1. I'm configuring my new computer back and forth on several shop websites and I'm always getting easily up to 2000€. Essentially I cannot recycle most of my components. HDDs, DVD drive only. My last configuration was an AMD 3700x, 64GB DDR4-3200, 1TB m.2 SSD, NVidia 2800 super, mainboard, 800W power supply, case. I need a new case because my current has only usb2 ports at the front and I'd like to have something better. Other than that it has some serious scratches from over 14 years of use as well as an unsightly opening on the side panel when these CPU "tubes" were in fashion for directly venting the hot CPU air out. This was never used because my cooler was not shaped in the way to benefit from that.

    about 8 months ago from web
    1. @adiwan Sounds about right, I just build a 3600 Ryzen 5 powered PC for my dad, Though it has only 16 GB of RAM and a GT 710 instead of 64 GB and a RTX 2080 Super.

      No DVD drive though, who needs that in 2020 ? And if you do. Go USB the thing.

      > I need a new case

      Fractal design define R5 or S. Probably not the S if you want to mount multiple HDD's and a DVD drive up front.

      Also I kinda remember Gamers Nexus saying "It is the card noone actually cares about" ( I had it running in the background while doing something else ) ... So beware on that RTX 2080 Super I guess.

      about 8 months ago from web
      1. @drinkingpony I'm a programmer. It's the second best without completely pulling out a leg and an arm to afford a 2080ti. DVD is essential for me and my retro game collection. A portable USB DVD drive could be nice but I have alreay an internal drive. It's also a good cup holder.

        about 8 months ago from web
        1. @adiwan Just saying that I would not fork over 10% extra money for a whopping 4% extra graphical horsies.

          Also I melted my cupholder that way once.

          No I was not trying to boil water with a USB drive in that one. I am still looking for a suicidal/voluntary USB for that one.

          about 8 months ago from web