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  1. Oh and just because it will bug me to hell if I do not say it.

    Ripley and to a lesser degree Wonder Woman were my role models growing up. Confident, assured, and with a go-get-em attitude, also good posters.

    But Ripley was a 'too soon' kinda thing so it never really mattered, and it is considdered a too old movie nowadays to even get taken seriously as a recomendation. Even though it really should.

    Also, Wonder Woman ( comic version, Lynda Carter, Gal Gadot ) had to stand aside as Captain Marvel was triumphantly claiming to be the First Female Cinematic Superhero ( seriously, google those 4 words and stand amazed at the amount of scrawled diarhea ).

    But hey, I guess I should be glad that the Black Panther craze has died down so Blade ( Wesley Snipes ) can be black again. Eventually a new product comes along and the cycle repeats itself.

    To end this # on a high note. or at least a funny, here is something I don't nearly link to enough

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  2. "Riyonn Farsad reveals scenes of the show ( The Apprentice ) were 'edited out' to make him look more stupid."

    I'm sorry, no. You did not even know when WW2 was.

    And before anyone goes 'Oh but everyone knows when WW2 was, because it was terrible'. I just saw a clip of Freddie Bentley ( reality TV star ) saying on Good Morning Brittain that he would rather have learned in school about more pressing issues that he could have used IRL because he found himself unready for reality once leaving school.

    Here is the kicker, he thinks that school should trim back on what school teaches about WW2 and more about Brexit.

    Tell you what mate, if Brexit becomes a long and bloody battle and takes untill at least 2050 before they finally back out, then I agree. But since that is not the case, I think people would benefit a LOT more learning what actual Nazi's were !

    This # made my blood boil. How people can be this dumb is beyond science, it is witchcraft.

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  3. @drinkingpony Point of clarification : I was being facetious when I said I would need a GTX 5099 ( obviously ) but the main thing I was jabbing at is that the whole game is unoptimized, as in, SHAMEFULLY unoptimized for what even an AA title, but it is an AAA title now and it should really, you know, not set an example that bad.

    I mean, it is not like you guys want me # - ing on Mass Effect Andromeda ( again ) right ?

    Saturday, 21-Sep-19 17:40:37 UTC from web in context
  4. By The Way, I do NOT condone Borderlands in any way, they have VEHEMENTLY screwed up in my eyes, both in sending goons and Randy Pitchford's total shamelessness deflections, and I might still be salty about the whole season 2 to BL2 thing which my first season pass did not cover because cherry you... And then I bought the game later for little less than 3 cans of pringles, so there is my gameplan for BL3. Also I need like a GTX 5099 or something and even then I am still going to pirate it ( after buying it ? maybe ? ) since that denuvo is pretty much an agressive form of always-online-"VirtualMachineLike"-DRM

    Aight, # over.

    Saturday, 21-Sep-19 17:32:58 UTC from web in context
  5. In the past few days I watched S8E3 and S8E4 of Game of Thrones. To say that I am agitated would be downplaying it.

    No spoiler version would be : Logic is thrown out the window to make cool scenes. Consistency of powers and weaknesses are all over the place, Bran uses his superpowers of watching past present and future to browse designs of wheelchairs, Characters get to do AMAZING feats when the camera is not directed at them directly, you see way too many things die to things you can not see, you also see way to many things not die to things you can see and then randomly dissapear just so the audience will scream out the name of their favorite character to see them absolutely fine in the next shot, characters acting stupid for no reason, characters betraying the previous 7 seasons by means of storytelling. But perhaps the biggest 2... granting every tactician an anyeurism thanks to excessive facepalming... and do not even get me started on Resident Evil goes Game of Thrones. #

    Thursday, 27-Jun-19 23:58:07 UTC from web
  6. i hate network-manager with all the fire of a thousand suns # #

    Saturday, 14-Apr-18 17:11:14 UTC from in context
  7. "How come you're so good with computers, but can't fix my phone?" "Because my computers all run Free Software, so I can tweak it" #

    Sunday, 14-May-17 16:48:08 UTC from
  8. What I don't like about buying new electronics is that they add all sorts of cables or extras and don't tell you about it. I think cables should be bought extra for environmental reasons. Or who of you doesn't have a box full of spare cables that you might or might not ever need again? With my new tablet I got a set of cheap earphones, which is my forth pair, and an USB-adapter I didn't know I would get and ordered one, so now I have two. Two more additions to my maybe-I-need-them-someday-electronics-box. Oh well, If the box takes too much space I will just store it on our spare planet. :-( #

