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  1. Why are people in that twitter thread sharing a picture of the 1972 election and treating it like a victory ? ( )

    I mean if it is a quip about how Trump is a crook then they pretty much say 25% of the people inside of the U.S.A. to be stupid ( 56% of America voted, out of which roughly half voted for Trump ).

    You garner no good will with those people, and you want those people to NOT vote Trump in 2020. So that is pretty much the equivallent of a 12 year old throwing a temper tantrum going "YOU'RE WRONG !"

    But hey, I can see their point. But there was a smart and a stupid way to go about it from my perspective. and... "She chose, poorly" ( I kinda thought a Last Crusade quote would fit well, seeing I think the Democrats should rally before they actually become responsible for a Orange-inspired 2nd term )

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  2. @scribus I'm sorry, I did not know.

    does a little digging

    I assume you mean

    Hmm, interesting. Well it is mostly red, no denying there. We know why all those little districts are red too, so he is not wrong. But we ALSO know that Hillary got the popular vote in about 65,853,514 vs 62,984,828. So if nothing else it's just party grand standing, like an echo chamber.

    TL;DR : Keep calm, carry on, also laugh whenever you spot people trying to subvert your version of reality by showing you how THEY think the world works. Laugh them right in their stupid face.

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  3. @thelastgherkin Why do I have to think of this thing now ? ( 10 second clip from Spaceballs )

    Probably the "grand overlord" part which makes it sound funny.

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  4. @ceruleanspark Happy Birthday :D

    May unlimited quantities of your favorite drink find their way to you. Also cake :D

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  5. @scribus As someone who seems to suffer less from PDPD ( "Person to Data Perspective Disassociation ) I have to ask, how is that a different way of seeing it ?

    I mean, do not get me wrong, it is an awesome way to 'break' the PDPD.

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  6. The next being that talks to me about "Sober October" is going to be drowned in a quite large beer-stein.

    Should that being be larger than the beer-stein... I guess I will have to improvise... good thing I got more than enough ducttape lying around

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  7. Today in the news :

    Jeremy Clarkson criticized the 16-year-old climate activist Greta Thunberg; Clarkson described Thunberg's speech as a "full-on adolescent meltdown," called her a "spoilt brat," and told her to "be a good girl" and "shut up."

    But then they had to follow it up with "everybody should remember that he was sacked from 'Top Gear' after the BBC concluded an investigation into 'an unprovoked physical and verbal attack'"

    Pretty sure I can see the ugly mug of the puppetmaster.

    I should drink more to make him go away again.

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  8. Turns out if I want a big cup, I pretty much have to either make one or order one online.

    That is one thing for the backlog & to keep my eyes open for.

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  9. @mrmattimation My my, what a big comb you have. We are talking about YouTube here I take it ? Well they have a track record of pulling out of all sorts of things that could even be remotely seen as fanning the flames. No matter how real, fake, or imaginary.

    "But it is a joke, a quip, a funny"

    Welcome to 2019.

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  10. @adiwan Bad news, the place that used to have big ass mugs went belly up.

    Now I might be doing something wrong here but it does not look like the internet is forthcoming with my search terms :o

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  11. Coworker : "Ah man I am so tired, I see numbers flashing before my eyes"

    Me : "The numbers Mason ! What do they mean !"

    I got 3 people to smirk and a VERY confused coworker.

    Me : "Shaka, when the walls fell... I will explain tomorrow"

    Coworker : "Oh I got THAT reference."

    Well that happened, I solved something obscure with something even more obscure I guess.

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  12. @adiwan Yeah, but none of them have 1 litre sized mugs. I could go with smaller mugs but I do not want to because of 2 reasons

    1 : I do not want to shorten the text that much

    2 : I actually want to use it, and I can't use small mugs.

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  13. Nono, not the 'bat' tag...

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  14. Ohh, got a hunch and guess what I found at the back of my closet. There is a reason why I hoard useful stuff. It's actually a "couteau à pizza", which I guess gives away its original design plan by the person who designed it. But I used it for cheese mostly ( I do not eat a lot of Pizza, though it works like a dream on the crust. Way better than the Borderland 2 Psycho Pizza-thing, no contest ).

    I guess I probably break some law of recursive functions by using a utensil the wrong way in the correct way that was designed wrongly by stealing an idea from abbey monks. Ohkay I have NO idea how to untangle that.

    Reason why I forgot about my first one ? It got kinda blunt, so I took it with me to some Renaissance faire thingie so I could ask a blacksmith-like person how to proper sharpen it when he gave me some 60 Euro's for it. HAH, like I am going to say no to that.

    Oh right, I am spouting exposition again arn't I ? Apologies.

    Also #'leth

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  15. I watched Deadly Hallows part 1 with friends just now.

    Lets just say that I predicted people to be mad when they saw it some 9 years ago, to which I was right, but only now do I understand.

