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  1. This is deserving of way more attention than it is getting

    It's an 8 minute long animation that has gotten a bunch of awards and junk. But I mostly want to see something like this being made into a full season.

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  2. @tiff Because you are afraid you will be greeted with the system-destroying bug as shown in ?

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  3. I just found the 'shadenfreude' of watching CNC Router Fail compilations on YouTube.

    Ohkay so maybe the best material are the video's shared amongst friends on a Discord I am on but you have to agree things like are pretty damn amusing, and sometimes, like just after the 1 minute mark on that specific video, make me smile.

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  4. Oh thank the maker that my ISP fixed my woes right in time for the second sonic trailer.

    ... Well strangle me with butter and call me the cable guy... It does not suck

    I am pleasantly surprised.

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  5. @adiwan Oh come on, we both played that flash game back in 1999 or something.

    Google do not fail me now...

    Well I hope google bumps uglies with a cactus, duckduckgo gave me the thing I wanted in one ( misspelled ) try

    Whow... 1356... that is a LOW number for newgrounds, that is for sure.

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  6. @adiwan And now I have to think of

    Have fun laughing.

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  7. @scribus Isn't that just a fancy way of saying 'odd things that are related to the topic'. Such as pretty much everything used to make fun of the situation in every abridged show ever.

    For some reason I have to think of this thing

    "The Gods are showing us the truth about our past, I give you our sexy ancient Egyptian ancestors"

    You know the rest.

    I love oddical topicness, or oddness topical... or... well now both words and all variations thereof just sound made up to me.

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  8. Oh and just because it will bug me to hell if I do not say it.

    Ripley and to a lesser degree Wonder Woman were my role models growing up. Confident, assured, and with a go-get-em attitude, also good posters.

    But Ripley was a 'too soon' kinda thing so it never really mattered, and it is considdered a too old movie nowadays to even get taken seriously as a recomendation. Even though it really should.

    Also, Wonder Woman ( comic version, Lynda Carter, Gal Gadot ) had to stand aside as Captain Marvel was triumphantly claiming to be the First Female Cinematic Superhero ( seriously, google those 4 words and stand amazed at the amount of scrawled diarhea ).

    But hey, I guess I should be glad that the Black Panther craze has died down so Blade ( Wesley Snipes ) can be black again. Eventually a new product comes along and the cycle repeats itself.

    To end this # on a high note. or at least a funny, here is something I don't nearly link to enough

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  9. @adiwan Don't be silly, those are all Russian bots.

    Yeah, I know that is sillytalk. Still, I only count the people of whom I know at least their face and had some form of interaction with outside of a keyboard and monitor.

    After all, I am not really interested in a braindead conversation similar to going to the Destiny 2 Reddit and ask if the game is good. Ofcourse they say the game is good, or they would not be lurking that subreddit.

    Same thing can be said for TMS, If a woman has a leading position and you dare say anything negative about that show you are going to find yourself on the blindfolded side of an execution platform.

    Not to say that I disagree with everything on TMS. Once I read *facepalm emoji* How long has this weird conversation been going on for now ? "Not enough woman in powerfull rolemodels" ?

    I could probably rant about this for 12 hours straight if you let me. Maybe because they always shoot down my rolemodels

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  10. This is a GREAT watch . The level of awareness is so warped in all 6 of these individuals that I could build a case study out of it for psych class.

    But I would probably upset a LOT of people regarding either religion, flat eartherism, or globe eartherism.

    By the end, the person that could be referred to as Karen even makes the closing arguments that "We do not derrive our beliefs from finding a statement and then only using supporting evidence. You claiming that I derrive my beliefs from religion is a fallacy !" and "Hiding behind 'rocket science' is similar to religion, if you look at the catholic church back in the days 'Only WE can interpet the Bible, you have to listen to what we say' so in a lot of ways we're getting that same from science that says that only they can interpet what those numbers are and you just need to trust them"

    Me personally ? I hold no stake in any of them being right. It was good to laugh at.

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  11. @adiwan Well now I am just reminded of that time this happened , haha :D

    ( The backstory to this is even more hilarious )

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  12. @scribus I blame you that I tumbled down a rabit hole and am now watching things like and contemplating the ethicacy of still calling such a thing ROB still.

