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  1. So I never had physics nor chemistry in school. But I am pretty sure that if you throw Cyanoacrylate ( super glue ) onto baking powder you are going to release some Hydrogen in the process.

    The question is, if you do this to quickly correct mistakes on a model you are working on ( since the super glue will harden almost instantly ), should you be worried about the release of the Hydrogen ?

    Should I be happy that someone who did that ( who is a smoker ) was not smoking when he did that ?

    about 4 days ago from web
    • I printed a duckbunny

      about 6 days ago from web
    • My improvised "heated" chamber for my 3d printer. It achieves to maintain 38°C (room temperature 20°C) just from the heat bed that is at 100°C.

      about 16 days ago from web
      • @adiwan Haha, oh wow, how delightfully nicely improvised. I can smell the masking/painters tape from here.

        You know I just realized while popping the bubble wrap of my latest package from China ( its a pointery lasery thingie ), the bubble wrap is almost universally made from Poly ( PP ) and no way that stuff would melt at those temperatures. At least the chamber, in no way am I going to risk saying anything about the heat bed in conjunction with cheap Chinese plastics.

        about 16 days ago in context
      • @drinkingpony I'm glad you like my s(t)ick(y)-nasty improvisation skills.

        Polypropylene is extremely durable and I'd like to print with it one day, however it is extremely finicky. Once it needs to be printed at 260°C (I cannot do this with my printer because I'd gas out toxins from the PTFE tube), you need other polypropylene (sticky tape) to make it stick to the heat bed otherwise it slips off the bed, it sucks out the moisture like nothing from the air and thus creating nasty bubbles while printing, and it warps worse than ABS. But right now I'm already annoyed enough by ABS so it'll take me a whole new printer to even think to print with it (also PP is relatively expensive).

        about 16 days ago in context
    • Probably a BIG sign that you are getting old is when abbreviation that made their own legacy inside of a generation need to be explained. "UT99" for instance. Yes that just happened, even if answered by "Oh, I thought/hoped you meant that" does not take away any of the dimensions to the proverbial sign.

      about 16 days ago from web
      • Watching a guy on Youtube who lockpicks locks in his hobby and reviews them. It shocks me how easy "unpickable" locks are.

        about 17 days ago from web
      • Alright, the last two years were fun, time to fix this absolute mess of a country.

        about 19 days ago from web
      • There are 3 HUGE things in life which I do not think should be trifled with, these are in order: sentient species, alcohol, matters explained by science rather than magic.

        Now what happened was that a friend of a friend started spewing nonsense about railguns and how it would not have recoil because all that the electomagnetic force is doing is pulling. Then I am sorry, I can not let that one go. Either admit you are wrong or attempt to bribe me with the correct liquid.

        It would take quite a few glasses full for me to forget about the third law of Newton.

        about 18 days ago from web
      • The post man managed to squash 3 Wii U games at once in my mail box. Of course it's damaged.

        about 19 days ago from web
      • Literally want to kill somebody

        about 19 days ago from web
      • First thing I learned in 2019 is the difference between an Empanada, Hamada, Panada, Masada, Cicada, Piñata, Pintada and for some reason the oddest one out is Chinchilla.

        It is going to be an interesting year.

        about 20 days ago from web
        • I really need to build an enclosure for my 3d printers. Just now two prints warped (and detached from the build plate) because of cold air circulating in the room.

          about 22 days ago from web
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          • @drinkingpony I don't want to additionally heat the chamber besides the heat plate. In the chamber will be the whole printer with all the electronics and the power supply. I don't intend to separate them and wire them to the outside. I'm too lazy for that. I think I only need just a room with a slightly higher ambient and constant ambient temperature. The temperature sensor and heat plate will get me that once it's closed sufficiently.
            I know that the IKEA Lack tables aren't filled with sawdust. I meant that these tables are cheaply made. I used one as a throw-away work table for sawing my flooring. BTW: My IKEA Lack tables were produced in Poland.

            about 20 days ago in context
          • @adiwan Outside ? what ? No, I was saying you could make a pretty neat insulated square cube with some nice bricks or slabs of prefab rock ( Terrassenfliessen oder Balkonfliesen ). Ofcourse I do not know how big your printer is, or your aversion to taking those things inside, or even your ability to go to a junkyard and 'browse'.

            Also sadly I have no data on Poland's IKEA fire-proofing of their furniture. Speaking of which, one of my online friends gave me this thing , You probably want to watch that for fun and giggles, at least for the first 90 seconds.

            about 20 days ago in context
          • @drinkingpony Fascinating video.

            about 20 days ago in context
        • Dont forget to redownload any wiiware games you want to keep, cause the store is closing on January 30 this year. !vgp

          about 20 days ago from web
        • Tell me, future-men, how fares 2019 thus far?

          about 21 days ago from web
        • Happy 2019 everyone. Best wishes to all. Also try not to finish ALL the leftover party booze in a single day, that did not work out so well last year.

          about 21 days ago from web
          • I wonder what cavemen memes were like

            about 23 days ago from web
            • @nerthos Remember Captain Caveman ? I don't, I mostly remember how he shouted his name a lot. I think that prehistoric memes mostly were like that, mostly shouting at each other. I think this was also the first form of long range communication

              about 23 days ago in context
          • I'm demoted by my father to translate memes from English to German that he receives over WhatsApp.

            about a month ago from web
          • How did this even happen? First I can not find my old account, then I am wrestling with Teddy Bears (weirdest name for a server rack). All of a sudden the phone rings and I have to run errands on the first day of Xmas. Then I go for a new account only to hear people almost beating the company printer to death so I had to go save that.

            Long story short it took me about 5 hours just so I could wish you guys happy hollidays.

            And it all started with me wanting to short an URL on pny lv **rolleyes**

            about a month ago from web