    Least of my worries RN is that Dobby still dressed in rags. Not like it would be hard to find proper clothes, and with that CGI update. Such wasted potential in what can almost be seen as 98% filler and 2% sequelbait.

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  16. @adiwan I wonder if I can get a mug with that text on it, but shorter.

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  17. @drinkingpony CAN do a Nelson-laugh, CAN !. But I won't since the whole ordeal has not been "ha-ha" funny in over 2 years now.

    I mean I forgot the name of the city/municipality but that whole Antifa block where the major and the sherrif/police are in on it and it caused more than a bakers dozen of 'broken noses'.

    If I have to point a turning point of 'ha-ha' into 'honk' or 'oh my god how terrible' it would have been that one.

    Oh right, an example of 'honk' would be - Washingtontimes - Cannibalism: Scientist says eating humans could save earth. That being only a low tier-'honk'. Most actual 'honk'-ness is SUPER polarising stuff I would not dream to post about.

    And now I have said 'honk' so many times the word has gone weird on me.

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  18. @scribus I am very sorry for all the stuff that is happening over there. But I will have to tell you that I took an interest in it because of that. Also GamerGate and MetalGate and ComicsGate and. Well everything is a gate nowadays. I guess it is going to be CultureGate next.

    But yeah, I am legitimately sorry that you happen to live there while I can just point my finger and do a Nelson-laugh.

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  19. @scribus Ohhh, Brutal.

    Also that is the number one reason I do NOT use cheese slicers. I ended up in a hospital once thanks to one of those.

    I would rather cut my cheese with a Bat'leth

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  20. Ever have the feeling that modern day politicians have also seen season 8 of GoT and went like "Oh hey, you know who would make a good role-model ? The Spider, and by that I mean Varys."

    Biggest problem on MY mind is whether they mean the TV show back in season 1 ( where Varys was a badass ) or season 8 ( where Jake Varys is a joke, a very very sad joke, who loves BBQ's, and smoldering ashes )

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  21. Me : "I wonder when those cookies will be done"

    Oven : Ding !

    Me : *walks to the washer machine and opens it*

    Me : "I might be retarded"

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  22. @adiwan Yeah, a lot of things nowadays go that route. It is a shame really. I would really like to see some things get a proper ending.

    And for some others, well, they were better before the ending.

    So much things we love end up a dumpster-fire like that TBH. But in the case of Bojack it might also have something to do with the Animation studio.

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  23. They cancelled Bojack Horseman !!!

    Angry horse noizes

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  24. @adiwan Oh wow, I saw that video about 2 hours ago without context.

    Oddly, even though now I know just how tragic of an accident this was. My reaction is pretty much still akin to this

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  25. @mrmattimation I do not know what a 'juul pod' is but if you are looking to date people born before about 1999 and grew up in the internet-age but somehow are not smart enough to figure out how to 'smuggle' what I assume to be ordinary supermarket stock items... Well...

    "Like Oh My God Becky, look at that weird thing. Like why does it not read @G-mail or something so I know what kinda, like, creeper I'm even sending an application 2. Like, hella uncool."

    Ofcourse I am joking just as much I hope as you are

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  26. @scribus I have the opposite problem

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  27. @mrmattimation That is absolutely right, though we would no doubt get into a Dexter vs Mandark slapfight situation over the real definition of 'leak' ( and even less doubt regarding 'what is and what is not a whistle-blower' ). I know for a fact that I am not going to run out of popcorn any time soon.

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  28. @scribus "considering how many people are shot in the back while running, or tazed while already handcuffed on the ground, I do believe the system as a whole qualifies as triggerhappy." - Scribus

    Yeah, and that is something that should not happen. Maybe I am too simple in thinking like this, but you would think that body cams and stuff like that would before-long filter out all the bad cops from the good cops.

    "I wouldn't ask the party who had been whipped by the system for 250+ years to be the first to yield." - Scribus

    I understand that, then again with one side of the 'non-debate' getting irrationally angry when someone utters 'Pizza Lives Matter' or 'No Lives Matter' ( actual words obscured for the sake of my sanity lest we actually fall down that hole ). I think that you are WAAAAAAY too far ahead of reality if you think anyone in their right mind would even put down a gun.

    A is too afraid that it is a trick, B is too afraid of losing leverage.

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  29. @adiwan Oh and yes, I absolutely agree that actually using a piece of machinery/tool ( it being a gun, tazer, WE, ) should be the last ditch effort to resolve something.

    Then again I did not see what happened, so I do not think I should reserve any 'buts' or 'what if' regarding to what happened in what is essentially my hallway.

    Hmm, kinda glad I said yes to the councelling now, though I am probably going to end up being the most philosofistic person that councellor faces this year.

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  30. @adiwan Idunno. With only like a thousand deaths between 2000 and 2017 I am pretty sure more perps died in the back of a squad car because someone took something.

    Still, not something you want to put on your marketing material I guess. "Axon Enterprise Inc, Only indirectly responsible for roughly 60 tazer related deaths per year"

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