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  1. Someone told me to watch

    Which is an animated story of a kingdom desperately needing to beat a dragon. The story is an obvious euphamism.

    Just do not read the first YouTube comment. Though this might be a poor man's attempt at reverse psychology warfare, or maybe not.

    Regardless, go see that story, it is about 13 minutes long.

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  2. @adiwan Sounds about right, I just build a 3600 Ryzen 5 powered PC for my dad, Though it has only 16 GB of RAM and a GT 710 instead of 64 GB and a RTX 2080 Super.

    No DVD drive though, who needs that in 2020 ? And if you do. Go USB the thing.

    > I need a new case

    Fractal design define R5 or S. Probably not the S if you want to mount multiple HDD's and a DVD drive up front.

    Also I kinda remember Gamers Nexus saying "It is the card noone actually cares about" ( I had it running in the background while doing something else ) ... So beware on that RTX 2080 Super I guess.

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  3. Let's see now. At least double gyroscope, the way that the inner skeleton meets in the nose part like that. If I were a Boeing fanboy I would say it looks like someone gave vertical UAV capability to a modified MQ-25 skeleton with N233XT engines. Because it most certainly does NOT look like any CAV ( Boeing's cargo drone ) non experimental stuff.

    I do not expect Disney to keep them for long as just the maintenance, liability, and battery costs are going to be HUUGE. Especially in a time where they are already cutting costs on any live entertainment.

    Comparitatively if you want to run it for longer than half a year with about just as much freedom as a pre-determined flight-path, they would have gone with good looking props and a detatchable chair lift system painted black.

    I expect these drones to end up in some extreme collectors posession before long.

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  4. I was bored, I spend some time trying to learn what is what in that. I am sorry to say @mrmattimation was not exactly forthcoming with the information. Unless if dogs sniffing crotches is a more common occurrence. @scribus It is WAY more complicated than that.

    In short. Alinity posted a video of Luna ( her dog ) sniffing her cooch for a good 8 seconds while she was doing some sort of yoga position on Twitter. Then later deleted it off of twitter, but it was also on her Twitch, which she apparently did not delete or deleted WAY later. this was in week 48 of 2019. Then in week 49 suddenly PETA started to "Demand" that she was going to be banned. She was never banned.

    My sources, pretty much, Discord, PETA's twitter, This streamer's twitter & twitch.

    But we still need some sort of exterminators to come over "Yeah, we have what we professionals call a 'THOT infestation' going on"

    Oh, also NSFW warning, not really sure.

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  5. My steam controllers came in. One of the 2 boxes was all banged up and had repair-tape of the sender all over it. DoA, that story is going to be long, rough, and unpleasant.

    Spend a bit of time on my working steam controller, and it is actually a nice thing. I poked a bit around on my Steam to area's where I do not go pretty often, being greeted with all sorts of soundbytes from GTA VC when I put on the music player on.

    Say Goodnight Mr Diaz !

    But I can see this being a real nice doohickey. Probably going to spend at least some time familiarizing myself with the device, and then if my 2nd one ever gets whole again probably load it up with all sorts of weird stuff. I already know where to begin actually.

    Now the question if it will EVER work well on the Nintendo Switch. Hah, never. the actual buttons and stick are way too LDOS/RDOS to make it halfway comfortable for gaming sessions of over 5 minutes.

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  6. @mrmattimation Ehh, I guess you want or

    But just know that the way that you placed your couch affects the whole calculation of the first so, quite useless unless if you like empty rooms.

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  7. I have run YouTube without addblock for the better part of a week now, but this time I am not pressing my magic button to skip adds ( the one where you do not have to wait 5 seconds before it becomes active ) hoping to catch that glove commercial.

    But, no, I don't, ofcouse I wouldn't. Commercials are always annoying, Heck, if I told anyone that I have not seen the Game Of Thrones Officially Licenced Browser Game in a week people would probably go "Oh yeah, yeah, you are right. Guess their advertisement funding dried up"

    ( recommended watches : & the followup , total runtime, about 15 minutes )

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  8. Does anyone else remember playing space-goose ?

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  9. @adiwan this is odd

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  10. @mrmattimation What germans do for fun ? Same as me, drink a lot of alcohol while dressed in funny dresses and making a lot of puns about weiners.

