Alcoholic Beast (drinkingpony)'s status on Sunday, 08-Dec-19 20:46:42 UTC

  1. Let's see now. At least double gyroscope, the way that the inner skeleton meets in the nose part like that. If I were a Boeing fanboy I would say it looks like someone gave vertical UAV capability to a modified MQ-25 skeleton with N233XT engines. Because it most certainly does NOT look like any CAV ( Boeing's cargo drone ) non experimental stuff.

    I do not expect Disney to keep them for long as just the maintenance, liability, and battery costs are going to be HUUGE. Especially in a time where they are already cutting costs on any live entertainment.

    Comparitatively if you want to run it for longer than half a year with about just as much freedom as a pre-determined flight-path, they would have gone with good looking props and a detatchable chair lift system painted black.

    I expect these drones to end up in some extreme collectors posession before long.

    about a month ago from web

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