Alcoholic Beast (drinkingpony)'s status on Thursday, 21-Nov-19 19:13:54 UTC

  1. Like 3 weeks ago the locking mechanism for my left joycon became so 'loose' that I am hesitant to use the switch just holding it with my left hand. So I ordered those metal replacement locking mechanisms after one of my friends made me aware of them

    Turns out My Mate VINCE needed them too about 2 years ago ( Near perfect amount of looseness between Vince's joycon and mine too )

    So I ordered some though Amazon ( only place I could find them really )

    So talking about the Switch as I did, I just checked on the delivery details of my order. Turns out I could see in real-time how they went from "being delivered in 1 mintue" to "Oh hey it is late, it was expected Thursday"

    As for the original plastic locking mechanism, I am not even sure if that is thanks to my roughness, thanks to where I work, or thanks to Nintendo. I think I heard some good things about the design being plastic from fanboys, but then explain the Switch Lite to me ?

    about 21 days ago from web in context

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