1. By The Way, I do NOT condone Borderlands in any way, they have VEHEMENTLY screwed up in my eyes, both in sending goons and Randy Pitchford's total shamelessness deflections, and I might still be salty about the whole season 2 to BL2 thing which my first season pass did not cover because cherry you... And then I bought the game later for little less than 3 cans of pringles, so there is my gameplan for BL3. Also I need like a GTX 5099 or something and even then I am still going to pirate it ( after buying it ? maybe ? ) since that denuvo is pretty much an agressive form of always-online-"VirtualMachineLike"-DRM

    Aight, # over.

    about a year ago from web
    1. @drinkingpony Point of clarification : I was being facetious when I said I would need a GTX 5099 ( obviously ) but the main thing I was jabbing at is that the whole game is unoptimized, as in, SHAMEFULLY unoptimized for what even an AA title, but it is an AAA title now and it should really, you know, not set an example that bad.

      I mean, it is not like you guys want me # - ing on Mass Effect Andromeda ( again ) right ?

      about a year ago from web