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  1. Current tomato count: 70. Most of the flowers are very recently fertilized. I'm slightly anxious when thinking about the harvest. It'll be probably too much for me to handle. Most of the tomatoes are beefsteak tomatoes, an old French sort called Marmande, and they can get up to half a pound, mostly quarter pound. There are currently 25 of them growing and judging from the blossoms 3 times as much will develop. Thankfully not at the same time. I guess I need to prepare for cooking huge amounts of tomato sauce. Need tons of jars.

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  2. @zeldatra Similar to Berlin that is so broke that any official paperwork and permit takes an eternity and there is a high likelihood that offices are closed without any good reason, and most places are a cherryhole. I was only a few times there and it wasn't a pleasant experience.

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  3. Ah yes New York... It needs 1.6 million USD paid to McKinsey to determine that trash bins are effective. I could have done for half.

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  4. I only own MTG cards and some old-school Pokémon cards. I have only a hand full of MTG cards that can be considered pretty valuable (> 50 USD) and my Pokémon cards are in total worth 30 USD, even a good chunk of 1st edition ones, but they are all in German.

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  5. @scribus The lucky ones are who own priceless baseball cards so they can be cashed in for horrendous prices by selling them to the most gullible people on earth, next to NFT-bros and crypto-bros. Of course the reports are basically promoting more card theft because the cards have become more profitable and hyped.

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  6. @adiwan one of three is working again. Somehow one fixed itself. The other two are good enough as project boxes for my micro controllers.

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  7. I have 3 access points (same model) and they all died within a short time span, even the one that wasn't plugged in for over half a year. It's super strange.

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  8. My mother planted some beanstalks in my garden but they haven't survived. They got victim of mildew. I tried to use some household remedies and worked for a short while, however sustained rain washed the remedy away.

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  9. Tomato count: 50.

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  10. @scribus Voting machines aren't allowed in Germany.

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  11. @scribus I think I have some 386/486 PC parts laying around in storage. I think at this point they are best Millenial material

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  12. Hahaha... If I had a decent and recent GPU I wouldn't sell. My PC is about 9 years old. At this point my PC would be in 3rd or 4th grade in Elementary School.

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  13. Original Brexit day

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  14. @scribus Real botany addicts that are doing serious business are called farmers

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  15. HELP. I bought more tomato seeds for next year. I bought "Ananas Noire", "Purple Sunrise", "Osu Blue" and some other. They look visually appealing. "Purple Sunrise" is dark pruple on top and yellow on the bottom. Wanna taste the sunrise.

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  16. @scribus There are people who pay good money for dangerous thrill rides

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  17. Star Trek Prodigy season 2 is out and I've binged it as fast as I could. I still think that Prodigy is the best Star Trek series currently. I really hope this series continues and won't be canceled as anything close to good in the past decade.

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  18. The rain and wind in the night were so strong that they knocked over some of my tomato plants. Now I have bound them to a pole. Before that they were wound up around the pole by itself. I had the impression that they were attached well enough. At least they weren't damaged in an obvious way. Maybe I'll have to think about getting a greenhouse.

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  19. The curse of having multiple 3D printers. A family member has a startup and wants me to print a Neon-LED sign. More specifically the channel that the Neon-LED strip is put in. The sign is a text sign but with a funky futuristic typeset. The worst part is that the sign is so big that the model had to split into a myriad of individual pieces that need to be glued together. The sign will be 400cm x 68cm in size (13,1234ft x 2.230971 ft).
    Well... It's not only one big sign but two! The other will be similar in size, maybe a little bit shorter.

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  20. @scribus Honestly, this is more f-ed up.

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  21. @scribus That is weird too, for a fruit that grows relatively close to the ground.

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  22. @adiwan I forgot it is called pineapple in English.... Yeah... Apple...

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  23. Ananas-lime lemonade is not good. I like them both individually but combined it tastes very off.

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  24. I'm realizing that my mineral water contains not enough sodium for the amount of sweating I do during this unbearable heat, which explains why I'm so super groggy. The mineral water I get has only 5mg/l and isotonic drinks have about 450-1100mg/l. Usually it's fine as most food contains too much sodium but right now I'm dying (not literally).

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  25. I think communities die because there are more people who expect others to act first so they can react in turn (or just lurk). Because people eventually go on with their lives the momentum of the actors slow down and in turn the attraction of new people who keep up the critical mass of actors also dwindles. The internet landscape is equally fractured and concentrated. Small forums are cozy and fun but it's very noticeable when there is a lack of activity. Easier to find communities (facebook, twitter, reddit...) are also a double-edged sword. Bigger communities get toxic and can also shrink to non-existence. There are always exceptions.

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  26. @grim People like new things. People get bored. People go on. People's lives change unexpectedly. The MLP G4 hype is over for a long time and the stories of Maretime Bay (G5?) don't grab as much attention. The media landscape has also changed as the general audience's taste. I've been in many forums that just fizzle out and essentially die due to inactivity. Sometimes there is a hard core of people that keep things going.
    I read the MLP comics and watch the new stuff. I have stopped engaging by seeking out discussions and creating fan art. I ain't time for that anymore.
    I'm here just to hang out and rant about my life.

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  27. I love it when my nozzle is clogged for no good reason. 3D printing should be outlawed. I started a big print over night and after roughly an hour it stopped extruding any plastic because of a clog. I had to exchange the nozzle and it works again. I should look into buying a small torch to clean my nozzles. I recently bought some hardened steel nozzles (for abrasive filaments like with carbon fiber or chemically abrasive like glow-in-the dark filaments) and I don't want to buy more of them as they aren't that cheap as stupid brass nozzles.

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  28. My Black Krim tomatoes are developing quite well

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  29. This D&D session we made our encounter way harder than it should have been because we haven't read a spell text well enough. A creature has cast the spell **Sickening Radiance** and it was banished by one our players. The Sickening Radiance is a spell that requires concentration, has a duration of 1 minute, and applied damage but also one level of exhaustion to our players. The misconception was that that spell would continue while banished as the creature could concentrate while banished. In reality the spell would end as the banished creature gets incapacitated while in banishment, which in turn ends concentration and thus the effect of the spell.

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  30. Amazon is the worst. I preordered that book as a hard cover over half a year ago and they cancelled my order out of nowhere saying they don't have it in stock. I PREORDERED YOU DUMBmangoS SO YOU KNOW HOW MUCH TO ORDER! I bought the cheaper soft-cover instead.

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