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  1. @mrmattimation Senate rule XXV. It comes up every few years, the laughter I mean. Barbara Boxer and Pat Robert's cases specfically. Eventually they'll find some poor sodding excuse to bend the rules a wee bit or some poor excuse for a politician to dump there for a while. The ones that stand out in the game of politics do not stay in there for long. Look at Mitch McConnell or Harry Reid. Gotta climb up that ladder somehow. Even if that means, to quote Dinozzo from NCIS from the start of season six "Being the only cop on a Carrier isn't in any way a 'fun' thing to do, especially for this salary".

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  2. Seemingly it becomes harder and harder in life to not trigger someone into a politically motivated semi-rant. I was just asking if all the kids get sweets by the helpers and some woman gets up all in my face about how I used a degrading word.

    Smile and nod... smile and nod...

    "I like candy"

    Though it was hard for me not to sigh out loud and reach for my emergency-pocket-Brandy.

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  3. @adiwan Yes, it can be done though 4K footage, however you need to go through it frame by frame and you need someone to make best guesses as this someone scetches the fingerprint.

    The real problem begins once we get 8K, people at Defcon estimate that is when you can get bots to scrouge entire video's en-masse looking for fingerprints, Kinda like how face-recognision software works in current era.

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  4. @scribus That heavily depends on the person really. Heck I have a friend who did a drone obstacle course like that and behaved like a pro. I also have a friend who nearly fell off of her chair after 2 minutes of playing Mario Kart on a huge projector screen.

    I have a suspicion that it has something to do with how fast you become queezy after sitting on a merry-go-round.

    I believe Brainiac did something like that YEARS ago.

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  5. @adiwan I am not going to use a weak 5V line to boil stuff. I mean I think with 100% conversion I'd be able to put 2.5 W into my water. Meaning 1 DTU would take approximately 25 seconds per teaspoon of water. So if I go from room temperature to boiling I would need to spend approx 40 minutes on half a cup of water.

    And that is just due to the limitations of the USB line.

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  6. @mrmattimation Ehh, I guess you want or

    But just know that the way that you placed your couch affects the whole calculation of the first so, quite useless unless if you like empty rooms.

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  7. @adiwan > The SanDisk one could be used to boil water, metaphorically speaking.

    Methaphorical challenge accepted. Now I just need to find a non-ultra-slim that gets rediculously hot to boil something with.

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  8. I have run YouTube without addblock for the better part of a week now, but this time I am not pressing my magic button to skip adds ( the one where you do not have to wait 5 seconds before it becomes active ) hoping to catch that glove commercial.

    But, no, I don't, ofcouse I wouldn't. Commercials are always annoying, Heck, if I told anyone that I have not seen the Game Of Thrones Officially Licenced Browser Game in a week people would probably go "Oh yeah, yeah, you are right. Guess their advertisement funding dried up"

    ( recommended watches : & the followup , total runtime, about 15 minutes )

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  9. @scribus Not unless if there is a biker gang in Hollywood.

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  10. @mrmattimation Aw man I wish I had one of those fancy screen pulling machines. Doing it by hand is just a non-option unless if you want the thing to look worse than when you started, especially if you call it 'super simple'

    Unless if you like bubbles, in which case, post pictures :D

    Seriously though, I wish you goodluck with the whole ordeal and if possible, look into the option to mail it in.

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  11. I think I was just offered faction guarantee in a commercial about gloves. Now that does that mean ?

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  12. Does anyone else remember playing space-goose ?

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  13. Hmm, silky creamy sheev.

    If you do not get that reference it is a Star Wars thing. Let us hope the leaks are not correct on this one.

    May the fork be with you.

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  14. @adiwan this is odd

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  15. @mrmattimation What germans do for fun ? Same as me, drink a lot of alcohol while dressed in funny dresses and making a lot of puns about weiners.

    Oh, and dancing.

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  16. @adiwan Ohkay, litteral how ? I mean you know it was going to be an expensive product but [ checks local store ] where does the extra 180 Euro come from ?

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  17. @adiwan Oh, silly idea. What if you turn them 180 degrees ? Sure they might read 8ㄥ9ϛㄣƐᄅƖ but they would be correctly ordered.

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  18. @mrmattimation It is a protest song against the cold war.

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  19. @mrmattimation

    Boo, he bad, take him away !

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  20. Hmm, a car with square wheels...

    spends 40 seconds on Google

    Oh why am I not surprised that Marques Brownlee is going to buy a Tesla Cybertruck ? Also for some reason the kid inside of me wants to replay Grand Theft Auto 3.

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  21. @mrmattimation Yeahh... There are 2 ways that could go. Either you never knew who the most Liberal American president in the past 100 years was and do not care, or you are going to give the same answer regarding who won the German federal election in 1933.

