1. I left my phone at a Best Buy in the next town over for four hours for a super simple screen replacement and I came back and they told me to drive to the hellmouth that is Reston, Virginia, which is a seven hour drive away from me (approx. two miles), because my phone is one millimeter too big to fit in their fancy machine they use to pull screens off. I despise the Geek Squad, they have literally never helped me with anything.

    about 7 months ago from web
    1. @mrmattimation Aw man I wish I had one of those fancy screen pulling machines. Doing it by hand is just a non-option unless if you want the thing to look worse than when you started, especially if you call it 'super simple'

      Unless if you like bubbles, in which case, post pictures :D

      Seriously though, I wish you goodluck with the whole ordeal and if possible, look into the option to mail it in.

      about 7 months ago from web