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Video Game Ponies!

Video Game Ponies!

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A group for all the ponies who enjoy playing video games! From FPS to RPG to RTS!

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  • Chaotic Rose chaoticrose Chaotic Rose Ohio, United States
  • Michael Jury wirewolf Michael Jury United States
  • Storm stormstep Storm Cloudsdale
  • Looney Lunilight lunilight Looney Lunilight Boston, MA, United States

    Hey call me Luni I do 3D motion graphics for youtubers and i love playing xbox 360 :3

  • Emerald Ice hellstorm Emerald Ice Nashville, Tennessee, USA

    I joined the herd about January 27, 2013. Now I find that the show has helped me tons. I'm a kind, caring person who likes most sports, games, and does YouTube videos. I came here to meet people within the fandom i hope to make new friends

  • soren cartaya sorentehpegisus soren cartaya orlando, Florida,

    Hi, my name is Soren(Like the wonderbolt), I am in to alot of thing.

  • JakeC fireheart JakeC Minnesota

    My GF's brother told me about mlp. I started to watch it, curious about the whole "Brony" thing, but after watching the show I just got sucked in. It'd be nice to be part of something good for once without being judged for once. I like gaming, art, helping others and being insightful. PSN: DaskC. Fluttershy and Pinkie Pie are my favorites. :P /)

  • Jarrett Kelly noseffect Jarrett Kelly Portsmouth, VA

    Just another brony and gamer. More specifically, one of the shy, quiet types. I can be pretty talkative once I get to know you though. I also dabble in a wide range of things, so not hard to find something in common with most people. Also, Applejack is best pone.

  • sdbdsttg ig sdbdsttg se


  • Luna. bobo Luna. Jackson, Michigan


  • FlutterShout fluttershout FlutterShout Amarillo,Texas

    Well... Fluttershout is my favorite element of insanity. Your welcome to call me Alex, hell all my friends do.. Or Flutter, or Shout, what ever floats your boat. My STEAM: Darkmoon22 ( I`m mostly found on Empire Total War) but I play team fortress 2 sometimes FlutterShout`s hobbies: Shouting, Murder, STEAM, Listening to Bullet for my Valentine,Modding Farming Simulator. This isnt Fictional in the end you`ll be dead Posting Selected music on Tumblr blog be sure to check that out. Email(personal):

  • Travis Breland trailmix Travis Breland Calgary Alberta

    I'd say I'm a pretty chill guy, I became a brony not long after the show aired, I'm also a local furry and fursuiter, and I'm a big gamer.

  • Smackey rainbowdashin Smackey Minnesota
  • Cameron Jackson Rattikin aquadash Cameron Jackson Rattikin Fort Worth, Texas,

    Hey the names Aqua Dash but you fine folks can just call me Aqua. I am just here to make friends and spread the magic.

  • whycantideletemyshame whycantideletemyshame
  • Makenna Hamilton minitsu Makenna Hamilton Canada

    I like role-playing games.

  • William Murray nisarge William Murray Northern Ireland

    Recent addition to the herd, thinks rainbow dash is best pony! Gamer playing mostly on 360 but moving to pc in time for the new console generation. Definitely looking for some brony friends!

  • russell williams housinengi russell williams Modesto, California, United States

    im have a twin sis and i have a youtube page and i have a very bad voice so i cant talk in the videos

  • Logan Stevens darkspine Logan Stevens United States

    I'm kind of new to the brony fanbase. I'm mostly into gaming and writing and stuff like that. I've been a very successful DA writer in the past. I don't make money off of it, though. It's just what I like doing.

  • joshua neal rainbrodash13 joshua neal
  • Ashton Challenor acdash Ashton Challenor England, UK
  • billy theaewsomebrony billy
  • Amy Sheen cheesecrackers Amy Sheen United Kingdom

    Here to make some friends!

  • Nunya Bidness crims0n Nunya Bidness Scottdale, Pennsylvania, United States of America

    Hey! My name is Jacob, though I prefer Jake or Crimson. Crimson Dazzle is my OC. I'm not that stereotype of the gun-toting, "'Murica!" shouting slob. I am heavy set, though I am also tall. 6 foot, 280+ pounds. I am 17. Speaking of which, my birthday is October 18th, 1996. Squee! XD Also, I own a Facebook page called Big Mac: Taste the Eeyup, and am the oldest admin of Luna and Octavia page. The more you know. Lol I have been a Brony since the beginning of Season 3. Not very long, I know. XD My favorite non-Brony artists/musicians are Avenged Sevenfold, Get Scared, Motionless In White, Famous Last Words, Asking Alexandria, Alexisonfire, Bullet For My Valentine, Follow My Lead, Rascal Flatts, Bring Me the Horizon, Suicide Silence, A Pale Horse Named Death, Angledust, Red Jumpsuit Apparatus, and Linkin Park. My favorites that are Bronies, though, are PrinceWhateverer, Screams From Equestria Official, ShinzM, CrowCaller, Reverb Brony, Injustrial, WoodenToaster, MetalcorePony, Aviators, and Jeff Burgess. My favorite pony is Twilight Sparkle. :3 Some might say I'm obsessed with MLP. I just say that I am infatuated with the Show and even more so with the Brony fandom. The fandom is amazing. All of the art and music and fanfictions created is astounding. We've created more fan-stuff than the Star Wars and Star Trek fandoms ever! I mean, come on! I am honored to be part of this fandom!

  • MasterVule vuleticus MasterVule Slavonski Brod, Croatia

    Hi!! I like gaming, power metal, and ponies ofc ;). I draw and play guitar.. I joined the fandom in march 2013... Fav pony: Fluttershy Fav brony artist:Bronyfied Fav background character: Derpy Ofc :3

  • Michael Hull crazygrunt1 Michael Hull Newcastle
  • Jackie Bandicoot xxdashiearmyxx Jackie Bandicoot King Faisal Street, Sharjah, United Arab Emirate


  • Chase Vallot tails Chase Vallot Abbeville louisiana
  • Anthony Wood tonybronymax Anthony Wood Madrid

    Im a noob brony XD

  • amaris amaris