1. I just had the new She-Ra explained to me by a die-hard fan of the old series

    Essentially she thinks it is like taking a beloved franchise that she feels she has supported thoughout the years, by buying merch and all. Someone got their hands on that IP because essentially you can not 'make' a new IP work in the modern oversaturated world. Then added so many new borderline cringe modern 'themes' to it till it pretty much only resembled the beloved She-Ra only in name. I mean For Fox's Sake (I choose to believe she actually said 'For Fox's Sake') they put a first draft D&D character into the show for crying out loud.

    Imagine your grandmother learned you how to make granny's apple pie, and then 20 years later she asks you to make her some apple pie just like how she used to like it. Only to have a conversation not even 5 seconds after gramma tasting it about "WHAT DO YOU MEAN YOU TOOK OUT THE ASBESTOS ?!?"

    Strange woman, but made some sense.

    I only know 1 person who likes new She-Ra.

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    1. @drinkingpony In the comment section of these articles you find more

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      1. @adiwan Don't be silly, those are all Russian bots.

        Yeah, I know that is sillytalk. Still, I only count the people of whom I know at least their face and had some form of interaction with outside of a keyboard and monitor.

        After all, I am not really interested in a braindead conversation similar to going to the Destiny 2 Reddit and ask if the game is good. Ofcourse they say the game is good, or they would not be lurking that subreddit.

        Same thing can be said for TMS, If a woman has a leading position and you dare say anything negative about that show you are going to find yourself on the blindfolded side of an execution platform.

        Not to say that I disagree with everything on TMS. Once I read *facepalm emoji* How long has this weird conversation been going on for now ? "Not enough woman in powerfull rolemodels" ?

        I could probably rant about this for 12 hours straight if you let me. Maybe because they always shoot down my rolemodels

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    2. @drinkingpony I find most people who complain about "what they've done to my beloved (X)" are upset that (X) is anything more than a 22-minute syndicated toy advert now. "My Little Pony, but with a PLOT and ACTION and CHARACTER DEVELOPMENT!? Clutch my pearls for me, I'm so weak..."

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      1. @scribus Bad example. I liked the original MLP, G2 too, G3 however can go straight to the trash IMHO. Oh and if anyone remembers G3.5. Stop doing that. Thanks :)

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        1. @drinkingpony Yeah, I knew it wouldn't make the best example, but for some reason it felt oddly topical...

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