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  1. @adiwan I found a FRU57Y4655 at . According to them ( and I have yet to verify this ) that product was recalled by their supplier. They asked me if I knew anything about the battery.

    Spoopy Scoob, we got ourselves a mystery

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  2. @adiwan Did you get it at the Lenovo Webshop ?

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  3. Oh, I would advice anypony to watch and laugh NOW because I just heard it is going to happen in 24 hours.

    After it happens/starts/happened, it is probably not funny anymore. Providing it ever begins in the first place.

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  4. @adiwan Hold on, did they just take a hacksaw to a Thinkpad Laptop ?

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  5. @adiwan words can not describe the face of disgust I was making when I read that.

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  6. @adiwan

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  7. @adiwan Oof, best of luck biting through that sour apple. I kinda hope you sorta like sensor simulation development, but NGL, sounds kinda boring and low-tech.

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  8. @thismightbeauser What is the BART ? Hmm, Probably PT or something, like a yellow train birthed from a bigger yellow factory named HOMER.

    I asked around some, and was given these two things as pretty grounded in reality versions of its conception :

    Wholesome version ( about 12 minutes )

    sorta depressing version with lots of F-bombs ( also about 12 minutes )

    TL;DR version : seemingly people wanna put their strongarm of politics out there while being a totalitarian of what you can and can not talk about.

    Also... I should probably look up whatever SoCal cartoons are now. I get pictures thrown at me that Steven Universe and Gumball, Star and Dipper, and even most of Thundercats Roar have the same "smile skeleton"

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  9. TIL : Even though Crunchyroll's motto is or was "Anime for Everyone", you will still see people getting banned on social media for asking questions regarding a sensitive topic.

    What's a sensitive topic ? Well according to what I have seen, it is 'woman writers' and 'High Guardian Spice'

    Digging any deeper as to why will net you in a extreme political environment and even the least negative comment as to why will net you a "Well either Cruncyroll themselves or the PR manager(s) are being self-destructive about this in a weird game of 'cook the grenade'/'hot potato'"

    I myself stopped after finding this in a bio of a person involved with HGS :
    [> "But what if, hear me out: you hired woman writers" ""I am litterally blocking every person replying to this with "I just want good writers REGARDLESS of gender..." because oh my god shut up shut up shut UP <]

    Sharing this story because all I wanted to do is show someone else FMA.

    Rabbit holes are EVIL !!!

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  10. @mrmattimation Seemingly for Steam it is mostly a regional thing, or maybe it is tied to when you bought it. Not sure actually.

    Also I take trouble with that song licence thing being a seperate thing. Seeing that the songs that the BG Fix was supposed to 'fix' was a change that needed to be carried forwards to the MG.

    However in the BG you can still snoop the files and pick out the MJ songs if you are crafty. the MG simply does not have those songs.

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  11. Update, aparently the Steam and the Rockstar Launcher and the Mobile Version of GTA:SA share nearly 95% of all code. Meaning they just wanted a GTA:SA version on mobile with all the fixxins such as dumping the songs they lost the licence to ( mostly Michael Jackson songs and a few others ) and then just tried to dump the same thing on PC with little to no tweaking. I guess some old copy from 2006 with the name SkidMark actually is better then.

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  12. @adiwan Aw man. I dare to bet it is bureaucracy at work.

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  13. @drinkingpony Oh yeah, I should probably say that that is the game you get for free on Rockstar's new FORCED launcher for GTA5... if you register with THEIR launcher.

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  14. Who knew that in 2019 if I wanted to play GTA San Andreas I would not reach out to Steam, where I have owned the game for longer than I can remember, but to something that ended in skidmark or deathrow or something.

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  15. How do you give this clip to someone you kinda respect, do not want to flip off, but is aparently well underway to losing their marbles on a rampage of vernacular destruction ?

    Oh and please answer kindly. The person I am talking about might be a user on this very site.

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  16. "Watching 'Change your Mind' is like going through a checklist of everything that needed to happen before the show ended"

    Well that is not untrue...

    "It seems that both of these characters ( names redacted because of final episode spoilers ) are really unhappy with the state of the Gem Empire, and don't like it anymore"

    Well, yeah, that was kinda weird if you stop to think about it

    "and then the movie happened and I was hoping that it would solve the D&D/Rian-Johnson flip-flopping of the evil evil overlords... it doesn't"

    So, are you still a Steven Universe fan ?

    "Nah, pretty sure I just joined the fandom menace of SU, as soon as they picked out a good name for it"

    ... Oof, that just happened... Well, TL;DR in the words of Rich Evans : ( 6 seconds )

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  17. Well, Tom Kirkman actually makes it.

    I had all sorts of scenario's running through my head for that final episode. But the whole darned show just ends on a couple of cliffhangers. In fact, if anyone wants to go watch it I could strongly recommend that you only watch the first two seasons. The third season is where they suddenly drop in the real politically themed dirt and some of the cast that was there with big roles for the first two seasons suddenly vanish only to never be talked about again.

