1. I have almost all parts to convert my SNES to an emulator machine. I only need an ethernet bridge, a small ethernet patch cable, and an active USB hub. Well... Also I need a small board and cables to connect the SNES controller ports to the GPIO pins on the Raspberry Pi board !techponies

    Thursday, 04-Jul-13 16:45:14 UTC from Choqok
    1. @broniebrown ... But why ? I am pretty sure you can use your Rapberry PI to way more usefull purposes

      Thursday, 04-Jul-13 16:46:44 UTC from web
      1. @critialcloudkicker My SNES is irreparably broken. Graphics are heavily glitched. When they are not glitched then the whole screen is black. Also it deletes save data from the games. I lost all my progress in Super Mario Kart because of this.

        Thursday, 04-Jul-13 16:50:08 UTC from Choqok
        1. @broniebrown OHH... I thought you wanted to blackbox it... Nevermind, carry on, show pictures :)

          Thursday, 04-Jul-13 16:51:38 UTC from web
      2. @critialcloudkicker Also I have another SNES. I wouldn't harm any working SNES.

        Thursday, 04-Jul-13 16:50:49 UTC from Choqok
        1. @broniebrown I wonder what happens if you send your broken SNES to Nintendo HQ

          Thursday, 04-Jul-13 16:52:57 UTC from web
          1. @critialcloudkicker Nintendo doesn't offer official support for the SNES anymore. It's toooo old. I make pictures when I'm done.

            Thursday, 04-Jul-13 16:55:26 UTC from Choqok