1. What does the latest Pokemon X/Y update even do ? ... Oh wow I also need to update my system...

    Thursday, 06-Feb-14 21:47:00 UTC from web
    1. @critialcloudkicker Ohkay, my friend who got me into buying a 3DS. because "Pokemon X/Y is on the horizon" and who got coocoo with me over Animal-Crossing:New-Leaf ( Untill his most favorite toon left his town because he forgot to check on town for a week ) ... and then dropped Pokemon X because he claimed "the game went too far multiplayer for my taste" ... The same person who assured me multiple times that "computers have update problems all the time... the 3DS never has this... Neither does my WiiU... Yadda yadda yadda" now has some SERIOUS bad blood with me. I always see him updating his consoles or something ( Computers always needing updates my behind, At least you have grip on the process ) ... UGH... ... ... RAEG !!! WORK !!! #

      Thursday, 06-Feb-14 21:52:56 UTC from web