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  1. "Riyonn Farsad reveals scenes of the show ( The Apprentice ) were 'edited out' to make him look more stupid."

    I'm sorry, no. You did not even know when WW2 was.

    And before anyone goes 'Oh but everyone knows when WW2 was, because it was terrible'. I just saw a clip of Freddie Bentley ( reality TV star ) saying on Good Morning Brittain that he would rather have learned in school about more pressing issues that he could have used IRL because he found himself unready for reality once leaving school.

    Here is the kicker, he thinks that school should trim back on what school teaches about WW2 and more about Brexit.

    Tell you what mate, if Brexit becomes a long and bloody battle and takes untill at least 2050 before they finally back out, then I agree. But since that is not the case, I think people would benefit a LOT more learning what actual Nazi's were !

    This # made my blood boil. How people can be this dumb is beyond science, it is witchcraft.

    about 13 days ago from web

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