    Oh, and dancing.

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  11. @mrmattimation

    Boo, he bad, take him away !

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  12. @scribus Oh no, I understand that. I just have a hard time wrapping my head around the optics of public opinion regarding the topic.

    I mean take a look at ( it is a graph taken from ) If your political compass put you slightly on the left of Obama and then you voted for Obama in 2008, that if your political compass remained somewhat the same that you would be WAY closer to the Republicans than you would to the Democrats in 2016. Heck Obama took in unaffiliated people to the white house and still made a left turn according to this graph alone.

    If you do not agree with that graph, it is a fact that Democrats in America are extremely fast in swaying more and more liberal. Public perception can not keep up, and now Obama is a concervative. The historian in me does not like this one bit

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  13. @adiwan There really is not a whole lot that sounds better when it is dubbed tho. Anime is no exception.

    Though I must say I have heard some good things about Full Metal Alchemist, Cowboy Bebop, InuYasha, Black Butler and SteinsGate.

    Then again I also heard about Dragon Ball, One Piece, Naruto, and Neon Genesis Evangelion that nullify any good will I would ever have for dubs.

    Let me quickly check up on some anime I was into way back when ( before I realized it was pretty much the UC story being soft-rebooted in a different universe ) and so I watched for about a minute.

    Ohkay so I know this isn't the best scene in the whole anime, and I honestly have a hard time remembering the good bits let alone where they were and in what episode or I would probably go see the bit where Flay goes insane and tries to become boyfriends with Kira. But damn, this sounds SO bad.

    Oh it got so much worse with the techno babble and the "that is all there is ?!?" at 9M

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  14. Hold on

    Machette brawl ? Cinema ? This is about that Joker film right ?

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  15. "Watching Christmas films all year round is good for your health, expert says"


    "Playing Christmas Music on Repeat Could Cause Stress, Expert Says"


    "overdosing on festive music is officially bad for your mental health."


    ... If I did not knew any better I would say that this is what it must feel like to being gaslighted.

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  16. According to Shannon Liao of CNN's business division all gaming controlers have been traditionally really manly with their blackness and camo's and even some looking like Darth Vader's mask.

    BUT ! Google Stadia is going to use more woman friendly coloured controllers and that is how they are going to claim the 46% of gamers that are not men. At least according to this article.

    When I read that, I put down my phone, looked at my closet, and counted the amount of custom painted controlers I own. Yeah I somehow do not think colour is going to be a problem. But hey, gotta grasp that woman market somehow, right ?

    Not even to mention that I figure most of those people they are 'targeting' are only going to use their phone if they even use Stadia. And that no gamer I know ( male or female ) is even halfway interested in Stadia to begin with.

    Yes please, Wasabi Green !

    Go read . Disconnected from reality I gues

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  17. Like 3 weeks ago the locking mechanism for my left joycon became so 'loose' that I am hesitant to use the switch just holding it with my left hand. So I ordered those metal replacement locking mechanisms after one of my friends made me aware of them

    Turns out My Mate VINCE needed them too about 2 years ago ( Near perfect amount of looseness between Vince's joycon and mine too )

    So I ordered some though Amazon ( only place I could find them really )

    So talking about the Switch as I did, I just checked on the delivery details of my order. Turns out I could see in real-time how they went from "being delivered in 1 mintue" to "Oh hey it is late, it was expected Thursday"

    As for the original plastic locking mechanism, I am not even sure if that is thanks to my roughness, thanks to where I work, or thanks to Nintendo. I think I heard some good things about the design being plastic from fanboys, but then explain the Switch Lite to me ?

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  18. @adiwan Eh, I would not worry about that. In fact, that is the sort of logic my phone service provider is using to convince that EVERYONE is a gamer and a social media connoisseur so we should upgrade our service to the endless-gamer level or Master-Giffer-Media-Expert ( No, really, it also spells MGME, which sounds like a drug, next to the other thing, topkek, we can do memes peeple ! Sigh )

    But yeah, do not worry about it. Just because you like Ranma ½ does not mean you will like the other more mainstay Manga's. Like One Piece or Gundam or NGE.