    After all, if I removed your brain and replaced it with sufficiently adequate technology ( the likes we probably have in some 40 years if things go ahead as scheduled ), would you still be... Well, you know... a video game enthusiast ?

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  13. @scribus Secret ant campaign !

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  14. @adiwan Fans are gonna fan, untill something happens that makes them not want to be a fan anymore.

    I remember reading about some guy who had made a MCU-Wall, containing the DVD cover for every Marvel Superhero movie ever released, complaining about how he did not really like one particular movie but was still deadset on getting the thing for his wall since else his collection would be incomplete ( this was years ago )

    Extreme fans gonna extreme fan I guess.

    Hell, kinda reminds me of this 2 hour long thing of some guy who was harassing a movie critic on Discord for a debate for his opinion on a movie was SO WRONG he simply had to correct the narrative, or at least attempt to, it was a total fail and is probably one of the best examples of how to learn from other people's mistakes ( ) Its quite humorous at times, but I am not sure if I can recommend it unless if you got 2 hours to waste.

    ( Such as when on CCTV monitor duty at work at night)

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  15. @mrmattimation Why wait ? get your warm feelz today

    That is the trumptwitterarchive

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  16. Why are people in that twitter thread sharing a picture of the 1972 election and treating it like a victory ? ( )

    I mean if it is a quip about how Trump is a crook then they pretty much say 25% of the people inside of the U.S.A. to be stupid ( 56% of America voted, out of which roughly half voted for Trump ).

    You garner no good will with those people, and you want those people to NOT vote Trump in 2020. So that is pretty much the equivallent of a 12 year old throwing a temper tantrum going "YOU'RE WRONG !"

    But hey, I can see their point. But there was a smart and a stupid way to go about it from my perspective. and... "She chose, poorly" ( I kinda thought a Last Crusade quote would fit well, seeing I think the Democrats should rally before they actually become responsible for a Orange-inspired 2nd term )

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  17. @scribus I'm sorry, I did not know.

    does a little digging

    I assume you mean

    Hmm, interesting. Well it is mostly red, no denying there. We know why all those little districts are red too, so he is not wrong. But we ALSO know that Hillary got the popular vote in about 65,853,514 vs 62,984,828. So if nothing else it's just party grand standing, like an echo chamber.

    TL;DR : Keep calm, carry on, also laugh whenever you spot people trying to subvert your version of reality by showing you how THEY think the world works. Laugh them right in their stupid face.

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  18. @thelastgherkin Why do I have to think of this thing now ? ( 10 second clip from Spaceballs )

    Probably the "grand overlord" part which makes it sound funny.

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  19. Ohh, got a hunch and guess what I found at the back of my closet. There is a reason why I hoard useful stuff. It's actually a "couteau à pizza", which I guess gives away its original design plan by the person who designed it. But I used it for cheese mostly ( I do not eat a lot of Pizza, though it works like a dream on the crust. Way better than the Borderland 2 Psycho Pizza-thing, no contest ).

    I guess I probably break some law of recursive functions by using a utensil the wrong way in the correct way that was designed wrongly by stealing an idea from abbey monks. Ohkay I have NO idea how to untangle that.

    Reason why I forgot about my first one ? It got kinda blunt, so I took it with me to some Renaissance faire thingie so I could ask a blacksmith-like person how to proper sharpen it when he gave me some 60 Euro's for it. HAH, like I am going to say no to that.

    Oh right, I am spouting exposition again arn't I ? Apologies.

    Also #'leth

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  20. @drinkingpony CAN do a Nelson-laugh, CAN !. But I won't since the whole ordeal has not been "ha-ha" funny in over 2 years now.

    I mean I forgot the name of the city/municipality but that whole Antifa block where the major and the sherrif/police are in on it and it caused more than a bakers dozen of 'broken noses'.

    If I have to point a turning point of 'ha-ha' into 'honk' or 'oh my god how terrible' it would have been that one.

