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Video Game Ponies!

Video Game Ponies!

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A group for all the ponies who enjoy playing video games! From FPS to RPG to RTS!

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  • Ginger Snap gingersnap Ginger Snap Arkansas

    Once upon a time in the magical land of Equestria...wait, where was I going with this?

  • Yotes tonyyotes Yotes Orlando, Florida

    During my freshman year at college I taught myself the magical art of mobile game development and started making games to build the experience I needed in order to make my dream games a reality. Starting an Indie Dev career in college so there's no need to be a starving artist. I'm currently making a Pokemon-style game called Battle Gem Ponies with the Unity Engine.

  • isaac newton tyreen isaac newton st.kitts

    am from st.kitts, i like to browse the internet and travel i also build websites for a living

  • James Deleskey syrupp James Deleskey Florida

    I'm a guy who likes ponies, video games and other cartoons.

  • Toby Finnemore shard Toby Finnemore Redditch, England

    I am a MASSIVE gamer. In my spare time I partake in various MLP and video games activities. I signed up because although I have been a brony for a while I only knew a few people in the fandom. I like art, animations, stories and music and I enjoy creating all of those (even if I'm not very good at some of them).

  • tristan sonicfan456 tristan fl
  • Aircomedy/Paul patentlypaul Aircomedy/Paul In the middle of Nowhere, Germany

    A random guy trying to make linux kernels.

  • Alex tekace Alex Southern Ontario

    Kinda quiet at first, but quickly warming to good humour, I'm looking for some good, non-judgemental friends. I have trust issues to overcome and hope the warmth of fellow bronies and/or Pegasisters may help with my social reclusiveness. I'm currently learning to create videogames and occasionally write, fix computers, do metalworking and archery.

  • Michael Mandonado steelhooves Michael Mandonado Tustin ca

    Call of duty black ops and black ops 2. fallout 3 and minecraft are my favorite games.

  • InsanityNotion insanitynotion InsanityNotion

    I am looking for an average brony group to Skype around with. My Skype name is "SayMyName. PINKIE! YourGoddamnRight."

  • theanneh theanneh theanneh United States

    I do stuff, and also things. Yes, especially things. Everything funny I have to say, I say on Twitter. I like science, video games, table top games, card games, history, anime, comics, and pretty much everything else. Expect playlists and science facts from my posts. I have Skype, Steam, Twitter, etc. I'm TheAnneh everywhere. Hit me up. c:

  • Carter Gentry bassbeat Carter Gentry Moscow ID U.S.A

    Hey! I like music and I'm learning to make dubstep and such! I'm very friendly so feel free to add me on steam or somewhere. I'll probably play video games with you if you ask! I do have a short temper though so try not to do anything to repetitive with me (unless its video games) so thats about all. See you on the field!

  • Coltzerino coltz Coltzerino IN CANADA

    I like ponies and stuff. Mostly stuff. --- Twitter: @fcoutz Tumblr: Behance: DeviantArt:

  • Hotpotato Butterfingers spots Hotpotato Butterfingers heckville

    pchoo pchoo pchoo

  • Nicklecat nickokaka Nicklecat Fenton, MI, USA

    Just a guy from Michigan who enjoys the show. I also enjoy video games and other stuff.

  • Donald Ciota asoldier Donald Ciota California
  • Evan Colwell theyoungbrony Evan Colwell America

    I am a huge fan of mlp and that's about it

  • dakota sims murray zara900 dakota sims murray Ladson,SC,US

    i am awsome

  • Adam Joeseph Nelon adamthepony Adam Joeseph Nelon Pell City, Alabama, United States of America

    HiE Enthusiast, Hobbyist gamer and writer, Anime Geek, RPG nerd, and generally eccentric southerner. I have a high love for fantasy and science-fiction (sometimes even both!) and enjoys rambling about for any who care to listen. I'm generally very friendly, and am not overly critical of the show that helped to introduce me to this site.

  • Gryff0nBrony gryff0nbrony Gryff0nBrony Aylmer Gatineau Québec Canada

    I started to watch mlp two year ago but i never joined a community and now i can to other bronies

  • Peter riehle helpermonkey27 Peter riehle Lincoln Nebraska

    I am new to the pony scene but I am always willing to try new things. I live in lincoln Nebraska and I am married with 1 and a half kids. I work as a diesel mechanic and I can best describe myself as a NERD

  • Chilly chillycave Chilly

    hi im Chilly Cave, I prefer not to tell you much about who im dating and stuff lke dat so don't bother asking.

  • Arnold Jimenez dahawesomepinkie55 Arnold Jimenez

    Im arnold and im a typical fan of my little pony and a big fan of pinkie pie and mlp creepypastas and a big fan of pinkamena dianene pie

  • Just a Dude boombaboom Just a Dude boiling springs, SC
  • Twitchy Tremor twitchy Twitchy Tremor United States

    Well I'm a bit of a literally crazy pony so if I ever start spouting nonsense don't worry. I'm 22 and love ponies,animation,art,video games,reading and animals. I have an Italian greyhound named Gabby Gumdrop that's my dog child and I love her so much. I'm big into animation and am currently self tought but planing on going to school for it when I turn 24 witch is in a little more the a year and a half. The reason I'm named twitchy is because I have tourettes syndrome in real life. No there not magical like pinkie pie's. Rats!

  • isaiah smith djhedgehog isaiah smith leesburg florida

    i am 17 (when people are down i pick them up)

  • Layse Ray layseray1 Layse Ray Penrith

    Diamonds catering,cater for all occasions including,weddings,birthdays,sporting events,corporate functions or virtually any event requiring a professional specilised catering service.Diamonds Catering services The Hills District, Parramatta & Blacktown, Campbelltown/Camden, Penrith and all South Western Sydney, Blue Mountains & Hawkesbury Regions

  • brian evildante brian NJ

    I'm 25 years old, Otaku I like anime, cosplay, manga, cons, drawing, photography, playing and watching sports, videogames, board games, cars... 3DS Friend Code: 4012-5136-6300

  • Derek Perkins spellmetal Derek Perkins Florida

    New to this. I like video games, pro wrestling, and the obvious. Steam ID: clydesempai (shared with my brony brother) and psychoanaconda (not shared with my brother)

  • gonzalo thissucksclock gonzalo Colorado