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  1. @adiwan Ofcourse there isn't, I would be surprised if there was. Still I remember the tech demo.

    **does a quick search**

    Ah found it :)

    Wait, hold the phone, 2015 ? Cue a long ass slidewhisle downwards for my dissapointment. Wow...

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  2. How to explain a basic biology principle to a millennial : [ image ]

    It actually worked... **actual facepalm**

    "So is Apple going to have 4 camera's in 2 stages ?"

    **internal screaming**

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  3. Oh wow you can get a 3D printer for less than 100 Euro now.

    ( 4 minutes later ) Oh... ... sad

    I do not know what I was expecting.

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  4. So it is about 04:00 local time...

    I just woke up ALL of the sleeping crew because I got into a laugh-stupor because this one series, movies, games, & story critic said the following words

    "And all Sansa had to do for it was to stand around like a diuretic giraffe"

    Still definatly my most favorite thing to watch and/or listen to when on a night shift.

    Please do not watch unless if you know that this youtuber is intentionally trying to be funny by cursing in a weird way; are offended by heavy & weird usage of vocabulary; can not handle extreme uses of the F word, C word, D word, N word, A word, B word & A-Z word; are pregnant; are easily offended; still have not watched Game of Thrones S8E5 and are planning to do so; or if 220 minute long video's about an episode that does in no way be THAT long scare you... Long Man Bad !

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  5. @adiwan Come on everypony smile smile smile

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  6. @mrmattimation "every piece of art can be criticized though the eye of the beholder. Noone, not even the original artist, can tell the beholder to be wrong" - Jim Sterling a recent video of his.

    My qualm is that someone can take a look at your comic about getting robbed and also shout "Keep politics out of my cartoons". He probably would not even be halfway as wrong compared to what your whole take about unionization is to a non-american.

    You should make life easier on yourself, not harder.

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  7. @adiwan Favorite ?

    Normally I would pull a Goku from DBZA here

    But I really, REALLY do not feel like any food would favorite me back right now.

    Except for maybe weak soup.

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  8. @mrmattimation "We have penetrated the mind of the stereotype Apple using Starbucks abusing user using artificial neural networking" would probably be a good Onion headline.

    Then the comment section can be filled with people claiming to actually use these tools for something usefull, like

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  9. @adiwan The way I figured after talking to some nerds, bad RMA's ( in the past ) bad temps ( in the past ) really shoddy bios updates ( in the past ) lots of lousy capacitors ( up till at least 2017 ), mangoty factory service ( as recent as 2018, though it could have been Amazon for that guy ) VCORE issues ( as shown on live hardware ) and rather lousy warranty compared to TUF ( Asus ) which everyone really seemed to love.

    As for that adapter. I can not think of any use for it. Let me know if it works though. I mean the last thing I had that would probably even get some usage would be this ancient [ picture of pinnalce PCTV stereo PCI card ], which ofcourse is downright silly these days. There are better things on USB 2.0 than that card.

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  10. @adiwan ... Who still has PCI hardware in 2019 ? I mean, I guess if I did then I would look at stupid things like this with really big eyes

    But yeah, most people I know avoid MSI and Gigabyte MoBo's like the plague.

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  11. @scribus I am not sure if I follow. You're saying that some people are covering their butts ? So I decided to piece some things together.

    Eventually I found , which means that the news is already out there.

    You say that by the time 'they' are done covering their butts, there's is nothing left for the real news.

    But there is for the Greenland story ? But THAT is getting wall-to-wall coverage.

    So again, why are the traditionally liberal and extremely liberal 24 newscyclists outlets not doing their "Gun control good" spiel instead of "Denmark good, greenland not for sale, small-hands-guy-bad"

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  12. @mrmattimation But democrats HATE trump. Why would they play along in a distraction that is so obvious that you figured it out.

    Also who in the name of collusion itself are you calling Fairfax County's most well funded terrorist organization ? I tried googling it and turns out the "Women for Trump National Day of Training" is tomorrow.