    But who cares right ? this was all way before you were born.

    I disagree to that fully. To know what do or think in the now you must realize how things got to be in that position in the first place. Else you might as well try to make a car with square wheels.

    And I am sorry for invoking godwins law on this one but you really should know your classics if you want to even approach something like calling Obama a Conservative. Heck, you can go all the way and call Al Gore a Reactionary if you want words to lose all meaning.

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  22. @drinkingpony Hell, noone is going to read that. the TL;DR version is that 3th parties can not work as intended when the established big-shots are polarised around a handfull of topics.

    And in most other democratic focussed countries you have many smaller political parties that have to huddle around and negociate with one-another untill they have formed a coalition or opposition.

    Both systems have flaws.

    The Internet just served for one thing, to make it more apparent, but noone is closer to a sollution. Politics is way too grounded in tradition to change with anything other than revolutions.

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  23. @scribus I understand how the system came to be and why parties in the USA are 'fighting' the way that they do. In the very short and crude way of explaining, it is a republic that had a weird evolutionary step a LONG time ago that is sort of centered around the Federalist Party and their opponents the anti-administration party. How they were the classical conservatives of that era ( 1789-ish ) while their opponents were Jeffersonianist Populists ( which later became a formal party called the Jefferson's Republic Party ). and bam, there you have it. The foundation of why there are pretty much only two parties in America back then. I do not remember what effect being a minister to the court of versailles during Guerre de la Première but as you can probably guess it was a big reason to get in line with either party A or party B. As such the die was cast. Untill the first third party stood up, the Anti-Masonic Party.

    and then it got ALL muddy when WHIG had 4 nominees in 1832.

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  24. @scribus Oh no, I understand that. I just have a hard time wrapping my head around the optics of public opinion regarding the topic.

    I mean take a look at ( it is a graph taken from ) If your political compass put you slightly on the left of Obama and then you voted for Obama in 2008, that if your political compass remained somewhat the same that you would be WAY closer to the Republicans than you would to the Democrats in 2016. Heck Obama took in unaffiliated people to the white house and still made a left turn according to this graph alone.

    If you do not agree with that graph, it is a fact that Democrats in America are extremely fast in swaying more and more liberal. Public perception can not keep up, and now Obama is a concervative. The historian in me does not like this one bit

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  25. @mrmattimation I'm afraid to ask what you think of Jimmy Carter.

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  26. Alcohol infused hot take :

    Well if the Washington Post now openly calls Obama a Conservative, think of what that means for a second. It means that the best stabled horse in the DNC is way too far to the right of what the DNC wants themselves.

    I wonder what is next. Are they going to throw him out ? Or throw allegories at him as they chant "We know why you did not fix racism, You right wing asshole !" Obviously not, but just think for a second, how crazy is that, Obama a conservative...

    I sure hope he was not a conservative when going up against John McCain. I mean, what would he be by this measuring stick ? My money is somewhere in between a Inquisitor from the W40K universe and a big wooden T in someone's backyard, that might be on fire.

    I hope you all can get a chuckle out of this. Except that article, no, that article is real I'm afraid.

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  27. @adiwan There really is not a whole lot that sounds better when it is dubbed tho. Anime is no exception.

    Though I must say I have heard some good things about Full Metal Alchemist, Cowboy Bebop, InuYasha, Black Butler and SteinsGate.

    Then again I also heard about Dragon Ball, One Piece, Naruto, and Neon Genesis Evangelion that nullify any good will I would ever have for dubs.

    Let me quickly check up on some anime I was into way back when ( before I realized it was pretty much the UC story being soft-rebooted in a different universe ) and so I watched for about a minute.

    Ohkay so I know this isn't the best scene in the whole anime, and I honestly have a hard time remembering the good bits let alone where they were and in what episode or I would probably go see the bit where Flay goes insane and tries to become boyfriends with Kira. But damn, this sounds SO bad.

    Oh it got so much worse with the techno babble and the "that is all there is ?!?" at 9M

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  28. @scribus That is terrible. Imagine, in 50 or so years it might become commonplace to hear "What is a Koala" when talking about them.

    Kinda like what Numbat's are like now. Only I find Numbat's way cuter and interesting than Koala's.

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  29. Hold on

    Machette brawl ? Cinema ? This is about that Joker film right ?

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  30. "it's almost like award shows are giant marketing scemes where production companies incestuously generate relationships or the purpose of selling products to people, based on a neat little marketing ad that they can put on the box. Like Game of the Year"

    Yeah welcome to my level bud, here, have a tankard full of the good stuff on me.

    Wanna go bet that Death Stranding will recieve so many awards that it will make the cover art look like a kid went crazy with the copypaste tool in mspaint ?

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