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  1. @adiwan Sounds about right, I just build a 3600 Ryzen 5 powered PC for my dad, Though it has only 16 GB of RAM and a GT 710 instead of 64 GB and a RTX 2080 Super.

    No DVD drive though, who needs that in 2020 ? And if you do. Go USB the thing.

    > I need a new case

    Fractal design define R5 or S. Probably not the S if you want to mount multiple HDD's and a DVD drive up front.

    Also I kinda remember Gamers Nexus saying "It is the card noone actually cares about" ( I had it running in the background while doing something else ) ... So beware on that RTX 2080 Super I guess.

    about a month ago from web in context

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