1. So today I got up feeling weird. So I just went and took some R'n'R by reading an X-men comic book. And then my calvanistic goggles kicked into overdrive. ALL YOU MUTANTS ARE DICKS ! No, seriously, about 50% of them are straight up evil and the others try to stop them ? kinda ? Or they are just left alone ? Seriously go do something productive, all of you, Jean & Xavier please go force some panda's to reproduce. Magneto and Cyclops go to some sort of power plant for neigh infinite power. Storm go help people around the globe in securing food ( especially Africa ). Ice-Man go build yourself many MANY beautiful statues made of ice on the poles and end global warming or something **sigh** ... don't mind me, I just needed to vent

    Sunday, 07-May-17 19:28:11 UTC from web
    1. @critialcloudkicker what should Jubilee do?

      Sunday, 07-May-17 19:32:48 UTC from web
      1. @zennx an immortal being with build in night vision, echolocation, superhuman speed and agility ? Idunno, just put her in search and rescue when needed. And when not needed I am pretty sure she'd make a very ecology and economy friendly lighthouse.

        Sunday, 07-May-17 19:37:47 UTC from web
        1. @critialcloudkicker Though technically she can no longer sparkle as the result of M-Day... Hmm...

          Sunday, 07-May-17 19:38:41 UTC from web
          1. @critialcloudkicker Holy guacamole, that is hilarious... A vampire that can no longer sparkle XD

            Sunday, 07-May-17 19:39:10 UTC from web