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  1. @drinkingpony Well... Peace?

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  2. I printed a duckbunny

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  3. Tried to watch an anime on netflix and I couldn't stomach the first episode. It was "Hi Score Girl". The boy is obnoxious and the girl is a mute jerk and the rest of the world is insane.

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  4. @thelastgherkin #

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  5. @scribus "root@localhost:-$ shutdown now"

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  6. AGDQ is there again!

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  7. @drinkingpony I'm glad you like my s(t)ick(y)-nasty improvisation skills.

    Polypropylene is extremely durable and I'd like to print with it one day, however it is extremely finicky. Once it needs to be printed at 260°C (I cannot do this with my printer because I'd gas out toxins from the PTFE tube), you need other polypropylene (sticky tape) to make it stick to the heat bed otherwise it slips off the bed, it sucks out the moisture like nothing from the air and thus creating nasty bubbles while printing, and it warps worse than ABS. But right now I'm already annoyed enough by ABS so it'll take me a whole new printer to even think to print with it (also PP is relatively expensive).

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  8. My improvised "heated" chamber for my 3d printer. It achieves to maintain 38°C (room temperature 20°C) just from the heat bed that is at 100°C.

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  9. @drinkingpony There is metal music

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  10. @drinkingpony I can recommend this too. Dry fun humour, snappy and creative editing, and lots of metal (the material).

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  11. I had to CAD model a roller for my shower curtain because the one I need and want doesn't exist. The hole is for a 3mm wide hook.

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  12. @drinkingpony It was this channel that I watched. I don't know how exactly I came to this channel but I guess it was a video about gallium (just a random search) that linked to one of his videos that showed how gallium broke down the aluminium casing of a lock.

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  13. Watching a guy on Youtube who lockpicks locks in his hobby and reviews them. It shocks me how easy "unpickable" locks are.

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  14. @drinkingpony The friend should fire a railgun holding... Better not, it'd be a worse idea.

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  15. @drinkingpony I've done the pictures the moment I put them out of the mail box. I get a full refund on one game (have to send it back) and I get a partial refund on another of over 60% of the purchase price and I can keep it. For the third game I have to wait for a response of the seller. So far it could be worse.

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  16. @drinkingpony I mean Deutsche Post, the parent company of DHL, that sends letters. The games are in DVD cases. They got a good beating. I'm right now in the process to get a refund.

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  17. Also I printed over night about 50 grams of spaghetti (read: the print failed because the object was knocked over and the rest printed in the air) which made me also feel very "I'm fed up with my life".

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  18. @scribus I would if I weren't at work when that happened. All I could was calling the hotline of Deutsche Post and exhale frustrated words and endure the awful music of the waiting queue.

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  19. The post man managed to squash 3 Wii U games at once in my mail box. Of course it's damaged.

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  20. I've spent half the day debugging my 3D printer problems. It turned out that a blob of plastic was in the PTFE bowden tube which jammed the whole printer. I had to disassemble the feeding path, cut off the piece where the blob was, exchange the nozzle, scrape plastic off from the heat zone (I had to do it twice), and put everything together. I save money for a direct-drive 3D printer with an all-metal hotend and hopefully my problems will be decreased.

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  21. @drinkingpony Fascinating video.

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  22. @drinkingpony I don't want to additionally heat the chamber besides the heat plate. In the chamber will be the whole printer with all the electronics and the power supply. I don't intend to separate them and wire them to the outside. I'm too lazy for that. I think I only need just a room with a slightly higher ambient and constant ambient temperature. The temperature sensor and heat plate will get me that once it's closed sufficiently.
    I know that the IKEA Lack tables aren't filled with sawdust. I meant that these tables are cheaply made. I used one as a throw-away work table for sawing my flooring. BTW: My IKEA Lack tables were produced in Poland.

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  23. @drinkingpony In reality I don't want an enclosure that is at a temperature of 363K. Surely it'll be the best temperature for ABS but I'm just happy with anything above 310K. At least it should be constant and no gust of wind should disturb the print. My PLA prints at the moment are just fine, as well as smaller PETG prints. My last PETG print (an IKEA Lack table riser) warped and some layers delaminated (it was a chunky and lengthy block, so it was bound to happen).
    I have 4 IKEA Lack tables stacked and I want to use them as enclosures. So it can't be too hot. I don't trust these sawdust filled and cheap tables to endure these temperatures without spontaneously combusting after a while.
    Later this year I want to build a mini CNC router with some printed parts and a Dremel rotary tool. Just for small stuff like engraving or cutting soft materials. After that and some experience with the smaller CNC I'll build a bigger machine but that'll be a project for the year after that.

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  24. @drinkingpony This sounds very intriguing. Although my heating bill will explode it'll also cook everything that I take outside of the fridge, which will be an advantage worth considering the costs.

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  25. I really need to build an enclosure for my 3d printers. Just now two prints warped (and detached from the build plate) because of cold air circulating in the room.

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  26. @drinkingpony "Das ist das Übelste, das ich mir vorstellen kann." A language doesn't make anyone good or evil. Except Java the programming language. Java is pure evil.

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  27. I'm demoted by my father to translate memes from English to German that he receives over WhatsApp.

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  28. I'm watching the first episode of He-Man And The Masters Of The Universe out of morbid curiosity and oh man it aged super poorly.

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  29. What if a series of fantasy creatures and persons from fairy tales get their own movies and then they assemble Avengers-style in order to fight the brothers Grimm?

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