    I highly doubt you meant that.

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  13. @techdisk The eternal misadventures of a techie being taken advantage of by both family and alcoholic beverages.

    "Hey can you get me Microsoft Office for free ?"

    Well I could if you were running a Linux based OS real easy

    "teehee, I think I understood 5 words of what you just said"

    Me :

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  14. @mrmattimation Hooray for good old wikipedia ?

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  15. Aw. Today I got a gruesome reminder that is dead.

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  16. Being sick at home having nothing to do ( except say hi to the proverbial angels and demons on your shoulder, if you have a vivid imagination ) allows for me to find the time to dig DEEP and remember stuff I burried and forgot somewhere.

    See here, a webcomic I loved some 13 years ago

    Apparently it is STILL being updated like once per 2 days, wow.

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  17. Well, here are 2 pictures of Jay Bauman side by side, one from 2012, the other from 2015.

    Not sure if that is a boss-transformation, or as one of my friends joked, the uptake of alcohol intake.

    Well, I know what horse I am going to bet on.

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  18. This explains so much.

    Thanks a lot nature

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  19. @scribus about 70% insanity and 30% "Well my parents had no idea what they were doing, I can do better"

    And yet everytime I look at those figures ( before submitting this dash ) I can hear Vaas's words reverb in my head and increment a certain number untill it exceeds, Idunno, how does 200 sound ?

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  20. @adiwan Well I could link you the Music Video but I am more a fan of this old thing

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  21. Things that might actually get off of the ground soon

    I am well aware of the double entendre

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  22. Voice, totally gone. Camp is getting to me. I must survive...

    But first, what in the name of black and sweet tasty goodness do you call these things ?

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  23. @mrmattimation Putting things on the backburner just because you are scared of what you might find is a road to disaster.

    Probably unrelated, this just popped in my head

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  24. I have gotten my hands on a 'toy' that someone did not want to play with anymore. Said he did not care anymore since he thought it was broken since it would flash but not boot through afterwards. Or something like that.

    Well I am going to give it a go, probably when I get back home, flash it myself ( or whatever it is you need to do ), whack it a few times. If nothing else I will just re-use the heat-pads and project-box. Also use the board components for desoldering practice.

    Pretty sure this is the datasheet of the product ... If only there was some video showing how to do a simple project from point zero onwards. You know, like with all those Raspberry Pi YouTube video's out there.

    Alternatively my Google-Fu is worse than terrible since I am at Camp.

    Alternative to the alternatively alternative, I am too FUBAR to recognise that I am too drunk for any of this schtuff RN.

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  25. @thismightbeauser Actually I am sure that pretty much all recycle programs are bad on the human psyche. A lot of people think "Hey I can use this and feel less guilty ( or even good ) about the environment"

    Cashier: "Care to have your groceries bagged ?"
    Fictional halfwit : "Recycled plastic bags ?"
    Cashier: "That or recycled paper bags"
    Fictional halfwit : ( 3 second clip )

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  26. I am thinking of stylizing this in a cartoony style and burn it on a piece of wood using a laser that I nicked from a CD player.

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  27. @thismightbeauser I'd pet that.

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  28. Ohkay, so ehh, this looks simple enough

    Too bad I have no idea how to find the output or run a .1 microfarad capacitor in parallel with it.

    I do not even think it is in the schematic that he shows.

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  29. @scribus Only a matter of time before we start to throw words around like "Transporter Psychosis" ( )

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  30. Oh look, there is drama surrounding 007 again. Not James Bond mind you, just 007. Apparently a woman is going to play the new Bond 007 and not that guy I talked about about a month ago and his unflattering photo.

    Does not really help that clickbait articles go with "Captain Marvel Actor Gets 007 Movie" ( no matter which side of the coin you are on, you know Brie Larson is seen as a flawed everything by the haters ).

    Look people, I just have one thing to say.

    "Make it good, or don't bother" Please, just saying. Noone I know talks more positively about Female Ghostbusters than about Mr Plinket. Judge for yourself what HE is

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