1. Soo... how 'bout that Unity blowup? !vgp

    about 3 months ago from web
    1. @scribus Unity is in the red for years and buying Weta wasn't cheap so they were grasping for the most stupid decision to gain (repeatable) revenue by choosing to get paid by the amount of installs of the games. The problem is that indie game developers have very little profit and it can cost more in the long run than it gained profit. Also the way to determine the amount of installs is not clear. The last information I heard was that Unity wanted to use a heuristic to guess the amount of installs. Also Unity did that decision out of nowhere and tried to cover their tracks by sneakily removing paragraphs in their license that would hinder that license change. Unity had image problems (being used for asset-flip games, taking a lot of time for updates and being behind on the technical side) before but that was a huge kick in the balls to devs and all people who bought games made with Unity.

      about 2 months ago from web
      1. @adiwan their president also sold 2000 shares just before the install thing was announced, adding up to about 50k in the preceding year. seems bad

        about 2 months ago from web
        1. @zeldatra Him being at EA before that goes great with that... I read that that amount of stocks was only a very small percentage of his stock holdings. Still looks scummy.

          about 2 months ago from web