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Fellow Ponies that enjoy technology in general. Or more specifically: coding, designing, building, modding etc.

The Tech Ponies (techponies) group


  1. !techponies Read this manual with me for fun and giggles
    1. 47 headphoneAmplifiercomponents installation drawing: from low to high principle, namely the first low welding components, such as resistor. Ohkay I sorta know what they mean here
    Pay attention to the polarity, can not meet the. Element name element label polarity fair enough, I know what they mean here, there is a little table here pointing out that there is a polarity for things like LED and electrolyic capacitors, and it does not matter for the Monolythic capacitors & resistors.

    But then

    Shall not be plugged into the IC 5532 direction, otherwise will burn IC 5532

    What ? ... I shall scour the internet looking for a YouTube video or something trying to explain this.

    6 seconds later

    Well I guess I will be watching this now before starting

    Friday, 14-Jun-19 14:42:07 UTC from web
  2. Quake on an oscilloscope !vgp !techponies

    Monday, 29-Dec-14 10:19:57 UTC from Choqok
  3. This reddit is so satisfying !techponies

    Friday, 22-Aug-14 08:48:13 UTC from Choqok
  4. DIY Raspberry Pi smartphone !techponies

    Friday, 25-Apr-14 14:33:48 UTC from Choqok
  5. LG Smart TVs sends all video file names despite of turning off the "collection of watching info". !techponies

    Tuesday, 19-Nov-13 23:02:47 UTC from Choqok
  6. ElementaryOS looks really nice # !techponies

    Monday, 12-Aug-13 13:30:21 UTC from Choqok
  7. I have almost all parts to convert my SNES to an emulator machine. I only need an ethernet bridge, a small ethernet patch cable, and an active USB hub. Well... Also I need a small board and cables to connect the SNES controller ports to the GPIO pins on the Raspberry Pi board !techponies

    Thursday, 04-Jul-13 16:45:14 UTC from Choqok
  8. I received my second Linksys WRT54GL with DD-WRT. The guy who sold this to me was very stupid. He flashed the wrong firmware on the device and bricked it almost. By accident it could boot into the web interface and I could flash the right firmware onto it. Otherwise I had to revert the original firmware in a very complicated way. !techponies

    Saturday, 08-Jun-13 09:02:20 UTC from Choqok
  9. I'm reading now that the next Firefox version won't support the <blink> tag. The Internet won't be the same anymore!!!! !techponies

    Saturday, 18-May-13 09:14:40 UTC from Choqok
  10. Anyone have any experience at all with Plasma Active? It might almost convince me to get a tablet (as long as I can use a keyboard with it). !techponies

    Wednesday, 02-Jan-13 20:23:42 UTC from MuSTArDroid
  11. I cross my fingers. I install Arch Linux on my Pogoplug POGO-E02. I hope I won't brick this. !techponies

    Wednesday, 02-Jan-13 16:58:10 UTC from Choqok
  12. I got my extremely cheap pogoplug. The original software is extremely dumb. Really dumb. This device doesn't have samba shares nor nfs. You have to use their damn dumb software or use the website to access the data. I'll have to install Arch Linux on this device to get the right amount of functionality I wanted. !techponies

    Monday, 31-Dec-12 11:20:16 UTC from Choqok
  13. !VGP !techponies

    Wednesday, 21-Nov-12 23:49:33 UTC from web
  14. A vending machine for used books !techponies

    Monday, 19-Nov-12 10:02:32 UTC from Choqok
  15. WiiU striptease !techponies !vgp

    Monday, 19-Nov-12 09:37:53 UTC from Choqok
  16. !techponies Never obsolete.

    Monday, 01-Oct-12 23:53:14 UTC from web
  17. Raspberry Pi supercomputer !techponies

    Thursday, 13-Sep-12 09:22:53 UTC from Choqok
  18. Can somebody suggest a good video capture card (PCI/USB) that runs well on Linux and Win7 that has S-Video, Composite Video and Chinch audio input? I want to play on my PC NES, SNES, N64, PS2 etc. My old TV card makes troubles nowadays !techponies

    Monday, 27-Aug-12 20:14:43 UTC from Choqok
  19. If you don't like the new tab page of Firefox 13, you can adjust it to the old behaviour by typing about:config in the url bar and change the entry of browser.newtab.url from about:newtab to about:blank. !techponies

    Thursday, 07-Jun-12 19:10:52 UTC from Choqok
  20. Is there any possible way to input a video signal to your computer so you can see it live on your screen? !techponies

    Thursday, 24-May-12 01:28:08 UTC from web
  21. The cover for the "O" key on my phone's keyboard just fell off. It's a right pain to press into now. Thank god for the on screen keyboard. !androidbronies !techponies

    Monday, 21-May-12 19:19:35 UTC from web
  22. Downloading and installing an official software update for my htc Desire Z. Not sure if it'll do anything major, but may as well see. !androidbronies !techponies

    Thursday, 17-May-12 14:52:48 UTC from web
  23. Lost my phone's 32gb Micro SD Card x.x Phone fell on the floor and it flew out. I have a spare but replacing all that stuff will take AGES. !techponies #

    Wednesday, 16-May-12 11:53:15 UTC from web
    • !TechPonies -- This just popped up on my LUG mailing list: "An ARM GNU/Linux box for $25."

      Thursday, 10-May-12 22:55:02 UTC from web
      • I now have £300 towards my gaming PC ^^ Think it'll be fitting to have a PC to go into what will be a newly redecorated room, heh. !vgp !techponies

        Tuesday, 08-May-12 11:40:33 UTC from web
      • I just realised another few perks that having a more powerful PC will bring, faster video rendering and the ability to use an HD PVR. ^^ !techponies

        Monday, 30-Apr-12 22:02:43 UTC from web
        • Killing time in the Apple store atm. Using an iPhone 4S. iOS has the unique distinction of having the only on screen keyboard that I find easier to type on using Portait rather than landscape O.o !techponies

          Saturday, 28-Apr-12 15:56:54 UTC from web
        • New video uploaded, Vlog- Building/Saving Up for a Gaming PC (Finally) !vgp !techponies

          Friday, 27-Apr-12 21:01:25 UTC from web
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        • We've been getting spurts of internet downtime for ages. I thought it was down to Virgin Media, turns out our router is on its way out. x.x !techponies

          Thursday, 26-Apr-12 13:31:30 UTC from web
          • Think I'm gonna record a vlog about my plans to build a new PC and as a gaming rig :) !vgp !techponies

            Tuesday, 24-Apr-12 16:29:19 UTC from web