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Equestria Girls

Equestria Girls

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Equestria Girls (equestriagirls) group


  1. I want to leave a load of pointless groups, but who knows when I'll next need !honk or !aeiou or !dangerzone?

    Friday, 04-Jul-14 14:24:31 UTC from web
  2. How do I become a !ponyfabulous

    Thursday, 22-May-14 16:46:04 UTC from web
    • By popular demand, here are a few little things that new ponies might want to keep in mind! A # is the ideal container for your # Plot holes are secret but fun. It is possible to explode multiple times in succession. Everypony is Eric B. Carcino likes # Hats, pickles, and turnips are all sentient. Equestria Girls are !ponyfabulous. Rainbow Dash ALWAYS dresses in style. The Great and Powerful Trixie has magic strong enough to vanquish the dreaded Ursa Major. Rocks are funny. Fabric is dumb. Mustaches are fabulous.

      Thursday, 07-Jul-11 02:58:32 UTC from web
    • Is there an !equestriagirls group yet

      Wednesday, 08-May-13 19:34:17 UTC from web
    • ♻ @thelastgherkin: IT'S BACK !equestriagirls

      Tuesday, 02-Apr-13 20:16:58 UTC from Choqok
      • No-one can groove like the girls with hooves...

        Friday, 27-May-11 12:50:36 UTC from StatusNet Desktop
      • I should like an !EqGirls cover like this.

        Tuesday, 05-Jun-12 14:13:11 UTC from web
        • Happy Birthday !equestriagirls

          Sunday, 27-May-12 10:17:10 UTC from web
          • I think this is a new record for me. !eqgirls

            Tuesday, 10-Jan-12 14:48:10 UTC from web
            • Thought !EquestriaGirls was playing on the radio for a second. "Bikinis on top" indeed. Clop 'til they drop, I suppose.

              Wednesday, 16-Nov-11 00:45:14 UTC from MuSTArDroid

              Sunday, 16-Oct-11 21:02:55 UTC from web
            • Hey every pony! I was talking to a silly filly friend of mine about the word Brony. She asked, well, if guy ponies are bronies, what are girl ponies?

              Tuesday, 06-Sep-11 21:32:22 UTC from web
            • You know what I haven't heard for a long time? !equestriagirls you say? Then you are correct with your assumption.

              Saturday, 20-Aug-11 21:54:15 UTC from Choqok
            • If someone writes a Mac virus that loops !EquestriaGirls at full volume, I may or may not end up with an infected computer at work, either accidentally or intentionally.

              Saturday, 20-Aug-11 10:23:28 UTC from MuSTArDroid
              • @lelouch Everyone speaks it...But only the truly bold can listen. And it's Rick Astley.

                Monday, 15-Aug-11 01:27:06 UTC from web
              • @zachariastargazer @Starshine hey there how are you guys?

                Wednesday, 03-Aug-11 03:33:40 UTC from StatusNet Desktop
              • Good evening all the bronies that currently reside in RDN. how are y'all?

                Tuesday, 26-Jul-11 02:31:11 UTC from web
              • how does one become !ponyfabulous

                Wednesday, 20-Jul-11 19:29:12 UTC from web
              • HNNRG WHY AM I SO TIRED.

                Saturday, 16-Jul-11 23:21:37 UTC from web
              • I wish to feel !ponyfabulous soon...

                Saturday, 16-Jul-11 09:00:02 UTC from web
              • Well, as much as it sucks that I've missed a day, I'll have to work on fixing it. In the meanwhile, how's everypony doing?

                Friday, 15-Jul-11 21:34:13 UTC from StatusNet Android
              • !EquestriaGirls we're !ponyfabulous! Bikinis on hoof Boots on top! Oh muffins I mixed that up didn't I D:

                Friday, 15-Jul-11 01:54:22 UTC from web
              • I lagged behind in the whole !ponyfabulous thing. Now I've got Equestria Girls stuck in my head something fierce.

                Thursday, 14-Jul-11 14:43:17 UTC from StatusNet iPhone
              • @rotation These are the ponies I love the most, I wish they could all be !EquestriaGirls

                Thursday, 14-Jul-11 12:14:13 UTC from MuSTArDroid
              • Why is this so oddly entertaining to me?

                Thursday, 07-Jul-11 22:30:10 UTC from StatusNet Desktop
              • @izurin Quite so! There's also a group !equestriagirls

                Thursday, 07-Jul-11 22:23:12 UTC from web
              • morning everypony how are things going with yall today?

                Thursday, 07-Jul-11 14:56:46 UTC from web
              • @petalbasedweaponry Did it really take you ten minutes to write that? :P

                Monday, 27-Jun-11 03:22:41 UTC from web
              • Here is some new art of Pinkie looking !ponyfabulous

                Saturday, 25-Jun-11 11:11:07 UTC from web