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  1. @scribus I understand how the system came to be and why parties in the USA are 'fighting' the way that they do. In the very short and crude way of explaining, it is a republic that had a weird evolutionary step a LONG time ago that is sort of centered around the Federalist Party and their opponents the anti-administration party. How they were the classical conservatives of that era ( 1789-ish ) while their opponents were Jeffersonianist Populists ( which later became a formal party called the Jefferson's Republic Party ). and bam, there you have it. The foundation of why there are pretty much only two parties in America back then. I do not remember what effect being a minister to the court of versailles during Guerre de la Première but as you can probably guess it was a big reason to get in line with either party A or party B. As such the die was cast. Untill the first third party stood up, the Anti-Masonic Party.

    and then it got ALL muddy when WHIG had 4 nominees in 1832.

    about 13 days ago from web in context

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