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  1. @thismightbeauser I'd pet that.

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  2. Ohkay, so ehh, this looks simple enough

    Too bad I have no idea how to find the output or run a .1 microfarad capacitor in parallel with it.

    I do not even think it is in the schematic that he shows.

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  3. @scribus Only a matter of time before we start to throw words around like "Transporter Psychosis" ( )

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  4. Oh look, there is drama surrounding 007 again. Not James Bond mind you, just 007. Apparently a woman is going to play the new Bond 007 and not that guy I talked about about a month ago and his unflattering photo.

    Does not really help that clickbait articles go with "Captain Marvel Actor Gets 007 Movie" ( no matter which side of the coin you are on, you know Brie Larson is seen as a flawed everything by the haters ).

    Look people, I just have one thing to say.

    "Make it good, or don't bother" Please, just saying. Noone I know talks more positively about Female Ghostbusters than about Mr Plinket. Judge for yourself what HE is

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  5. @adiwan You forgot the clones of Luke named Luuke and Luuuke ( no really ).

    But yeah, fair point. All movies have severe faults and cracks in them. However it took Disney only 2 mainline movies to break the fandom. The two biggest sides seem to be those who absolutely love it and defend it so hard till their mind seems to break ( warning, 2 hour podcast of someone whose mind seems to break defending the movie ). Those who still come out with movies why it all sucked and why it is all going to hell. I am not even sure if that 'side' is actually truthfull when they shout 'Please make Brie Larson a Jedi, let it all die !' or not.

    Meanwhile I like to see myself as in the middle and heavily in the minority.

    Imagine a kid creating a beautiful sandcastle on a beach only to come back the next day to find out that there is now a squatter playing with 'your' sand castle. Surely you can share, right ? But part of me still goes "You know, this could have been better

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  6. @adiwan I know where you are coming from but no. I do not accept things like grimoire cards for something I would have liked. ( This doubles as a Destiny jab )

    I do not need to remind you that Disney upon acquiring the Star Wars franchise the first thing they did was declare all the extended universe stuff un-canon. I might as well just skip the middle man and start to read fan-fiction.

    Hell, come to think of it. 3 months ago I chuckled at CuckleFhuck... Fluffle PuffleChuck... one of those things, hold on let me get the thing I remember

    Just... just listen to this... it breaks my heart...

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  7. @adiwan Everything dies if you hit it on the head hard enough.

    Except Captain Phasma. Mark my word she will either be in the next episode/movie shrugging off a critical hit on her head, or she will not be in the next episode/movie at all making her character fit in between Watto and Fodesinbeed Annodue.

    All I wanted is some amazing woman be awesome. Not for this woman to be wrapped in tin-foil and have less screen time or impact than Admiral Motti ( )

    Heck I could write her in a more epic space opera and I am drunk half the time.

    We start off with StarKiller Base being under New Republic's command with Captain Phasma pretty much being the head honcho when the Supremacy, multiple dreadnoughts, some Interdictor Star Destroyers ( they block hyperspace and communications ) to take over the facility. Then later have Kylo force-choke Phasma on display and throw her to the floor. Helmet flies off, and you see her eyes as she surrenders to Snoke.

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  8. What I read : "Stepladder kink"
    What I my brain came up with : [ inserts image ]

    No seriously, I think I should not google that, ever. I can almost guarantee me that I am better off not knowing what a 'Stepladder kink' actually is.

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  9. You know what I would appriciate ? for when I turn my computer to sleep and start meditating or sleeping or something you normally do in silence that my computer does not randomly decide "Hey you know, this would be a great time to do my updates"

    Then after the updates it goes back to load all the things that were previously open, such as YouTube tabs I had put on pause to listen to / watch later. But I guess getting shocked to wide alert on while Angry Joe rips some game a new one, while at the same time ERB's "Steven Spielberg vs Alfred Hitchcock" and Luis Rossman does a RIP&TEAR on a poor piece of electronics, all together fight for dominance of my speakers.

    By Celestia's beard I loathe Windows 10. >_<

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  10. @nerthos You know, I agree with you. But you should probably go watch the video. Heck go with the straight up reply video of this guy .

    I guess the biggest problem is that EC thinks that we should stop to normalize the Nazi's. Those being ACTUAL Nazi's and their ideology, by being extremely patronising to the point of nausea in Multiplayer Games.

