1. By popular demand, here are a few little things that new ponies might want to keep in mind! A # is the ideal container for your # Plot holes are secret but fun. It is possible to explode multiple times in succession. Everypony is Eric B. Carcino likes # Hats, pickles, and turnips are all sentient. Equestria Girls are !ponyfabulous. Rainbow Dash ALWAYS dresses in style. The Great and Powerful Trixie has magic strong enough to vanquish the dreaded Ursa Major. Rocks are funny. Fabric is dumb. Mustaches are fabulous.

    Thursday, 07-Jul-11 02:58:32 UTC from web
    1. @starshine also i am the duke of bucketss

      Thursday, 07-Jul-11 02:59:48 UTC from web
      1. @madflavors You're not my duke.

        Thursday, 07-Jul-11 03:00:11 UTC from web
        1. @starshine i most certainly am.

          Thursday, 07-Jul-11 03:00:55 UTC from web
        2. @starshine i fought a hoard of flaming purple wovles at night with an extremely large and heavy sword that was also on fire and also happened to be a gun for the right to be called the Duke of all buckets

          Thursday, 07-Jul-11 03:02:52 UTC from web
          1. @madflavors You're arguing with a bucket, you know that?

            Thursday, 07-Jul-11 03:03:39 UTC from web
            1. @nvrrmbr it is a special power given to me by my dukelyness that lets me communicate with buckets

              Thursday, 07-Jul-11 03:04:56 UTC from web
    2. @starshine Starshine makes the best posts. Ever.

      Thursday, 07-Jul-11 04:45:08 UTC from web
    3. @starshine Scootaloo will show us games to play?

      Thursday, 07-Jul-11 23:44:33 UTC from web
    4. @starshine AAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAA <3

      Friday, 08-Jul-11 07:10:45 UTC from web
    5. @widget what the heck is a gyrobowl

      Tuesday, 04-Dec-12 05:30:28 UTC from web
      1. @unhipdruid It's a bowl that NEVER SPILLS.

        Tuesday, 04-Dec-12 05:31:08 UTC from web
      2. @unhipdruid It's like Gak except its oldsauce counterpart product that does nothing similar.

        Tuesday, 04-Dec-12 05:33:02 UTC from web
      3. @unhipdruid don't know?????

        Tuesday, 04-Dec-12 05:33:12 UTC from web
        1. @madflavors i have no idea

          Tuesday, 04-Dec-12 05:41:47 UTC from web
    6. @starshine maaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaan that is old

      Tuesday, 04-Dec-12 05:30:40 UTC from web
    7. @starshine This is a truncated list of reasons
      to sagequit the fandom.

      Friday, 10-Jan-14 22:38:46 UTC from web