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  1. @mrmattimation The country I am in does not have wall to wall 24 hour newscycles. The things that are spoken about are usually about what proper journalists think that the common man needs to hear about. Especially when it comes to democratically elected officials that are trying to spin a story into their benefit.

    "Journalism is what we need to make democracy work" - Walter Cronkite.

    Why do you think I am having such a hard time wrapping my head around the story you are trying to sell ?

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  2. @scribus You did NOT just use the N word

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  3. If I am reading this right, then the average speed that my Nintendo Switch was updating with was with 200 KBPS average download speed.

    No wonder it took about 12 hours. Why Nintendo ? Why ?

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  4. @mrmattimation I never said they were, I said that it was stupid of them to not exploit the situation and would rather follow the hype-train of Greenland when there is some proper gains to be had in another story.

    The conclusions I can pull from what I just stated are quite limited. But if you can tell me that I am forgetting one key element then I'd love to hear it.

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  5. @scribus Yes, I think so too. But someone or something is orchestrating.

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  6. @scribus I am not sure if I follow. You're saying that some people are covering their butts ? So I decided to piece some things together.

    Eventually I found , which means that the news is already out there.

    You say that by the time 'they' are done covering their butts, there's is nothing left for the real news.

    But there is for the Greenland story ? But THAT is getting wall-to-wall coverage.

    So again, why are the traditionally liberal and extremely liberal 24 newscyclists outlets not doing their "Gun control good" spiel instead of "Denmark good, greenland not for sale, small-hands-guy-bad"

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  7. @adiwan Oh hey I am a "that-one-box-er" too :D

    Glad to hear support could help you out.

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  8. @mrmattimation And I am supposed to know that the NRA's HQ is in Fairfax ?

    That only makes it more interesting though. WHY do the Democrats allow the news to talk about Greenland. If I am to believe you they are 'reversing' a bill, which sounds horrible.

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  9. @mrmattimation But democrats HATE trump. Why would they play along in a distraction that is so obvious that you figured it out.

    Also who in the name of collusion itself are you calling Fairfax County's most well funded terrorist organization ? I tried googling it and turns out the "Women for Trump National Day of Training" is tomorrow.

    I highly doubt you meant that.

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  10. I actually just had to double-check if that was the name of the movie. "One flew over the cuckoo's nest". Darn kids today with their newspeak. Like Cuck.

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  11. @mrmattimation Would you be less or more mad if they did not report on cuckoo news like that ?

    Actually, why get mad at all ? It is not like you are in any way in control.

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  12. "Don't you worry captain, I am as sharp as a knife, as keen as a bean, got my eyes on everything and everyone all at once like an owl"
    20 seconds later
    "Auch ! Who put that bulkhead there ?"

    So I facepalmed IRL. and I HAD to take that buffoon with me on a mission. So we got captured, 3 times, inside of the same facility. Once because he could not keep his mouth shut, once because he sneezed while we tried to sneak past a patrol, and once because... Well maybe that last time was MY fault but how was I supposed to know that there was no hot sauce in the red barrels with a flame on em ?

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  13. @scribus Best of wishes to wherever that fluffy fellow may go to, your mom, and everyone who will ever miss that cat :(

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  14. @techdisk The eternal misadventures of a techie being taken advantage of by both family and alcoholic beverages.

    "Hey can you get me Microsoft Office for free ?"

    Well I could if you were running a Linux based OS real easy

    "teehee, I think I understood 5 words of what you just said"

    Me :

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  15. @techdisk [quickly thinks of a pun]

    Bi-polar ?

    Wait that is not a pun.

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  16. Oh cmon game, do not do this to me. I just had to pass an aptitude check where I had to roll 9 or better on a D10 and DON't YOU DO THIS TO ME

    Oh, it never heard that, it already crashed.

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  17. @scribus That would change the world !

    No wait. I think it might merely cause some people in the Vatican to take up meditating for once in their life and maybe spawn some extra statues. Pretty sure after that it is going to be business as usual.

    Oh and maybe it will unlock new options for brothers and priests to do their hair, that would be neat.

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  18. There are strange things in the airspace directly above me. They are small, fast, and have bright green lights on em which make identifying them hard.

    I thought they were fireworks at first but they leave no heat-signature either.

    I would be freaked out if I was sober.

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  19. @scribus If you can get ECP over the counter without prescription then SOMEONE is doing all the b-thumping.

    All I'm saying is "what a strange country"

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  20. @mrmattimation I am sorry about your cunundrum but I know little to nothing about why it would be a hard topic in the USA, or even how professional a healthy worker-boss relationship even is over there.

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  21. @adiwan That would only make sense if my co-workers are a bunch of doom-sayers about climate change and having Methane pockets release from the binds of either ice or water on the poles would trigger side-effects.

    Actually, let me google that real quick

    So they are actually on to something but they are acting like chickens that lost their heads and are acting like doomsayers... Great... I bet that I can toss a plastic straw in between them and see them melt down.

    Good thing it is finally weekend for me.

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  22. @mrmattimation Hooray for good old wikipedia ?

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  23. Ohkay could anyone explain what "Methane Hydrate" is to me ? It is probably important but my co-workers are not makeing any sense.

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  24. @adiwan I'll put that sweet recommendation on the list then. That sounds cool :)

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  25. @mrmattimation You talking about the ideom "Plan B" as a whole or is it something more tangible like "Plan Z" and I have NO idea what you mean.

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  26. @adiwan Is it Horror ?

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  27. @adiwan Alright, why ? And please do explain it like you would for someone who has no idea what a Minehunter is.

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  28. Oh, something about a Casino in India. Also what is a "Sepak Bola" ?

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  29. gets into cockpit
    So you are sure this is safe
    There is what looks to be a gearbox on my left
    "Yeah ?"
    It has an old fashioned spanner in it
    "Your point ?"
    To my right is a box with a nuclear sticker on it, and also a sticker that reads 'do not open'
    "I know"
    You know it is open right ?
    "Affirmative, what is your point ?"
    Nothing I just wanted you to know that I feel the most safe I have ever felt in my life
    "You are an idiot, I am going to miss you"
    Wait, what was that last bit ?
    ".... N-nothing..."

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  30. Aw. Today I got a gruesome reminder that is dead.

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