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  1. Watched new hoers. Was fine.

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  3. @scribus Woah. That's heavy.

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  4. I'm baffled by the number of battery-operated (internal rechargeable via USB or conventionally insertable AA or AAA) lights for bikes that are being sold. There is a thing called dynamo. No hassle recharging, always attached at the bike, reliable. There are hub dynamos that have almost no resistance (only the induced electrical field has some resistance) and are silent. It makes me somewhat annoyed and mad that people buy this crap. Additional lights... fine. But they are mostly advertised as main front and rear lights.

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  5. I just tried my new tyre pump for my bicycle. Oh boy the difference is immense to the old pump I had. With the new one I can easily reach 4 bar pressure. The old one got only to half of that. The difference in roll resistance is equally as immense. Cycling now feels like the brakes weren't engaged all the time.

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  6. @zeldatra Probably she is not Sudafed up to steal some more

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  8. I enjoyed Kid Cosmic Season 1 a little bit more than its second Season. It was still damn good.

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  9. Despite not being canon I was very entertained by LEGO Star Wars The Freemaker Adventures.

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  10. I am fairly satisfied with my new bike. It has a hub gear and not so many gears as my other bike, so it is a little bit strange switching the bikes. I'll probably keep both. I was debating with myself selling the old one but both are very different in cycling style. I want to keep the choice between them.

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  11. I bicycled about 11km today and my legs are hurting.

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  12. @scribus I watched only the animated version. I was intrigued by the first season. The second one was not as good story-wise.

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  13. Finished my couch table. The legs are aluminium extrusions (40mm x 40mm) and the plate is low quality oak that I stained and varnished myself. I also rounded the edges and cut threads for the felted table feet. This project turned out to be more expensive and require more work than anticipated but it's my own. The good thing is that the table height is higher than the seating height and my legs fit comfortably under the table.

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  14. First bleach, now worm removal medicine for horses. Another big round for distributing the Darwin Award.

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  15. @scribus Purchasing it used might be an option. On ebay in Germany the prices are between 30€ and 40€. I guess it won't be cheaper anytime soon. Pokemon Snap for the N64 is cheaper as a cart only offer but complete in box it's still at original retail prices.

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  16. @zeldatra @scribus The number of cases are rising here as well and I don't want to risk any contact with strangers that's not necessary, especially when sitting in an enclosed room for hours. I'm vaccinated but still. This time I'll probably go to the sea that is called Internet and become a filthy pirate. I already gave more money than necessary for watching Black Widow at home.

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  17. I want to see the new Marvel movie Shang Chi but it feels wrong to go to the cinema.

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  18. @scribus Looks like some sort of stage fright or your body is doing you a favor so you can be dismissed from doing jury duty.

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  19. @oracle I have a bicycle computer that has the feature but it is cumbersome to access in the menu. I have it only to display the current velocity / average velocity. It was just in the spur of the moment that this question came up as my father jokingly said to me that I barely drive my new car that just passed 600km.

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  20. I summed up how much I cycled so far in the last 6 months, with the help of the Google Maps Timeline feature. I cycled about 120km. Due to some really annoying data entry of the streets and junctions, and the infrequent and inaccurate GPS sampling, not every trip was correctly recorded. Good for data protection but also bad for this application, so I had to guesstimate.

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  21. @scribus I as browsing on some dutch bike sites and I haven't seen any difference in price between ball busters and skirt savers.

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  22. Of course I look for a used bike ladies' bike. A new one would be prohibitively expensive. I found some similar ones for just 30€ but they need some moderate fixing.

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  23. Although I have a bike I'm interested in having a second bike more geared towards comfortable rides in the city: a ladies' dutch bicycle. I don't see a reason for having that ball-crushing crossbar between the legs that makes it hard to get into the saddle.

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  24. I'm highly annoyed by people using "it's" in place of "it has". My brain is trained to only read that as "it is". Similarly, it also holds true for "ain't" for related reasons.

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  25. @scribus I had a somewhat similar experience playing BOTW. But to be fair: I had a vacation and could spend all week playing it. I tried to complete as much as it was feasible to get the good ending and solve as many shrines as I could for the much needed health and stamina upgrades.

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  26. I'm thinking about buying cheap Thinkpad T43 keyboards in order to make them normal PC USB Keyboards. I found a Github project that offers code for a Teensy 3.2 microcontroller and a PCB schematic to make that conversion possible All the new keyboards available out there are garbage. I hate mechanical clicky keyboards. I have already a Thinkpad USB Keyboard but I want to have one at work and I want a spare one.

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  27. My horrible neighbour is finally gone!

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  28. @scribus Uuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuh.
    Glasses. Check.
    Horse fan. Check.
    (Friend-)Fiction writer. Check.

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  29. I successfully upgraded an old and unused backpack with hooks in order to attach to a bicycle rack. Instead of buying such a bag I only spent a fraction of that. I invested 3€ in materials (not counting the aluminium bar that was scrap) while a bought one would be at least 6 times that. Now I can carry twice the stuff when going shopping.

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  30. @zeldatra c) Someone is eating the cat food.

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