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  1. I had a dream in which a tomb on a Necron tomb world slowly opened slowly but surely, after the cover slid enough to the side a big blue hand emerged and opened the rest in a smooth swift move. It was Roboute Guilliman. Slowly but surely he revealed a book, which he swiftly ordered me to buy. But it was not the codex astartes. No it was even something more heinous.

    And the only reason why I tell you all this is because I just found out it was more than just a precognitive dream, it was more of an actual clairvoyent dream. As I just found out that you-know-who has done you-know-what and just like in 2016, she has a book.

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  2. @adiwan The vid entertained me while I was doing some chores. It was a good video

    about 9 days ago from web in context
  3. @adiwan Oh him, yeah he is remarkably funny for a lawyer, explains it well too, however he can be a bit too far up his own butt to the point where you can hear an echo.

    Unless if you think 'The Don' actually could be legally prosecuted under battery and assault for what happened in that deleted scene from Captain Marvel.

    Especially in 1995, the jury would have a hard time to not laugh at him. That would be before the "Oh yeah, she did engage in physical bodily contact and then nearly broke and electrocuted his hand"

    But I think we should just forgive Legal Eagle for being a near blind MCU fanboy, just point and laugh, especially with the after-credits thing he dunks home that is basically "Damn girl, you were terrible in EndGame" ( Just to remove the spoilers )

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  4. @mrmattimation I just call it like how I see it.

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  5. @mrmattimation No ! That is where I **absolutely** draw the line.

    Thinking stuff like that will only beget more trouble, if you are halfway kidding it would, if you are serious it definitely would.

    If anything the Overton window is real and currently neo-nazi's are in the minority ( as they should be ) but so are AntiFa people ( especialy those who just seem to want to cause trouble and destroy property ). and I am GLAD that those are the extremes that a western nation is dealing with. Still though, they are quite extreme. Just to pull a quote that is not even 2 months old “I’m grateful this was largely a peaceful event,”, “We were preparing for and planning for a worst-case scenario.” that was Mayor Ted Wheeler

    If things escalate even further, or one side gets normalized further, then I fear I know enough about history about what the next steps will be.

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  6. @scribus **gasp** don't you dare do those things

    Pull it out, stab it in, let me begin
    Cut under the chin, fresh out the loony bin
    You don't want me to act up, punk better back up
    Swingin my axe everybody gets hacked up

    You'll get blood EVERYWHERE !

    Unless if you are already practicing your plead for insanity. In which case, try to hit for the ego of you know who, I heard there is no body armor big enough to fit it. Also do not use a .22 LR, even by my European standards those things are garbage.

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  7. MSM : "Don't watch this movie ! InCel this, InCel that, people are going to end up hurt and worse"

    FBI : "Well lets look into this then"

    USMC : "Better make some escalation plans"

    Police : "We gonna put some undercover police officers in the theater"

    4chan : "Lets do what we usually do and stir up the flames"

    Most normal people : "The mango is an InCel ?"

    People that actually like movies : "Its a good movie !"

    I hope you enjoyed my sockpuppet performance.

    I will take ALL of this back if it turns out someone's inner InCel ends up being awakened thanks to this movie... doubt it, as in REALLY doubt it. Even certified 4chan incels know that they get more fire by not doing anything at this point. Some people just want to see the world burn

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  8. @adiwan Aww, I am just going to imagine you did not mention that Adventure Time thing.

    YAY, more MLP.

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  9. @mrmattimation People are trying to cancel someone who said they did not like the Avengers ? Who said they did not like Avengers ?

    about 11 days ago from web in context
  10. I just saw the thing and the first thing I googled did not let me down. Image inserted here.

    "But it was revealed the 20th of last month"

    Yeah but I was busy doing LITTERALLY ANYTHING ELSE. Apple is a joke

    about 12 days ago from web
  11. "Your fresh produce may contain insects" - Adam ( ruins everything )

    Yeah, I know, I am no stranger to the professional kitchen. Not to brag but the things I used to make :3 Broccoli, Cauliflower and Lettuce is not fun just because of that, especially Cauliflower as it needs to be nice, and white, and bug-less if you expect to be employed the next day. I also know that if you find an entire bug in a can of tomatoes you take a picture and send it to your supplier and pretty much won a day supply of fresh bug-less tomato stuff.

    "In fact, if you have eaten a hundred pounds of chocolate, you have eaten one entire bug" - Adam

    Well, yeah, laws of average and all that.

    I used to bite off my own toenails too, by the laws of averages there is a 95% chance you did this too at one point in your life, Adam. Does not mean foot-fettish ( something I will never understand ) involves nibbling and swallowing someone elses toe-nail

    I mean... I am sorry... Adam is about to break my mind over here.

    about 12 days ago from web
  12. @adiwan Will it still be drawn by Fiona Staples ?

    And Yes I almost only remember her name because I made a funny about how Shrek's girlfriend would use a staple gun as weapon in Disney's Magnetized-figurine game.

    about 12 days ago from web in context
  13. @scribus I technically have. No it was not shot on camera, but here is an incident of what happened prior. Oddly enough noone thought to up security around him for some reason

    I happened to be in the Netherlands when he was killed. He would have been voted the Prime Minister if he would have lived through the election process because enough people still voted for him even though he was dead.

    For normal civilian life nothing happened that day which was out of the ordinary.

    Meanwhile a friend of mine lived through the 2016 Turkish coup d'etat attempt while being in Ankara. Which was frightning for ALL the reasons you could think of.

    "Ohh, tanks are too big for pedestrian roads, wait hold on, ITS COMING RIGHT FOR US !"

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  14. @mrmattimation I like the idea, but from whom ? A Bald Eagle ?

    Why do I have to think of Apollo from Animal Crossing allofasudden ?

