1. I just lost about 90% of all my active brain cells due to watching . But it is ohkay, they will regenerate. In the very least I hope @mushi will be able to tell me that that one guy won't be able to poop correctly for a week or so due to him putting quite a lot of gallium in his mouth.

    about 6 months ago from web
    1. @critialcloudkicker The biggest danger with galium is that it expands when it solidifies, with can create sharp sards of metal, but it will not solidify at body temperature, so it might go straight through his body.

      I wouldnt recomend it though

      about 6 months ago from web
      1. @mushi Yes, I know. Gallium has amazing/fun thermodynamic properties. However I am more interested in it's toxicity on humans

        about 5 months ago from web