    Me ? Well, I like Mech's, so I read and saw some Gundam :)

    Reminds me of a theme song actually.

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  19. One of the people over here is being unusually... well... this to me

    Only instead of "Better than you" it is "I can buy it cheaper than you"

    All because a parcel containing a couple games was delivered within his earshot.

    Good thing my imagination had no problem picturing him as Trixie.

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  20. @adiwan made me think of

    Also I am afraid that you can not even find a 3000 mW laser engraver marchine without spending at least the better part of a 100

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  21. This is deserving of way more attention than it is getting

    It's an 8 minute long animation that has gotten a bunch of awards and junk. But I mostly want to see something like this being made into a full season.

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  22. @tiff Because you are afraid you will be greeted with the system-destroying bug as shown in ?

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  23. People made a petition to present to the White House trying to stop the sales of Pokemon Sword and Shield ( )

    Well, joke's on them. I'm already playing it.

    It is a pokemon game alright, I can see why everyone is angry, I can also see why I am not that bothered by everything. Oh do not get me wrong, I would not mind to see GameFreak to go down in the ratings like a couple of big names before ( cough, Blizzard/Activision, cough, Bethesda, cough, Zynga ). I just know that I am going to be distracted by something shiny in less than 3 days.

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  24. I just found the 'shadenfreude' of watching CNC Router Fail compilations on YouTube.

    Ohkay so maybe the best material are the video's shared amongst friends on a Discord I am on but you have to agree things like are pretty damn amusing, and sometimes, like just after the 1 minute mark on that specific video, make me smile.

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  25. Oh thank the maker that my ISP fixed my woes right in time for the second sonic trailer.

    ... Well strangle me with butter and call me the cable guy... It does not suck

    I am pleasantly surprised.

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  26. @adiwan Oh come on, we both played that flash game back in 1999 or something.

    Google do not fail me now...

    Well I hope google bumps uglies with a cactus, duckduckgo gave me the thing I wanted in one ( misspelled ) try

    Whow... 1356... that is a LOW number for newgrounds, that is for sure.

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  27. @adiwan And now I have to think of

    Have fun laughing.

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  28. @scribus Isn't that just a fancy way of saying 'odd things that are related to the topic'. Such as pretty much everything used to make fun of the situation in every abridged show ever.

    For some reason I have to think of this thing

    "The Gods are showing us the truth about our past, I give you our sexy ancient Egyptian ancestors"

    You know the rest.

    I love oddical topicness, or oddness topical... or... well now both words and all variations thereof just sound made up to me.

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  29. Oh and just because it will bug me to hell if I do not say it.

    Ripley and to a lesser degree Wonder Woman were my role models growing up. Confident, assured, and with a go-get-em attitude, also good posters.

    But Ripley was a 'too soon' kinda thing so it never really mattered, and it is considdered a too old movie nowadays to even get taken seriously as a recomendation. Even though it really should.

    Also, Wonder Woman ( comic version, Lynda Carter, Gal Gadot ) had to stand aside as Captain Marvel was triumphantly claiming to be the First Female Cinematic Superhero ( seriously, google those 4 words and stand amazed at the amount of scrawled diarhea ).

    But hey, I guess I should be glad that the Black Panther craze has died down so Blade ( Wesley Snipes ) can be black again. Eventually a new product comes along and the cycle repeats itself.

    To end this # on a high note. or at least a funny, here is something I don't nearly link to enough

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  30. @adiwan Don't be silly, those are all Russian bots.

    Yeah, I know that is sillytalk. Still, I only count the people of whom I know at least their face and had some form of interaction with outside of a keyboard and monitor.

    After all, I am not really interested in a braindead conversation similar to going to the Destiny 2 Reddit and ask if the game is good. Ofcourse they say the game is good, or they would not be lurking that subreddit.

    Same thing can be said for TMS, If a woman has a leading position and you dare say anything negative about that show you are going to find yourself on the blindfolded side of an execution platform.

    Not to say that I disagree with everything on TMS. Once I read *facepalm emoji* How long has this weird conversation been going on for now ? "Not enough woman in powerfull rolemodels" ?

    I could probably rant about this for 12 hours straight if you let me. Maybe because they always shoot down my rolemodels

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