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Only thing close to beating out My Little Pony for favorite Franchise is Pokemon? Then join today to chat, trade, and battle!

Pokefan Bronies (pokefanbronies) group


  1. Is there a pokemon group here or do I have to make one

    Saturday, 16-Feb-13 23:08:39 UTC from web
  2. Are you guys talking about !pokemon

    Sunday, 27-Jan-13 00:03:30 UTC from web
    • !pokemon Here, have a sassy Bidoof #

      Thursday, 08-Nov-12 20:09:04 UTC from web
    • !pokemon And here's my precious.

      Thursday, 08-Nov-12 19:27:03 UTC from web
      • !Pokemon The 3D Dex Pro is pretty nice! Visuals are great. :3

        Thursday, 08-Nov-12 19:19:23 UTC from StatusNet iPhone
      • !pokemon Oh wow, every Pokemon are in here already. It even has a few games included.

        Thursday, 08-Nov-12 17:52:23 UTC from StatusNet iPhone
        • !pokemon The Pokedex 3D Pro is out for sale now!

          Thursday, 08-Nov-12 17:38:42 UTC from StatusNet iPhone
        • !pokemon Spoilers for some. This is a pretty good Gameboy remix for BW2.

          Tuesday, 06-Nov-12 01:46:20 UTC from web
          • @thatonepony EXCELLENT

            Tuesday, 10-Apr-12 01:06:32 UTC from StatusNet Android
          • !pokemon # The first pokemon!

            Saturday, 24-Mar-12 07:39:34 UTC from StatusNet Android
          • i am such a dork, i'm currently calculating if its possible for a Bidoof to OHKO a Togekiss in the most extreme circumstances possible. everything i touch turns to !pokemon

            Sunday, 04-Mar-12 16:29:38 UTC from web
          • any !pokemon players who are up for a 3 on 3 triple battle?

            Sunday, 04-Mar-12 04:35:52 UTC from web
          • that moment where you ev train a pokemon only to realize its not the nature you wanted !pokefanbronies

            Sunday, 26-Feb-12 19:18:11 UTC from web
            • !pokefanbronies Pokemon Black & White 2 .. Hey Nintendo ! Be more creative about the title sheesh ...

              Sunday, 26-Feb-12 06:10:38 UTC from StatusNet iPhone
            • Black 2 and White 2. oh man i don't even know how i feel about this !pokefanbronies

              Sunday, 26-Feb-12 06:09:31 UTC from web
            • I feel so lucky to come across something like this. !pokemon

              Friday, 27-Jan-12 22:47:11 UTC from web
            • Hey , # I'm back :3

              Sunday, 18-Dec-11 03:21:54 UTC from StatusNet iPhone
            • @princesstwilight hi *throws Pokeball* !Pokefanbronies

              Friday, 02-Dec-11 09:50:23 UTC from web
              • !pokefanbronies To order a consultation, please send a message to @tenmihara so that I may subscribe for DM conversation (we wouldn't want to clutter up the public timeline now)

                Monday, 28-Nov-11 03:10:31 UTC from web
                • !pokefanbronies Ever wish you could access your Pokemon's Peak Potential? Ever want that competitive edge, but don't know how to get there? Well worry no more. Starting today, @tenmihara will be offering Ten's Training Tutelage. Everything from the basics in effort values and natures, to the more advanced tactics and shortcuts that can be used to make the process much less of a hassle. Not fond of numbers? No problem! I will make sure to instruct you on the training process in a matter that best suits your level of comprehension. Want all the benefits with none of the math? Specialized training regimens for specific Pokemon can be made. Act now and get the all time low price of absolutely nothing! WARNING: Anypony who avoids competitive training out of laziness I probably can't do anything for. Act now!

                  Monday, 28-Nov-11 03:08:35 UTC from web
                • @tenmihara haha my bad. pretty much meant to say they don't like the show :<<

                  Sunday, 13-Nov-11 08:39:02 UTC from web
                • A wild Twilight Appeared !! !pokefanbronies

                  Friday, 11-Nov-11 05:18:20 UTC from web
                  • !pokefanbronies Anypony here play Nuzlocke challenges? I wanna complain to somepony about losing my starters DX

                    Wednesday, 09-Nov-11 01:08:25 UTC from web
                  • "Wild Codolerigus cut its own HP and laid a curse on Mr. Pants!" "Wild Cokiwirigus fainted!" Never change, Pokemon. !pb

                    Tuesday, 08-Nov-11 19:55:56 UTC from web
                    • !pokemon Oh man, this is a creepy bootleg game.

                      Sunday, 06-Nov-11 07:34:07 UTC from web
                    • Anypony know if there's been rumour or announcement of Gen III remakes for DS? !pokefanbronies

                      Wednesday, 02-Nov-11 19:08:58 UTC from web
                    • AWESOME remix of a Rival Battle :D ~ !pokefanbronies

                      Friday, 28-Oct-11 06:33:07 UTC from web
                      • JIGGLYPUFF for sale! ~ !Pokefanbronies

                        Thursday, 27-Oct-11 03:26:10 UTC from web
                      • *Playing two Pokemon games and using the internet* MULTITASKING FTW!! :D !pokefanbronies

                        Wednesday, 05-Oct-11 06:37:59 UTC from web
                        • *Playing Pokemon Emerald now* !pokefanbronies

                          Wednesday, 05-Oct-11 06:25:06 UTC from web