    In fact, Dr Green from ER. ( ) suddenly drops in from the beginning of S3 and does both the job of a character that left the show AND his old role from ER in the same show.

    Efin. Regarding the whole kerfuffle that they placed at the end, I am fully in the camp that Kirkman did nothing wrong. He should have been honest about it afterwards and maybe resign over it. But FFS, what even happened to the Democratic candidate ?

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  18. @mrmattimation I pride myself in having something integrally structurally sound to say in those rare times around the clock where alcohol is not teasing me vehemently.

    Who boy, seemingly lost my abilities to use comma's in the first half over there.

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  19. @mrmattimation And that might be the number one reason why most non American Democrats and pretty much all non American's look at your DNC election and shake their head in disgust.

    What is even more of a letdown, you just gatekeep your opinions.

    That is even worse than me saying "As an European I am by group-think required to tell you that you have a big head, because ALL Americans have a big head"

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  20. @mrmattimation I would love to see those things from your perspective, I really do.

    What things ? well those 3 outburst of political stuff you put out there without any context ? I mean, hey, I do not ever see Kamala Harris waving a "Yes We Can" banner, same for Bill Clinton. Or Gabbard ever selling out his campaign to the Clintons, or... well no iea who Booker and Beto are actually.

    Point is, without any qualifier I can go "All those idiots I saw reminded me of Christian Bale, one way or an other"

    But feel free to swap out Christian Bale with Nannie Doss, or Dennis Rader, or even Charles Manson.

    I hope you see what I did there to make my point.

    Bonus : Argumentum Ad Absurdum : "Borderlands 3 is like the new Dark Souls"

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  21. @adiwan Well he is a programmer alright, but also a minecraft nut.

    I just checked and there is actually some dust on his Hololens, cus he has it on display in his bookcase.

    Then again he also has various occulus things and pretty much spends his time with all out of the box thingies.

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  22. @adiwan [> No sane person buys a Hololens for oneself. <]

    HAH ! Knew it ! I know someone who owes me a party favour now...

    Well I guess that solves all of my questions.

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  23. @scribus stereoscopy ? Whatever it is called, there is still a movie being projected onto a screen, the screen is flat. But when you look at that with them "3D glasses" the illusion of 3D was made.

    So at that point it becomes more marketing friendly to say "3D movie" than to say "stereooptic movie that allows for the illusion that things are not just projected onto a screen but seemingly come out of it"

    I mean. Did you think that that one Shrek ride at universal studio would have been nearly as famous if it advertised with "stereoptic movie that feels like things are crawling out of the screen but we are also going to splash some water in your face so people think they are really there" instead of 4D ?

    Marketing terms man, they are the bane of my existance. 4K for instance, or UHD. What is that ? Is it 4096 x 2160 ? or 3996 X 2160 ? or 4096 x 1716 ? Or hell, is it what apple said it was and is it 4096 x 2304 ? Or just WQUXGA wrapped in a marketing term ?

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  24. @adiwan Ofcourse there isn't, I would be surprised if there was. Still I remember the tech demo.

    **does a quick search**

    Ah found it :)

    Wait, hold the phone, 2015 ? Cue a long ass slidewhisle downwards for my dissapointment. Wow...

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  25. @scribus You said it, stereopticon... stereoptics... it certainly is how 3D works. Everything you said is correct.

    But you still do not see in 3D. You see in stereoptics, or whatever fancy name you want to give it.

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  26. @adiwan You can minecraft on a table now ?

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  27. @mrmattimation I watched the first 10 minutes of the "great future democratic president puppetshow d'extraordinaire" and pretty much fell asleep, after all it was midnight where I was when the candidates walked on stage.

    Please tell me that Julian Castro going after Biden was one of the more interesting/memorable takeaways from that thing so I can just go watch a supercut somewhere or something.

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  28. @drinkingpony Also I think I can always re-muddy the issue back to its original topic using... Well... Porn actually.

    How do you know your favorite 3D goggle porn feauting that woman you really like does not either have proportionate dwarfism and really small boobs or proportionate gigantism and really big boobs ?

    Yeah, you need 3D boobs for that... I meant vision...

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  29. @scribus Nonono. Our brain just gets 2 images, both 2d, together with the information of how much the iris has to focus, that gives our brain the illusion that something is far away or near ( because you combine it with knowledge of how things usually are. Which can really work to your detriment in things like or )

    Optical tricks were actually used in Lord of the Rings quite a bit so they wouldn't have to make use of vertically challenged people much.

    But... That is not 3D ! That is just using 2D information filtered through both memories and something you could phraise as 'biological trigonometry'

    3D vision would actually be something like looking around a tree, while not moving your head.

    So some would call what we have to be 2,5 D ( since we can sense distance with 2D input ). However then video games raise their head and go "EXCUSE ME !!! I am 2,5 D !!!" and muddy the whole issue.

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  30. @scribus But you do not get 3D with 2 camera's ?

    Or 4 for that matter, or whatever other number you throw at it. As long as they are side by side on the same flat surface, it will never capture 3D.

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