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  1. Archer is back.

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  2. @scribus Makes sense. Like the NFL uses still Roman numerals for their Superb Owl extravaganza.

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  3. Because of the whole covid situation in the US all my comics are heavily delayed that should have been released this and last week :(

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  4. @scribus Now you're producing pumpkin spice urine.

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  5. @scribus Unarmored Damage Sponge with almost 180 HP

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  6. @scribus Coincidentally I made my barbarian a STR/CON barbarian and has extreme amounts of HP and with the Animal Totem path (bear) receives only half damage when raging (except psychic). Boktar has a good chance to tank damage, however the AC is subpar (15AC at level 14).

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  7. My 3rd character of the current D&D campaign will be a woke barbarian. The name is Boktar. Boktar is Boktar. Boktar does only define as Boktar and doesn't approve any gender put on Boktar. Boktar is also not good in conversations as Boktar has Yoda-speak despite average 10 intelligence. It doesn't discourage Boktar as Boktar solves most problems in woke rage with Boktar's trusty greataxe.

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  8. @scribus The most depressing fact is that I rolled TWO times a natural 20 on a Death Save but was whacked immediately afterwards.

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  9. I'm super depressed by yesterday's D&D session. My Owl Monk had only 4 rounds until she was killed.

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  10. Having 18 AC without armour is superb as well as to roll 4 attack rolls in a turn.

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  11. It's a home-ruled Aarakocra Owl without the flying ability but with darkvision instead. Essentially it's a Variant Human with the homeruled darkvision feat when it comes to the rules.

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  12. @scribus Yeah. Except for the backstory they know what I'm going to play. I already planned and told the others that this character will be my backup. I didn't expect to play it that soon 'though.

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  13. I'm looking forward to tomorrow's D&D session where I play my Owl Monk for the first time.

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  14. Tried to play Elite Dangerous after I got it for cheap from a recent Humble Bundle. Save it. I mean don't bother. The game is hot garbage. Controls garbage. Tutorial garbage. First mission garbage. It is so garbage I rage-quitted. In the first mission you have to fly to a station and dock there for further information. It made you wait for 7 minutes in real time. For real. I stopped half-way through and quit the game. I wanted to play it in VR and it is also pretty garbage in that regard. Text is barely readable with my normal HTC Vive. Also I HATE HATE HATE fake-ass headless bodies. In the pilot seat there is a "representation" of "my" body sitting. However it is super distracting for me. Especially when it's so close and adjusting my seat. I quickly clip through its high collar. And there is no option to remove the model.

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  15. @scribus At least the party got lit.

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  16. @scribus No work (short time work paid by the state), a lot of time, and being extremely annoyed by loud low-frequency noise over a very long time (it is more than a year with varying degrees of disturbing noise) makes it possible.

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  17. The coming week I'm going to present my collected data to my landlord in order to get rid of the awful neighbour. I let it sign by other neighbours for credibility. The last few days (including this one) were especially awful. I format the data in my favor (although the raw data is already damning). For example yesterday there were about 7 hours of almost constant noise and banging.

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  18. @scribus A chunky boy

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  19. There is more theater about masks now than there was theater with masks in ancient Greece.

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  20. I died inside as I watched a compilation of COVIDiots from the recent anti-COVID/Government demonstration in Berlin. I hope they die from the virus.

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  21. @scribus I think this should be solved in software. Mine is

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  22. @scribus The only cartridge dumper I have is for GB/GBC and mostly for dumping the SRAM contents from the GameBoy Camera. Which ones do you have?

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  23. @scribus I'm creating a new character. An owl lady monk that will kick so much ass that no one will get unscathed. Unarmored combat and only "fists". I chose the DND 5e monk monastic tradition of the Way of The Open Hand that gives me the option to knock enemies prone, push them 15ft, deny reactions, stun, run with 50ft speed, deflect missiles, and do 4 attacks in a round, reduce fall damage, run on water and walls, regain HP 3x the monk level (level 13), and is immune to disease and poison, and can dismiss a charm or frightened effect with an action. Pretty badass. Also she can talk and understand every language at level 13.

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  24. @scribus I was ganged up by 2 fish monsters after teleporting out of a poison cloud that made me blind and losing 1/3 of hitpoints before. Because the fight was split up due to the poison cloud and the building itself I failed all my death saving throws in a row. There was no chance.

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  25. D&D character dead

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  26. @scribus Such a COC tease.

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  27. @scribus Then don't keep your Star Trek TOS DVDs on your ground.

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  28. With acceptable temperatures outside I started playing VR again. A modded BeatSaber is somewhat of a must as the default songs are utterly crap for the most part. After a 3 hour session my legs hurt for days. Also I was playing Budget Cuts 2. I really liked Budget Cuts 1 althought it was relatively short. Budget Cuts 2 had some very badly designed parts as they have stopped me to a screeching halt. The first major design flaw was at the beginning where a secret code was written on a post-it note on the back of a walking robot. First of all the note was tiny and not easily visible as the robot blocks the way and the post-it had a similar brightness as the robot. Later there were some other parts equally dumb as they were as easily missed. I had to watch a walkthrough for these.

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  29. @vcgriffin Just normal odors from the basmati rice. Its nutty and musk-like odor is fine on the plate but the concentrated smell in the air from cooking is not that pleasant. Usually I open my window while cooking, however when there is a 5°C difference I rather keep my apartment cool and endure the smell for a while.

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  30. Cooking rice while it's hot outside and opening the windows is out of the question is a bad idea. My apartment smelled like old socks the whole day from the rice.

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