    Also to tinker with the matchmaking system to do the opposite of rewarding Nazi's. Which is just a system so insane that the moment you write it down you realize that you punish ALL players because your game has Nazi's in them.

    Also it was stated that because 'safeguards are being eroded', you might not go off of a website like stormfront because you do not mind playing as Hanz Mit Der Flammenwerfer in some game.

    But the birth of a meme, the absolute beginning. "There you are, playing a game, and all of a sudden bam you're a Nazi, you did not ask for this" is golden. I mean, you did buy the game.

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  11. "It's like some company sells you a bomb to test your house against earthquakes" - ( )

    You know what I would rather have seen ? This guy showing us cheap ways to implement a cheap protection or tester against these things. I mean the "USB Killer Tester" pretty much looks like a SMD Keramic Condensator and 2 wires that come out of it ( see 1:45 of this vid and )

    Nothing against this YouTuber but I imagine that a lot of children watch his stuff. I mean, remember when Linus Tech Tips talked about this too ?

    ... Well in the very least I now have more reasons to X-ray USB devices. Unless if that is somehow bad for their data.

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  12. So who here unironically still watches the Simpsons ? I honestly gave up somewhere at season 10 ( which were on local TV around 2004 ) and ever since I completely gave up on them. Then 13 years later some guy with the name Super Eyepatch Wolf made this thing ( ) and I went... "Ahhh... The loss of writers was the death knell and Simpsons evolved into something it was never destined/intended to be"

    And no I do not count coming home and glomping the couch after a long day of work where you accidentally hit the remote-control, TV turns on and the simpsons happens to be on so you watch it. I mean such levels of exhaustion do not happen often to me, but they do occasionally happen.

    I might even quote homer when I see it, "Up next, it is the simpsons" ... Do'h ... I am not going anywhere for a while, I wish I had a Sgrapers... Hmm... SFrankerZrs drool

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  13. Does anyone remember Evil Spock ? ( , memory alpha link ).

    I kinda have need for a quick photoshop of Elon Musk with an Evil Moustache like that. I'm probably going to spend tomorrow working on that when there is noone at work and nothing to do. As is usual for a Friday. Then when it is complete, throw it in the directory where one of my co-workers has his desktop picture set to refresh from.

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  14. @adiwan Ohh

    That is wonderfull

    user was shot for worse than terrible pun

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  15. @mrmattimation If something that is usually done subsequent is done simultaneously in order to meet a significantly more tight release schedule then...

    Well what would you call it if you were specifically told not to call it a 'rush job' ?

    You might want to look into how other modern movies are made, Especially Star Wars by Disney and MCU ( Also by Disney ). Though I guess there is tons to learn regarding failures by other studio's as well. For instance take ( 6:38 - 7:00 , would you look at that smug face, yowzers )

    Now does it "have to" be bad that they are doing to SW:e9 ? Ofcourse not. However if I rub my crystal ball while throwing my geomancy rocks and somehow simultaneously manage to shake my magic 8 ball, wiggle my divination rod, flip some tarot cards, twiddle some fortune sticks AND use one of those human girly teenager fortune teller thingies. They would either tell me "Outlook not so good" or "You are about to have an accident"

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  16. Well, there goes the last of my hope.

    Apparently Star Wars Episode 9 was being filmed and edited at the same time. ( ) It is already a miracle if a one-off movie is being made well by editing and filming at the same time, but for something that will be put under a magnifying lens by millions upon millions of Star Wars fans ?

    Might as well brace for the insanity that will come from it. Idunno, Maybe blaming GamerGate as a reason why many people dislike a movie ( oh yes, that did happen previously, go read if you want to lose your faith in humanity )

    But hey, who knows, maybe I am wrong. Time will tell. But I will reserve FULL rights to rant about it some more when time comes to pass.

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  17. !techponies Read this manual with me for fun and giggles
    1. 47 headphoneAmplifiercomponents installation drawing: from low to high principle, namely the first low welding components, such as resistor. Ohkay I sorta know what they mean here
    Pay attention to the polarity, can not meet the. Element name element label polarity fair enough, I know what they mean here, there is a little table here pointing out that there is a polarity for things like LED and electrolyic capacitors, and it does not matter for the Monolythic capacitors & resistors.

    But then

    Shall not be plugged into the IC 5532 direction, otherwise will burn IC 5532

    What ? ... I shall scour the internet looking for a YouTube video or something trying to explain this.

