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  1. @adiwan Get a nice soldering station with a dial on it to set the target temperature, I got an Aoyue for about 35 Euro. For some reason is more expensive ( 47 ). Strange, normally Amazon is cheaper, even for me, with shipping costs included.

    Ahwell, most important thing required for when you want to learn how to solder well or when you want to make really nice SMD, THT, Stripboarding or otherwise prevent the nightmare that comes from cold-joints and burned-joints it has to be a thermostat.

    Soldering with just a pen you directly stick into the wall outlet or even a soldering gun is doable, however as I found out, you are going to have such a better experience with that thermostat dial. It's like spreading butter on your toast with a longsword, I mean, sure, you could do it, but it is not the optimal tool.

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  2. @adiwan Sounds like that will need you to replace your tips due to oxidation quite often.

    Then again I only saw yesterday and I had to go look for it.

    Then again, I just checked, and if I can get 10 Chinese Aoyue compattible tips for 7 Euro's ( I would translate it to Deutsche Mark, but I do not think Germany has those anymore ) then, why bother really, other than general love for your own tools.

    4 Euro's a pop for an 'official' one I could understand, but who is to say that those are not just the same as the Chinese ones but repackaged ?

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  3. @adiwan Oh hey that looks neat, but I think I will make some more things for fun and education before I make something I'll connect to the internet.

    Also where do you reckon I can buy the hard flux to clean my tip ? Is that even called flux ?

    Something like looks really challenging ( I guess I will order one ) since the SMD capacitors might be a really good learning experience.

    That or the end of my sanity.

    P.S. I should not forget to buy tweezers. I thought these right here were tevlon, but one of them melted at not even 600 F

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  4. Ooooh, so that is what they mean with "be careful not to rip the copper pads" #

    about 15 days ago from web
  5. @drinkingpony Soo the thing at the bottom between the + and GND is aparently ... empty...

    Well, here goes nothing, I thought I was missing a part.

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  6. @adiwan Oh no, I meant a thingie like [ quickly googles ] this thing.

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  7. Peanut Butter Jar Lid... Forgot a word there.

    about 15 days ago from web
  8. @adiwan No worries, I just pulled a joke out of that phraise where in its original intent there was none.

    I've been looking at a peanutbutter jar and thought "Hey, if I jury rig the face place way from its original design I can probably fit this DIY solder clock in there.

    Should I attempt just that ?

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  9. @adiwan Inhaling Pb ? That stuff does not boil untill 2022 Kelvin.

    But yeah, I guess you are right. Also to remedy the problem of not being able to touch the things I soldered, I guess I should also should learn how to build an acrylic case.

    That or a 3D printer.

    Or a laser-cutter.

    about 16 days ago from web in context
  10. To hobby solder with solder that has lead ( Pb ) in it. Or do I make it all about 15 degrees of hell hotter and go lead-less, try to learn to solder with what is essentially almost pure tin using flux that could pose equal if not greater health risks. Why are there no simple answers ?

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  11. @scribus 19 minutes untill I say that it is not gonna fit.

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  12. @scribus That was way too a cerebral comment for me to comprehend. I had to stop doing what I was doing for at least a minute and stare at the words until they made sense to me.

    about 16 days ago from web in context
  13. @scribus Whenever I see a payphone I go "Oh hey, look, a relic of the past that they forgot to take down for some reason"

    Then I joke to someone to take a selfie with the thing and call him an old man for the rest of the day since he knew what a payphone was.

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  14. @adiwan [ mostly in a relatable way. ]

    Now I know that is a feeling, and I could never tell you that you are wrong. But things like Gravity Falls and MLP feel more relatable to me than BB. Not in that I actually come into contact with magic on the daily ( I should fix that ) but I would save my sibling from vampires or get all exited when I get one of my friends involved with one of my hobbies to the point where I forego my normal silent and reserved demeanor ( That is a long way around to get to scratch my back, but I hope you get what I mean... Fluttershy and Tank, I am thinking about that thing ). The motivations seem to remain stable and similar enough where I am able to crawl in their mindset.

    Meanwhile in BB, let us say that the characters are indeed deeper to the point where the other two pale in comparison. Then you run into the trouble of never ever being able to show us enough of their actual personalities to make enough connections for relatablility, and that takes me out.

    about 17 days ago from web in context
  15. @adiwan I googled it and found

    I am honestly confused. Were there moments where I was supposed to go "Hahaha ! instead of "Oh wow this is cringe inducingly bad"

    I liked the intro though.

    about 17 days ago from web in context
  16. @drinkingpony ( 2/2 ) as they seemingly do not have personalities as much as they are ONLY defined by their insanities.

