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  1. @mushi In your local area ? ? Or internet alltogether ?

    about 18 hours ago from web in context
  2. "You know what we should do ? Start a debate club, it should be fun"

    "But where are we going to find controversial statements large enough that you can fill a debate night ?"

    "Simple, just google 'I need feminism because' and you have pretty much filled 60+% of the evening"

    ... This works surprisingly well :o

    about 20 hours ago from web
  3. ... I wonder, should I wait for the first upcoming April Fools or not ? ... For changing pretty much ALL company radio&PA anouncement systems to play things like and instead of "actual" radio... Not touching the PA system ofcourse, though I could always install a sound-processor that makes them sound like a girl or something. Hmm, potential minor evil <3

    about a day ago from web
  4. @scribus Oh, yes, I believe I saw a CSI episode with Gil Grissom ( the bug guy ) where his team had to investigate a death at a casino in a high roller poker suite... Something about the lead in the gasoline which settled in the peanuts made for the M&M's he ate at every poker tourney because it brought him luck... ... ... Which is idiotic, I mean. You'd probably lose all of your IQ's up till your motor functions take up most of your brain power way before getting a lead-induced heart-attack... Let alone playing high stakes poker tourneys :/

    about a day ago from web in context
  5. @critialcloudkicker Did I just misspell @scribus ? ... yes, yes I did

    about 2 days ago from web in context
  6. @mushi Pretty sure that @scrubus 's parents grew up in a time before lead paint was banned, as I am pretty sure the ban was realized somewhere in the ninteenseventies probablyuselesstrivia

    about 2 days ago from web in context
  7. @mushi That is adorable :)

    about 2 days ago from web in context
  8. @scribus Heh, another Septapus admirer I see :)

    about 2 days ago from web in context
  9. @bigpony

    about 3 days ago from web in context
  10. @ceruleanspark It has been 24 hours now of my Mustard ( ) doing nothing but returning errors. Probably due to a website change or something. Do you have any advice for me on this front ? I'd really like to keep using my Android phone for RDN

    about 4 days ago from web
  11. @adiwan Towel day ?

    about 4 days ago from web in context
  12. I keep getting Mustard problems in combination with RDN, something about not being able to convert something to a JSONArray from .java.string or something ? Does anyone know whatupwiththat ? ( Mustard the Android app that is )

    about 5 days ago from web
  13. @nerthos Hmm, yes, that would work better. I just coined an idea though. It is not like I am making a Katana here and declaring anyone whom tries to improve on the idea to have their hands cut off... Oh history :+

    about 5 days ago from web in context
  14. @nerthos Why not put a little bit of solid magnesium inside of a glass dropplet inside of a glass tube that is filled with hydrogen ? shake well before use

    about 6 days ago from web in context
  15. @colfax Oh I would love to have a plasma-caster. Too bad they pretty much only exist in comic books

    about 6 days ago from web in context
  16. @nerthos It means a combination of ruthless, inconsiderate, uncompromising, irresponsibly and predatory.

    And yes, any sort of BB gun or Airsoft guns are illegal in the Netherlands. In fact you are better off ( in the eyes of the law ) to create your own crossbow with semtex-tipped crossbow darts and then claim you wanted to make a catapult like system that shoots silly putty.

    Laws over here are crazy.

    about 6 days ago from web in context
  17. @colfax I really hope you mean something like the GAU-8 and not

    And yes, I too would love to own a 3D printer. Which I guess you need to make that dream a reality

    about 6 days ago from web in context
  18. @nerthos Up untill now I probably have spend the equivallent value of 7 big mac's or 2 really fancy local restaurant burgers. I agree that they are underpowered relative to cost and still require eye protection. But on the other hand they are legal to have in the Netherlands and it's just harmfully stupid fun to shoot rücksichtslos in your own house without breaking anything.

    Naw if I wanted to kill some beercans or something I would use my high-powered pneumatic DIY nailgun or something. It's a whole new level of shooting things though.

    about 6 days ago from web in context
  19. Did you know that in the game of Overwatch there is this guy named Reaper whom never bothers reloading, instead he just throws away his current guns and grabs new ones from the arsenal he carries on his body.

    Ironically meanwhile IRL I could buy Nerf Blasters for about the same amount of money that Clips/Magazines cost.

    That's it, reloading is officially stupid now.

    about 6 days ago from web in context
  20. @nerthos Awesome. I wonder if I can put this on continous loop as screensaver in the conferance room to make people go "AHH, GIANT BUGS !" :+

    about 7 days ago from web in context
  21. @mushi Spider ? Ant ? Some sort of weird Brazillian bug ?

    about 7 days ago from web in context
  22. @mushi Well, they are good colors. I will not use them to actually paint my nerf blaster though.

    about 7 days ago from web in context
  23. So you want to paint your nerf gun eh ? Well try starting by making a basic lineart model of your gun, and randomly roll with 2 colours you like and use the paint bucket tool to make it at least somewhat representable.

    I did a horrible horrible thing here have I not ?

    about 7 days ago from web in context
  24. @adiwan I rate that episode to be great. I have no idea who the little ghost is though. Using Cartoon Network logic I guess it's a ghost that Gumball and Darwin once summoned on halloween and befriended and now visits every halloween or something ?

    about 7 days ago from web in context
  25. Oh Internet... why do you lie to me ?

    about 7 days ago from web
  26. ... I really hope "μPa" stands for "Micro Pascal Units"

    about 7 days ago from web
  27. @adiwan Funny, I did not take you for a Gumball fan. *goes to watch that episode right now*

    about 7 days ago from web in context
  28. "Oh hey I found a movie on the YouTube where they continuously call a bunch of cellphones that are scattered around an egg, they do that for a minute and the egg is suddenly boiled !" ... *facepalm* ... If needed be I can explain using the scientific method why it's complete BS. But the actual question is 'Why ? They can't be this gullible/naive/stupid... Right ?'

    about 8 days ago from MuSTArDroid
  29. @adiwan Probably because I have been wondering if there is anything innocent besides unicorns that Dolf Lundgren can turn into a movie.

    about 8 days ago from web in context
  30. ... Dammit, now I want to see the rest of the thing, whatever it is.

    about 8 days ago from web


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