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  1. @adiwan Sounds about right, I just build a 3600 Ryzen 5 powered PC for my dad, Though it has only 16 GB of RAM and a GT 710 instead of 64 GB and a RTX 2080 Super.

    No DVD drive though, who needs that in 2020 ? And if you do. Go USB the thing.

    > I need a new case

    Fractal design define R5 or S. Probably not the S if you want to mount multiple HDD's and a DVD drive up front.

    Also I kinda remember Gamers Nexus saying "It is the card noone actually cares about" ( I had it running in the background while doing something else ) ... So beware on that RTX 2080 Super I guess.

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  2. @mrmattimation Yeah if you strip down the story of details and essentials I can make anyone ( even you ) seem like a total incompetent bubbling buffoon that could play as antagonist in a Mark Groening cartoon somehow.

    I do not know all the details. But I do know that North Korea shot down a 'Lockheed EC-121 Warning Star' ( essentially the 1950's version of what we understand now as AWACS ) and killed some 30 something Americans.

    Some FBI agent noted how he became 'obsessed' with the EC-121 incident.

    When Richard Nixon got on the phone to order PLANS for a tactical nuclear strike and target recomendations however, Henry Kissinger got the JCOS to pull a 25th amendment untill at least he sobered up. Probably because he sounded drunk.

    I heard that he forgot about the B61 attached to the F-4 in Kunsan Air Base.

    I like doing Trivia night with you tho.

    Can we talk about Vasiki Arkhipov next ?

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  3. Let's see now. At least double gyroscope, the way that the inner skeleton meets in the nose part like that. If I were a Boeing fanboy I would say it looks like someone gave vertical UAV capability to a modified MQ-25 skeleton with N233XT engines. Because it most certainly does NOT look like any CAV ( Boeing's cargo drone ) non experimental stuff.

    I do not expect Disney to keep them for long as just the maintenance, liability, and battery costs are going to be HUUGE. Especially in a time where they are already cutting costs on any live entertainment.

    Comparitatively if you want to run it for longer than half a year with about just as much freedom as a pre-determined flight-path, they would have gone with good looking props and a detatchable chair lift system painted black.

    I expect these drones to end up in some extreme collectors posession before long.

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  4. @mrmattimation Really ? That is the point where you go "I think Disney might have gone too far" ?

    I won't rant at you for hours on end about how Rey Skywalker is a gigantic Mary Sue, or that Oscar Isaac is going to be GLAD to be gone from the franchise soon enough, or how everyone is expecting John Boyega to squeal like a piggy about how bad Disney is before long enough ( I honestly have higher hopes for Mark Hamill )... or hell, the parks...

    Instead, Disney could not even secure the 'rights' to do these cargo-drone flyby 'stunts' for longer than just the weekend because the FAA does not want them to.

    And after some contractor hired a contractor to install the trackless system upside down ( which meant the concrete needed to be torn out ) or the MULTIPLE breakdowns of Rise of the Resistance ( because it needed more time in the oven before being ready for prime-time ) I am not sure if I can blame ANYONE for thinking Disney is too fat&bloated&incompetent.

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  5. Quick ! I need the cheat-code to lower my wanted level !

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  6. @adiwan Maybe they want the DNA evidence that it was someone on-staff that drank the Cola and as such build a case that you are not lying.

    On the other hand... Pretty sure the RMA combined with the original postage plus the costs of the controller at 90% off is less than the DNA kit.

    Wait, I got lost in the sauce as they say... Why do they want that Cola bottle ?

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  7. @mrmattimation I do not specifically know what 'spewing again' means. But it sounds nasty.

    But in the very least I came to understand that you do not understand me.

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  8. @mrmattimation I guess that is true. But I am not talking about the senator. I am talking about you seemingly not betting on a horse, but instead betting on the outcome when everyone who gets to vote. If that makes sense.

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  9. @mrmattimation I could not even begin to fathom the reason why you wanted to say that.

    If Virginia does not vote blue enough upcoming presidential election you'll lose and if they do vote blue enough you probably do not even halfway get enough smug self-statisfaction to offset that possible loss.

    Something like the gamer matrix only instead of betting on a game being good or bad you bet on colours on a map.

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  10. I was bored, I spend some time trying to learn what is what in that. I am sorry to say @mrmattimation was not exactly forthcoming with the information. Unless if dogs sniffing crotches is a more common occurrence. @scribus It is WAY more complicated than that.

    In short. Alinity posted a video of Luna ( her dog ) sniffing her cooch for a good 8 seconds while she was doing some sort of yoga position on Twitter. Then later deleted it off of twitter, but it was also on her Twitch, which she apparently did not delete or deleted WAY later. this was in week 48 of 2019. Then in week 49 suddenly PETA started to "Demand" that she was going to be banned. She was never banned.

    My sources, pretty much, Discord, PETA's twitter, This streamer's twitter & twitch.

    But we still need some sort of exterminators to come over "Yeah, we have what we professionals call a 'THOT infestation' going on"

    Oh, also NSFW warning, not really sure.

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  11. YouTube commercial : "Please buy the Game of Thrones HBO complete series on DVD or Blue-Ray."

    My brain : "No thanks, I think the yearly recommended dose for rage induced haematoma's is a zero"

    Its a good thing alcohol serves as a blood-thinner. or GoT might have actually killed me.

