                                Wednesday, 24-Apr-19 23:37:32 UTC from web
                              • Holy chrome, I want it. !vgp I love new release retro games.

                                Monday, 22-Apr-19 01:43:13 UTC from web
                              • I just remembered For Honor. The video game where you could live out your fantasy of being a knight and play with a sword. Alternatively a Viking or ?Samurai? if you were one of 'those' people.

                                I would really like a game like that on the Nintendo Switch, but focused on couch-play instead of whatever For Honor's main aim was.

                                Wednesday, 17-Apr-19 23:04:15 UTC from web
                                • @drinkingpony I just stumbled across a documentary (?) on Netflix about that game! Have yet to watch it, and never played, but the concept sounds neat. !vgp !movies

                                  Wednesday, 17-Apr-19 23:16:49 UTC in context
                                • @scribus It was a great concept, but the lack of dedicated servers (Meaning P2P networking, with the game selecting the fastest 'node' as host, like with CoD on the XboX360, a thing that everypony and everyhuman hated) lack of balance, and dishonourable killings in a game called 'For Honor' ultimately brought nothing but toxicity. There even was a day-of-infamy, orchestrated by Reddit, to have a day of NOT playing the game trying to make the dev's aware that the game had huge problems.

                                  Thursday, 18-Apr-19 15:34:49 UTC in context
                              • Damn Korok seeds. I cannot find them and I NEED more item storage for weapons.

                                Wednesday, 17-Apr-19 18:18:29 UTC from web
                              • cherrying apple Majora's mangoing Mask. !vgp

                                Saturday, 06-Apr-19 02:54:30 UTC from web
                                • Can you tell where I've been focusing my collection? !vgp

                                  Sunday, 03-Mar-19 20:16:06 UTC from web
                                • !vgp 2019 like

                                  Monday, 21-Jan-19 16:36:36 UTC from web
                                • Dont forget to redownload any wiiware games you want to keep, cause the store is closing on January 30 this year. !vgp

                                  Tuesday, 01-Jan-19 22:32:20 UTC from web
                                • Man, I seem to have mislaid half a dozen NES cartridges.... !vgp

                                  Friday, 07-Dec-18 14:56:56 UTC from web
                                • Merry early Festivus to me !vgp

                                  Saturday, 01-Dec-18 23:28:21 UTC from web
                                  • Dangerously close to spending money

                                    Sunday, 09-Sep-18 19:02:15 UTC from web