    I even have strong resentment to it because it killed the Cleveland Show according to most. It just being a Malcolm in the Middle rip-off by means of storyboarding but not by execution. It honestly reminds me of other bad products. Like Far Cry 2 ( where everyone was dead, did not speak english very well ( because... africa ? ) story did not go anywhere and you just did things because... ... ... Vagueness ? ) or Big Mouth.

    Know what, I will take that back, Big Mouth at least crept me out with 40 year old voice actors saying things that teenagers who go through puberty should say. And the people who made the storyboards at least talked to eachother.

    "So, ehmm, do you think everyone is able to see the hormone beast, or just everyone can see only theirs ?"

    So grats Bobs Burgers, you get to be above something that gives me nightmares. #

    about 17 days ago from web in context
  17. @scribus | Despise | Verb | Feel contempt for.

    Yeah, I'd say that is the word I would use.

    I find the voice-work boring and insultingly monotone to the point where both Mike Judge ( Hank Hill ) sounds like an orchestra of range.

    I find the drawing/animation style all sorts of stiff, uninteresting, and causes everything to look samey. Characters always placed right in front of the viewer whenever they do anything and probably looking directly at the viewer when opening their mouth.

    The humor is all over the place, mostly acting stupid all the time for the sake of being stupid. The TV people suddenly deciding to burn that tape with evidence ( Family Fraca's ) everyone standing around like a buffoon and ending with Bob being goated into repairing a tire for a guy he hates. As someone else once put it "There are more delightfull shows to watch CuckerSpaniels.

    I do not have a single reason to care about any of the characters as they ... ( 1/2 )

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  18. Ive been putting together some of those soldering kits now that I got myself a proper soldering iron. I like it. Biggest problem is making sense of whoever programmed the IC's.

    I mean I know that I can set the A value between 00 and 23 with the use of two buttons, and the B value goes between 00 and 59, so it is obviously a clock. But then the C and D ( Which are bloody hard to read on just a 7 Segement 4 digits LED ) are only the value On or Off, E are hours again, F are minutes again, G is a Boolean, H are hours again and I are minutes again. None of which are alarm timers, and if I press the 2nd button when it is displaying the time it seems to swap around the hours and the minutes so I can hold it upside down ?

    Yeah, good luck googling the IC number. It tells me less than some Chinese insert which is roughly half of a shipping manifesto and a component lay-out.

    Alternatively I just got a rotten resistor and the buzzer was supposed to buzz just now. Ah, puzzles <3

    about 17 days ago from web
  19. @mrmattimation I loved him in Moonraker

    about 17 days ago from web in context
  20. @adiwan As someone who despises Bob's Burgers, I have to ask, what does that mean ?

    about 17 days ago from web in context
  21. @adiwan The Dangerzone guy ?

    about 18 days ago from web in context
  22. Today I got mugged by one of my best friends.

    Saddest part is now I need new tablewear to drink out of.

    about 18 days ago from web
  23. @scribus Probably really unpopular in the right circles.

    Meanwhile all I can think of is this scene

    about 19 days ago from web in context
  24. Today I made fun of a lolcow who made a YouTube video with a bunch of friends. I did not even know 'lolcow's existed but aparently it is someone who keeps attacking a single post/topic and making a bigger joke of themselves every time they to approach it from a different angle and failing really hard.

    And then I learned about Patrick H Willems, Eric Taxxon, Saint Jack, Downward Thrust, Quinton Reviews and most importantly Mauler and his ragtag group of friends. By the looks of it these here podcasts go up to at least 7 days.

    Well, I know what I will be doing if I have boring security routines to run or something untill about the start of 2020. Maybe even indeffinitely seeing how fast those podcasts are made. I'd link the channel but I'm afraid some bot would kill me if I mention the abbreviation of Every Frame A Pause. In case you are interested watch # and #, I think they are probably my favorite sofar.

    about 19 days ago from web
  25. @thismightbeauser Could you explain this idea of a Slackbot to me like I am only 5 years old ?

    about 21 days ago from web in context
  26. Today I got to use in a reaction to someone unironically. Today is looking to be a good day.

    about 21 days ago from web
  27. You know, I miss that site I used to go to for reaction faces. I think it was called My Little Face When dot Com or something. Whatever happened to it ?

    about 21 days ago from web in context
  28. @scribus Ohh, that is actually pretty neat. I guess I can just better wait for the collection of pictures rather than go to the source and look around

    about 21 days ago from web in context
  29. @adiwan Hmm, now I want candy.

    I even voted past week.

    I can not believe that no political party has that on their agenda.

    You know, if they want to shout at the top of their lungs about what and who is a sucker and who or what is not, at least they can bring candy to the voters.

    First off, because I love puns ( and candy ) second off because it requires like half my energy to even halfway understand what those people want.

    about 21 days ago from web in context
  30. @scribus I went through almost 2 months of content and I pretty much only got funny quips.

    about 22 days ago from web in context


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