    6 seconds later

    Well I guess I will be watching this now before starting

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  18. This is the first picture I saw of the new 007, James Bond. He looks about ready to say "No Mr Villain, I expect you to fall asleep as I use my creep-face to watch you succumb. Which is my fool-proof scheme to give you vivid nightmares"

    Just saying that even if Malek makes a great bond, this picture is none too flattering.

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  19. Some boobthusiast just pointed out to me that Tifa's boobs are smaller in the FF7 remake.

    1. I have not been interested in Tifa's model since I thought I saw an animation error somewhere in the movie-esque bit of FF7 where she falls on the airship and it is looking like something wants to burst from her midriff ( probably a modelling skeleton )

    2. Where were you about 4 years ago when we were all amazed when she fought Yang ?

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  20. @adiwan By Celestia's beard ! Those 15 cents change everything.


    Ehmm well I guess I am thinking of something like but motion-triggered myself.

    Also when something enters the room have a robot voice do "Scanning for intelligence in lifeform... Error... Subject out of expected parameters," or something

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  21. I just bought a video game on the sole basis that it had local co-op.

    Turns out that it is actually what it says on the tin. Who knew. Just played 2 quick solo games to try it out before I will subject my friends to this. And that is what it is at this point, subjecting my friends to this as it a WAY more scary game than I imagined it would be, even with that name it has.

    When I was playing the game alone I really did not want to come across any Xenos, they killed me anyway. The second time I was going to make em pay for what they did to me the first time. Turns out that I turn into a little girl as soon as I have low visibility and a dead battery.

    "I do not want to go down that corridor, even though I have a big gun I would really prefer not to have my face eaten"

    I really like it, only costs me 10 dollar for a 4-pack. Probably will throw those exces keys around next LAN party.

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  22. @adiwan It does not even have RGB

    Reddit : "Hey lets fix that"

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  23. Something I just found out I really like : Some angry literal Muppet talking angrily about movies and stuff

    Something I just found out I grew really tired of : This same Muppet talking about Politics, even if he snarks at everything.

    I'll leave a link to those interested in this here, after where this Muppet stops talking about politics and starts talking about the rest of what happened in 2018. Which mostly includes some movies ( Ready Player One ), E3, Gordon Ramsay's new show, cocaine. It's main appeal is snark for the sake of more snark, but making me laugh is it's goal, and that is why I am sharing it.

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  24. @adiwan Get a nice soldering station with a dial on it to set the target temperature, I got an Aoyue for about 35 Euro. For some reason is more expensive ( 47 ). Strange, normally Amazon is cheaper, even for me, with shipping costs included.

    Ahwell, most important thing required for when you want to learn how to solder well or when you want to make really nice SMD, THT, Stripboarding or otherwise prevent the nightmare that comes from cold-joints and burned-joints it has to be a thermostat.

    Soldering with just a pen you directly stick into the wall outlet or even a soldering gun is doable, however as I found out, you are going to have such a better experience with that thermostat dial. It's like spreading butter on your toast with a longsword, I mean, sure, you could do it, but it is not the optimal tool.

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  25. @adiwan Sounds like that will need you to replace your tips due to oxidation quite often.

    Then again I only saw yesterday and I had to go look for it.

    Then again, I just checked, and if I can get 10 Chinese Aoyue compattible tips for 7 Euro's ( I would translate it to Deutsche Mark, but I do not think Germany has those anymore ) then, why bother really, other than general love for your own tools.

    4 Euro's a pop for an 'official' one I could understand, but who is to say that those are not just the same as the Chinese ones but repackaged ?

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  26. @adiwan Oh hey that looks neat, but I think I will make some more things for fun and education before I make something I'll connect to the internet.

    Also where do you reckon I can buy the hard flux to clean my tip ? Is that even called flux ?

    Something like looks really challenging ( I guess I will order one ) since the SMD capacitors might be a really good learning experience.

    That or the end of my sanity.

    P.S. I should not forget to buy tweezers. I thought these right here were tevlon, but one of them melted at not even 600 F

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  27. @adiwan Oh no, I meant a thingie like [ quickly googles ] this thing.

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  28. @adiwan I googled it and found

    I am honestly confused. Were there moments where I was supposed to go "Hahaha ! instead of "Oh wow this is cringe inducingly bad"

    I liked the intro though.

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  29. @scribus Probably really unpopular in the right circles.

    Meanwhile all I can think of is this scene

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  30. Today I got to use in a reaction to someone unironically. Today is looking to be a good day.

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