    Friday, 14-Apr-17 14:26:46 UTC from Repeated by ericxdu23
  9. What I don't like about buying new electronics is that they add all sorts of cables or extras and don't tell you about it. I think cables should be bought extra for environmental reasons. Or who of you doesn't have a box full of spare cables that you might or might not ever need again? With my new tablet I got a set of cheap earphones, which is my forth pair, and an USB-adapter I didn't know I would get and ordered one, so now I have two. Two more additions to my maybe-I-need-them-someday-electronics-box. Oh well, If the box takes too much space I will just store it on our spare planet. :-( #

    Friday, 14-Apr-17 14:26:46 UTC from
  10. "Make everything a WebApp" used to be democratizing, but nowadays it just forces people to buy newer hardware. Also, # issues. #

    Wednesday, 18-Jan-17 17:32:17 UTC from
  11. Sigh, # # is failing again. # # # #

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  12. did I say "rant"? No? #!

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  13. It's funny how everyone complains and cries about the 70s dictatorship as if it had been the most terrible thing that ever happened in the country, yet before it started a terrorist bomb blew up every 5 hours. People were used to it to the point they got out of their houses simply hoping that something wouldn't blow up near them. It was a war, and a few thousand dead to get rid of that situation is completely justified. Now that march 24 is coming up I have to put up with the stupid "oh but the dictatorship was so bad! the resistance were heroes!" they were terrorists and gerrillas plain and simple, and the country is better off without them. They caused it in the first place, and likely killed even more innocents than the military. #

    Wednesday, 23-Mar-16 02:24:44 UTC from web in context
  14. And pirates do yet again what developers don't put any energy on. GTAV repacked to 14GB. How can you expect people to buy things when you have a free option that actually /bothers/ to make things accessible to users? I didn't even bother buying the game due to the sheer size of it, and the huge amount of time it'd take to download. Now I'm considering it. And there's no excuse not to use proper compression, because if some russian pirate can do it from a basement, then a multi million dollar company that could save quite a lot in bandwidth by making downloads a fourth of the size can clearly do it too. #

    Saturday, 07-Nov-15 19:15:38 UTC from web in context
  15. @vanden it is a lot of fun, but sadly no time to develop the course. Teacher cutbacks and increasing school role means that I'm flat out these days, bloody SNP cuts. They blame Westminster but it is Holyrood that sets the Eductation budget, its the one thing they have full control over and still muck it up. Grrrrrrr # over (for now)

    Wednesday, 26-Aug-15 12:44:06 UTC from
  16. To all the people who think that having universal marriage now, is oppressing your right to discriminate others is some creping form of NAZI oppression. I have a wall and a firing squad for you. I know its proving your point but really its what he would have wanted. Or not since he sent thousands of us to the concentration camps. # #

    Sunday, 28-Jun-15 13:20:25 UTC from web
  17. "Why are they zombies? Who cares! Remember, kids, Something Popular + Zombies = Success. No creativity needed!" ... This article, it is so rant-y, I like it XD ( Possible # with intermittent definate # , also a lot of # and # )

    Saturday, 18-Oct-14 14:01:14 UTC from web in context
  18. This morning's #: #

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  19. I think I'm doing my duty in my relationship, but I could do a lot better. I know a brony locally who got divorced about a year ago. Nice guy, wife wasn't into cartoons as much as he was, it seemed, and had buyer's remorse for whatever reason. Maybe it had to do with living in his parents' basement, but it probably had a lot to do with other stuff too. You never know unless you're in a relationship, and even then you don't fully comprehend your partner, I've learned, at least not without a lot of healthy communication. Patience is my main issue, I think. Being a model of loving communication is not easy when you're pushed away and hurt most days. I think I could serve more and that would help my patience increase. #

    Friday, 11-Jul-14 07:20:47 UTC from web
  20. Maybe it's not my place to speak, but I think we more often blame the gun because unlike cars, which are designed as transportation devices, guns are designed specifically as weapons. I mean, sure, anything could be used as a weapon, but not everything is designed as one. Unfortunately, even if a gun registry/licensing program starts, there are too many proud people who already own weapons and would be unwilling tor register them for the system to work, because if everyone who should own a gun had it registered the people who shouldn't own guns wouldn't need them for "self defense". # #

    Sunday, 25-May-14 19:27:38 UTC from web in context
    Here's a great example of the difference between artistic styles. IIRC, Faust designed Golden Oaks Library. They threw out a masterpiece of design by a renowned artist for ... this. I'll miss the old library.