    But on second thought that might have been RRM/D&D's plot from the start, hmm...

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  12. @mrmattimation Try not to get fired.

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  13. @adiwan Wait a minute, Who drank your cola ?

    On a more serious note, I hope you are at least gonna get your money back. I mean, I somehow do not think there are any controllers left.

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  14. @adiwan Wait... what... Free cola with your Steam Controller ?

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  15. No Karen, there are not 26 days left in this decade. There are 396.

    Yes I know it sounds like the next decade but there was no year 0.

    That means the first decade was year 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, 8, 9, and 10.

    That means the 202nd decade is 2011, 2012, 2013, 2014, 2015, 2016, 2017, 2018, 2019, 2020.

    Alright then, enjoy your retirement.

    I know you are only 22, but you just said numbers are arbitrary.


    Sharing this because I am sure someone could get a laugh out of this.

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  16. @adiwan I see no reason why the fruitcock would pick that up.

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  17. @scribus Well, it is not the c-word, nor one of the other 100 words I tried. So I give up.

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  18. My steam controllers came in. One of the 2 boxes was all banged up and had repair-tape of the sender all over it. DoA, that story is going to be long, rough, and unpleasant.

    Spend a bit of time on my working steam controller, and it is actually a nice thing. I poked a bit around on my Steam to area's where I do not go pretty often, being greeted with all sorts of soundbytes from GTA VC when I put on the music player on.

    Say Goodnight Mr Diaz !

    But I can see this being a real nice doohickey. Probably going to spend at least some time familiarizing myself with the device, and then if my 2nd one ever gets whole again probably load it up with all sorts of weird stuff. I already know where to begin actually.

    Now the question if it will EVER work well on the Nintendo Switch. Hah, never. the actual buttons and stick are way too LDOS/RDOS to make it halfway comfortable for gaming sessions of over 5 minutes.

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  19. @scribus You mean storyboarding ? Can we get a highly pixelated screenshot/picture of the sprawling maze, mess & chaos ?

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  20. @mrmattimation Oh yes, I agree. The moment I hear that the person tapping jokes takes it up the chocolate highway is the moment I can truely laugh at their jokes.

    [ insert "What a Twist" soundbyte from Robot Chicken here ]

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  21. @mrmattimation With all due respect, I think you are somehow doing what you are doing in the reverse order ?

    I mean I like putting my eggs in my favorite basket as much as the next lazy hen. But you kinda want to return to see the work you do actually do pay off. What if I chose the Beto basket up early ?

    Not to mention that EVERYONE ( and their mum ) are extremely on edge because of the seasonal festivities and the outside cold.

    Besides, the time untill Januari 20th 2021 is a LONG one to cover your ears and plug your eyes.

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  22. Wake up, check the funnies that my friends have send me.

    ( >> Twenty-bleeping-ninteen. I was supposed to be on a starship by now, conversing with intelligent robots, deciding what sort of body I'd like to upload my immortal consciousness to. Instead we're all still on this bleeping rock, wondering how to placate the "bleeping working class" ... I'll never forgive the troglodyes who stole the future I EARNED to prolong their worthless existence << )

    What an odd thing to say. Why is this in my daily funnies ?

    Oh... OHHHH !!! I see now... It's a thing Moviebob said. Ohkay so NOW it is funny :D And the more you learn about him the more you agree with the Germans that there should be an English word for Shadenfreude.

    Wait, he was hired in 2018 by the same people who fired him in 2015 in order to make the content less political ?

    This thing is so complicated :o

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  23. @mrmattimation Virtual sex is still sex I guess. So I guess technically it would not be lying.

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  24. Playing though Vice City on a modern day computer. Our protagonist has the tendancy to sometimes speak during the loading screens from indoors to outdoors when on missions.

    At one point, just before seeing the racer you need for the heist, he pretty much says in the face of the driver "Why can't I ever meet someone normal ?" as the loading time was too short to let the audio play out. Adding to the humor right at the moment that this driver guy starts to freak out enough that even I just want to throw some crazy pills his way.

    I mean, I won't since he is just a bunch of polygons, and drugs are expensive. But you got the jist of it.

    about 7 months ago from web
  25. @mrmattimation Oof, rough day.

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  26. The more I learn about American Politics, the happier I am that I am not there.

    Perhaps it is some sort of displacement glee, since I am sure that learning about my own countries politics would leave me heartbroken in a way regarding where I am.

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  27. Quick, how do I un-lik something ?

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  28. Oh hey I survived no-nut-november. It is a good thing I knew peanutbutter contained nuts, or I would have failed it.

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  29. @mrmattimation 2002 or 2018 ?

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  30. @mrmattimation Senate rule XXV. It comes up every few years, the laughter I mean. Barbara Boxer and Pat Robert's cases specfically. Eventually they'll find some poor sodding excuse to bend the rules a wee bit or some poor excuse for a politician to dump there for a while. The ones that stand out in the game of politics do not stay in there for long. Look at Mitch McConnell or Harry Reid. Gotta climb up that ladder somehow. Even if that means, to quote Dinozzo from NCIS from the start of season six "Being the only cop on a Carrier isn't in any way a 'fun' thing to do, especially for this salary".

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