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  15. @adiwan Then why does Steam say I owned the game since 5/9/2019 ?

    I do not even remember getting it.

    about 13 days ago from web in context
  16. Shower Thought : What a terrible world we live in where if "Charles J Guiteau" comes up as a topic and someone says "Who ?" it pretty much is the quickest to explain it by saying "John Wilkes Booth" or "Gravrilo Princip" of 1881 in America.

    Actually, having said that out loud, I wonder who is more infamous if you were to ask some random person in the middle of eastern Europe. Gravrilo Princip, or John Wilkes Booth.

    about 13 days ago from web
  17. @adiwan I somehow do not think you can get tenosynovitis from playing a controller based video game.

    Well, at least not any more than Duchenne, and that is hereditary.

    But I really do like video games that are bonkers and self aware that they are bonkers.

    Kinda like Kung Fury. That thing would fall apart the moment they even tried to play it straight.

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  18. @adiwan Does that mean I should play it when sick & bored & lying in bed ?

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  19. @mrmattimation "Look at this photograph

    Every time I do it makes me laugh"

    Damn you Nickelback.

    about 13 days ago from web in context
  20. @scribus I think I kinda see what you mean, but in the same breath it was not Twitter that got scrutinized after a certain madman besmirched one of my favourite Initial D songs somewhere over in New Zealand. Those were 8Chan, Kiwifarms, Facebook, Discord and 9gag.

    Actually Discord is having a really double reason there.

    Not to mention that there are enough people around that hate the Twitter Verified Blue Checkmark ( ) seeing it as a "blue pill" or "Loony Lefty approved club"

    It is actually that specific part where I think you are wrong when you say "Twitter is a single ecosystem. There are no groups," ( @mrmattimation @notice/5464941) . But you are right in that it's like a cocktail party with everyone, there is no structural division. Just a battle over who has the most trending hashtag. Unless if you want to count popularism and realize that if you are a nobody with the greatest thing to say, you will still be ignored.

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  21. @drinkingpony Oh wow I just realized there was a female dog hiding in the chute for bits.

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  22. @scribus Isn't modern comminucation way too decentralized and chaotic to ever be considdered a Forum Romanum in any form ?

    Reddit vs 4chan.
    Twitter vs Gab.
    YouTube vs kiwiute.

    I could probably go on but I just think I realized something as I put those 6 names down. One side seems really authoritarian compared to the other which is more rebellious and screams 'free speech'. Hmm. If only there was a chapter about that in "The Decline and Fall of the Roman Empire" series of books. Oh wait, there is.

    History is scary.

    about 13 days ago from web in context
  23. Oh no, Steam lied to me about the installation/download time. Either that or it did not go up while I was playing a game.

    Wait, that was not on ? [ uploads PNG ] that thing in yellow. I guess that means it is on a per-install basis and not on a per-account basis.

    Thanks a lot Steam. I mean it is not like the game which I was playing, which was Oxygen Not Included ( ) requires ANYTHING from the internet or the hard-drive. Seen as the only thing it really requires is a CPU and RAM, like a cutesie version of Dwarf Fortress, in space ! :D

    about 13 days ago from web
  24. Split of the moment thought : How long did it take Twitter to become profitable or even sustainable anyway ?

    dig dig dig

    Almost 12 years ! First profitable Q was Q4 of 2018. And here I was having the shadow-thought that everyone would lose their account if the thing goes under anyway.

    about 13 days ago from web in context
  25. @mrmattimation Hmm, that actually is pretty funny yeah. I guess he shall not promote Trump Steak, or Trump Whiskey, or Trump University after he's done being the POTUS. Especially with the amount of followers he has RN just because he holds that office it would be quite, ehmm, bothersome to say the least.

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  26. @mrmattimation Why wait ? get your warm feelz today

    That is the trumptwitterarchive

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  27. @mrmattimation I litterally explained that it does not matter what he did wrong and you still go "but what I said is more important". That is incredible.

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  28. @mrmattimation Yeah and he was pardoned by Gerald Ford. Do you really think a country like the U.S.A. is going to still have the U in it should something like that happen again somewhere after 2019 ? In the days which I heard coined 'culture warfare'-era ? But you did not even need to bring that up, my original point still stands.

    I mean if it is a quip about how Trump is a crook then they pretty much say 25% of the people inside of the U.S.A. to be stupid ( 56% of America voted, out of which roughly half voted for Trump ).

    How does THAT help anything but all solidified echo chambers ?

    It doesn't

    about 13 days ago from web in context
  29. Why are people in that twitter thread sharing a picture of the 1972 election and treating it like a victory ? ( )

    I mean if it is a quip about how Trump is a crook then they pretty much say 25% of the people inside of the U.S.A. to be stupid ( 56% of America voted, out of which roughly half voted for Trump ).

    You garner no good will with those people, and you want those people to NOT vote Trump in 2020. So that is pretty much the equivallent of a 12 year old throwing a temper tantrum going "YOU'RE WRONG !"

    But hey, I can see their point. But there was a smart and a stupid way to go about it from my perspective. and... "She chose, poorly" ( I kinda thought a Last Crusade quote would fit well, seeing I think the Democrats should rally before they actually become responsible for a Orange-inspired 2nd term )

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  30. @scribus I'm sorry, I did not know.

    does a little digging

    I assume you mean

    Hmm, interesting. Well it is mostly red, no denying there. We know why all those little districts are red too, so he is not wrong. But we ALSO know that Hillary got the popular vote in about 65,853,514 vs 62,984,828. So if nothing else it's just party grand standing, like an echo chamber.

    TL;DR : Keep calm, carry on, also laugh whenever you spot people trying to subvert your version of reality by showing you how THEY think the world works. Laugh them right in their stupid face.

    about 13 days ago from web in context