    I disliked the Tree of Harmony's design, but at least it wasn't something we had to deal with very often. Why the need to make it look like crystal? And why must there be so much pink? Pink is obviously a cool color (one of my favorites), but I feel like it was abused here.

    I'm hoping that despite it looking meh the new library will have some cool features beyond just the round table. We get to see an episode dedicated to it in S5 apparently.

    Wednesday, 21-May-14 07:13:37 UTC from web in context
  22. I am endlessly annoyed by all the lists of "bad bots" that should be "blocked" from your site. it seems everyone keeps copying everyone else, repeating in their list generic tools like wget, a python library or even 'pyhon' and ancient bad biot that haven't been used for years (often a decade or more) because everyone was blocking them anyway. I have not found a single page yet that actually validates each item on the list by stating what is "bad" about its behavior (if it even exists any more)... there used to be a page like that (but that was a decade ago, too). Of course there are a few "known" bad bots that ignore robots.txt or just hammer your site (Alexa's ia_archiver is one) - but endlessly growing lists of supposed bad bots will do nothing for your site except slow it down. #

    Saturday, 19-Apr-14 06:28:19 UTC from in context
  23. Motherkiwiers HIDE! Motherdoleing people mothergrapesing hide in the shadows when the bus approaches! That's the only possible explanation! You can't accidentally blend so perfectly with the night. kiwiing BATMAN can't accidentally blend so perfectly with the night! D:< # #

    Thursday, 13-Mar-14 03:39:04 UTC from MuSTArDroid in context
  24. AUGH! applesing PEOPLE!! Passengers not watching for their stop, people only saying part of the street name so I think they just mean the city the street is named after, people choosing not to get off at the stop to transfer to the next bus they need then looking at me like "Well what now?" apples you, that's what now! papayas YOU!! I am just your driver, not your gorram tour guide! I'll help if & when I can, but man I can't map out a multiple bus cross county ride for you on the fly, and it isn't my job to try! Get a goddamn taxi if you can't figure out the bus system! Bum a ride from a friend! Hitchhike! WALK, even, I don't care. Just don't make my night any papayastier than it already is by default. # #

    Wednesday, 12-Mar-14 05:03:38 UTC from MuSTArDroid
  25. I had a # that needed a rewrite. Then I realised I'd never get round to rewriting it, so here it is: #

    Friday, 07-Feb-14 06:14:45 UTC from
  26. @critialcloudkicker Ohkay, my friend who got me into buying a 3DS. because "Pokemon X/Y is on the horizon" and who got coocoo with me over Animal-Crossing:New-Leaf ( Untill his most favorite toon left his town because he forgot to check on town for a week ) ... and then dropped Pokemon X because he claimed "the game went too far multiplayer for my taste" ... The same person who assured me multiple times that "computers have update problems all the time... the 3DS never has this... Neither does my WiiU... Yadda yadda yadda" now has some SERIOUS bad blood with me. I always see him updating his consoles or something ( Computers always needing updates my behind, At least you have grip on the process ) ... UGH... ... ... RAEG !!! WORK !!! #

    Thursday, 06-Feb-14 21:52:56 UTC from web in context
  27. Screw this game! Screw you Ace Attorney Apollo Justice! I'm done with this "game"! #

    Saturday, 15-Jun-13 11:11:17 UTC from Choqok
  28. @zeldatra If you say things that are meant to be ignored as a method of ranting and venting I kinda think you should use the hashtag's # and #

    Thursday, 23-May-13 12:10:35 UTC from web in context
  29. #

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  30. Goodness... I wonder what Vista even /does/ on Sunday evenings? Do they really just look through already composed ads from, like, two or three days ago to find mistakes? Are they really *that* bored? #

    Monday, 01-Apr-13 08:29:07 UTC from MuSTArDroid in context