Alcoholic Beast (drinkingpony)

  1. @mrmattimation Thank you for showing everyone you know the meaning of facetious. You will not go on to understand the meaning I laid out behind the words, but instead you will win a full-range colour-microwave. Go check your kitchen right now! our reverse burglary ... I mean... Professional installation team of time-space-defying kitchen equipment should have just finished working.

    Man I love playing a stupid 80's show host :D

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  2. @mrmattimation You mean My Little Brony was not fanfiction ?

    Hey man, you do you, but I still see fanfiction coming out for Babylon 5. That thing has AFAIK not had any new introduction to the official lore ever since 1998, unless if you count the movie then it is 2002.

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  3. @scribus I feel like I can not comment on that because I have not seen the latest episode and something with a love interest could happen or something.

    Regardless, yeah, I'd like Twilight to start her own family of bookwormish-nerds at least somewhere in the future.

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  4. Anyone ever feel like they are featuring in a REALLY old movie ? I just did, had to tripple, quadruple, quintuple and yes... sextuple... times check. Check if the not-actually-"Christian Bale" had an axe.

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  5. @adiwan Twilight gets WHAAAAAAAAT ?

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  6. @adiwan Spoilers !

    I only have some 150 episodes to see and a couple of movies before I even begin on the last season.

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  7. @adiwan Nonsence, I saw a Twidaily of Twilight reading a book on how to read a book.

    I'd post it if I could find it.

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  8. @adiwan ... No golden rule ? ... Aw man, I can usually not make any sense of the man pages, I can type 'man man' right now and get a synopsis that makes my head spin.


    What ?

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  9. @adiwan Is there a place where I can learn how these parameters work ? Like some sort of golden rule ?

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  10. Since I am repairing my Linux laptop, well, attempting to anyway.

    Is there a functional difference between "rm -rf persistent_directory" and "rm -r -f persistent_directory" ?

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  11. @adiwan Hmm, Glue, such a crude sollution. I like it.

    As long as it is both alcohol- and horse- free

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  12. One of my distant friends is showing off his Overwatch logo'd wear everywhere ( Backpack, Sweater, pants, bracelet, truckerhat, probably underwear at this point ) while being aware of the whole ordeal regarding Chung Ng Wai. Meanwhile claiming that you should be able to seperate the things you love from the people who made it. While I agree fully, I can not help but to have 2 thoughts cross my mind.

    1 : Is he dense or a genius ?

    2 : How much similarities are there between doing that and showing up in a MAGA hat to a community college debate team and NOT expect that to be a topic of discussion.

    about 2 days ago from web
  13. @adiwan Do it, do it, do it!

    How do you get the magnet in the beak/bill ? Is it hollow or something ?

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  14. The laptop I was going to use to properly use ( learn by using ) Linux on has a full hard drive and I am like 99.9% sure the propblem lies with Ubuntu's desire to create some sort of swap file on EXT1 for Gnome to start so the whole boot process halts indefinitely.

    Any wise words like "Go back to a proper Distro" for me ?

    Meanwhile I'll go look if I have a near empty USB somewhere so I can put a Knoppix rescue bootable together or something.

    about 2 days ago from web
  15. @darkw00d Oh, they must have edited that in since the last time I ran through the game.

    I might be remembering this wrong, but I thought once you entered the freaky lab there was no way to alter your course anymore.

    Spoiler tags are made with [] and an r between them brackets. Do not forget to terminate with /r

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  16. @darkw00d But did you attempt a 'neutral' or 'kill em all' run ?

    In fact, what ending did you get ? did you fight Mecha Flowey ? Cus if you did, that was not the true pacifist route.

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  17. @scribus What's in a name ? That which we call a sledgehammer would still break yo grape by any other name.

    And if we are talking about the drink you can add "and smell just as sweet"

    about 3 days ago from web in context
  18. @scribus Silly Scribus. 1 part Lime Juice, 2 parts OJ, and 9 parts Vodka ofcourse.

    Though I have seen some bartender make one with 1 part Cognac, 1 part Light Rum, 1 part Calvados, and a dash of Pastis once... There are strange people in this world.

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  19. @scribus The only hammering I approve of is the Sledgehammer.

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  20. @adiwan If he claims to have forgotten, nothing I can do. If he does, I'll just make him donate to some sort of goodwill organisation.

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  21. @adiwan Poor woman. On the brighter side of things I guess that I just won a bet with someone.

    I think it went like "Oh man there is NO WAY that famous people can take so much selfies that they compromise their own security" "Wanna bet something like that happens before 2020 ?" "Oh you're on"

    Also we may have been talking about this before

    Then again I am talking about a conversation that happened, what ? 4 years ago ?

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  22. @scribus This may sound corny, but I really do hope you'll feel better about things soon.

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  23. @adiwan Now that is harsh :o

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  24. @darkw00d Hooray for Whiskey, also Whiskey. And all those non-Whiskeys.

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  25. Weak, lethargic, out of energy, and fatigued... You are probably wondering why I got out of bed this morning.

    Actually, so do I.

    about 5 days ago from web
  26. So there is an option to automate planets in Stellaris. But it does not seem to actually DO anything.

    Except drive me nuts.

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  27. @adiwan Oof, I hope it goes better quick.

    Maybe one of those weird neck-hammocks that you-know-who is spamming at me in commercials actually works for that.

    I am afraid that I have no idea what eye-strain feels like actually.

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  28. @scribus Natural&Normal Wrist Movement ?


    Nah I know it is National Nominated Writers Month.

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  29. I had a dream in which a tomb on a Necron tomb world slowly opened slowly but surely, after the cover slid enough to the side a big blue hand emerged and opened the rest in a smooth swift move. It was Roboute Guilliman. Slowly but surely he revealed a book, which he swiftly ordered me to buy. But it was not the codex astartes. No it was even something more heinous.

    And the only reason why I tell you all this is because I just found out it was more than just a precognitive dream, it was more of an actual clairvoyent dream. As I just found out that you-know-who has done you-know-what and just like in 2016, she has a book.

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  30. @adiwan The vid entertained me while I was doing some chores. It was a good video

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