1. Struggling to get all my email aliases and forwarding sorted out. Making progres, but it's far more work than I anticipated. (No, you cannot just remove an address that's the backup contact address without first assigning another address for that function - in a Google user interface that's so cryptic I still cannot use it after struggling through it a first time. Google is really brilliant in making user interfaces that make sense only to them - and then change them around every few months (i.e. just about when you figure out how to navigate it - so I have to keep updating my notes in KeePass on how to use it this time... !grrr ) And I really, really wish I could add notes to email aliases so I'll remember later wth it was supposed to be used for. NOT fun - but I promised myself I'd finish this before started on the funner jobs :-/

    Wednesday, 06-Jul-16 20:34:59 UTC from
    1. did I say "rant"? No? #!

      Wednesday, 06-Jul-16 20:35:25 UTC from
    2. firster: bedtime! I miss my # here but the 'sleep chair' actually makes an excellent bed. Good night !tzaf !fediverse !tempfix

      Wednesday, 06-Jul-16 21:01:37 UTC from
    3. All right, that was 8 hours ago, and I slept well in the mean time. :) I'll put my email clothes on and finish this job today. Good morning !tzag !fediverse !tempfix

      Thursday, 07-Jul-16 04:28:59 UTC from