    Oh right, an example of 'honk' would be - Washingtontimes - Cannibalism: Scientist says eating humans could save earth. That being only a low tier-'honk'. Most actual 'honk'-ness is SUPER polarising stuff I would not dream to post about.

    And now I have said 'honk' so many times the word has gone weird on me.

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  21. @adiwan Oh wow, I saw that video about 2 hours ago without context.

    Oddly, even though now I know just how tragic of an accident this was. My reaction is pretty much still akin to this

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  22. @scribus Yes, and with good reason. The sheer amount of firearms present in the America's pretty much requires all police officers to have a good training for every possible what if scenario. Just for metermaids alone there is a 6 hour long training every quarter/halfyear just to go over 'what would you do if'-training.

    Whereas in most parts of Western Europe you live really closely together, even in the inner cities apparently to population density ( so getting help is seemingly a lot easier by, Idunno, simply screaming for help ) and the amount of officers that get hurt/injured on the job is rivaling that of librarians. That includes paper-cuts by the way.

    Also for some reason I am now reminded of . I guess I know why, kinda. Still a fun RLM vid to watch :)

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  23. "If this phonecall is so damning then why did he even release the transcript, only an idiot would do that"

    4 seconds later

    "Like he is the only person that does something so bad, right out there in the open that it makes YOU question, on whether it is actually bad"

    "Right ?"

    Au-contraire, Trevor Noah, I absolutely know it is bad. I mean. I remember the shill words you did for Battlefield V, Tre-Five-Or. ( watch these 25 seconds right here if you want context : ... Watch the whole thing if you can stand a ranting New Yorker for about 40 minutes. Is it worth it ? I'd say yes )

    Tre5or goes on : "it has become somewhat of a political Rorschach test, where Democrats and republicans see what they want to see, it be either a smoking gun, or something to prove innosence. Yet they voted 100-0 on it. ... I think that a guy in a fish costume is WAY better suited as explanation than Tre5or.

    I miss Jon Steward so much T_T

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  24. @scribus I am sorry, I can only seem to think about this now .

    Warning : Pretty sure my strict aunt would classify that as either NSFW or "weirdo internet batcave" ( which is by her definition NSFW )

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  25. Guide to modern movie criticism

    1 : Say movie is great

    2 : Invalidate everyone's opinion who does not like the movie and mention that "Your opinion is all subjective anyway"

    3 : "You probably have not seen the movie anyway, but if you actually have, then do not go see the next one"

    There, just saved you about an hour, now you do not need to go see ( Network 1901, DaleKnows, MenAreRuiningStarWars ). Oh I also cut out all the sexist pingas.

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  26. @mrmattimation Yes it is. I am left thinking about

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  27. @scribus Of course there is supposed to be. How else do you think something like this can happen ? ( picture says it all, really )

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  28. @scribus Well, I guess it is time to say farewell to the department of "making FrankerZ up as I go" ... Wait a minute, You are just trying to sell me a Wheel O'Scapegoats arn't you ? Hell I dare to bet that this entire room is made out of chocolate or something

    Oh and yeh I probably watch way too much weird Potato Knishes on the net

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  29. @mrmattimation You still believe in polls ? More importantly you think 8.3 % of Bernie Bro's did not vote ? Yeah I call bull on that. Unless if you want to proclaim that you can expect 30% margin of error out of every and all polls coming out of "the establishment" on a good day ( not even gonna touch the bad days )

    But hey, I will just leave you with this

    and this

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  30. @mrmattimation the "non sequitur"-level seems high I am not sure whether to call it a day or to point out that I have NO idea how actual vote totals (from when? 2016? from whom? MSM ?) can be used to establish anything on the level as big as a whole state.

    But hey, if you are willing to still believe that so called 'professionals' are better at predicting at what whole states will probably end up voting when there is also Matt Groening, I am not gonna stop you.

    As for that Trump did worse than Romney and McCain in some area's. Yeah I am willing to believe that, there are things like home states, there are things like actively or passively pandering to special/specific intrest groups.

    Lets not forget the Bernie Bro's ( name ? ) which voted for trump in 2016.

    Oh, or the people from the Rust Belt who vowed to vote democrat in the local elections but Trump for 2020

    Because aparently that's a thing

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