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  1. About 15 minutes ago I did not know who this Mueller guy even was. I guess it is going to be hard to keep it that way the upcoming few days.

    about 6 hours ago from web
  2. It's so easy when you're evil~~

    about 2 days ago from web
  3. Hey does anybody know what boobs sound like? Asking for an after-dark sound effects show.

    about 3 days ago from web
  4. I do want to talk about the implications of this unit for a moment, specifically "Dry Bones" and "Dry Bowser", whose naming conventions confuse and frighten me. When I die, will I become Dry Brian? Is a living Bowser Wet Bowser? Why do Piranha Plant have bone in it?

    about 4 days ago from web

    I got so many questions !!!

    about 4 days ago from web
    • Interested in registering a GNU Social account, and found this provider, perfect for my correct tastes.

      about 6 days ago from web
    • Also, every time I see my new avatar, I scream a little and weep a single bloody tear

      about 9 days ago from web
    • Now that the total grapestorm has died down somewhat I could finally figure out what just exactly happened this day and I must say I grieve for the people whom died in New Zealand. I hope I did not offend anyone with my stupid lighthearted joke and I'd probably do well not to turn on my TV or go to Twitter or whatnot for the coming months for it looks like the fallout of this is going to paint the landscape for quite a bit.

      I abhor things like this and their fallout. The chances of nothing coming from this except for hatred and misunderstandings.

      about 9 days ago from web
      • I too wish Mr Matt a smoof car.

        In the very least he'd be safe from Norm.

        about 9 days ago from web
        • Sad times for New Zealand.

          Meanwhile, arguments about whether the shooter was legit or a CIA/whatever plant trying to do a 9/11 are popping up.

          about 10 days ago from web
        • The political fingerwagging on Social Media has exploded again. I was looking at it and despite people's best intentions they are all seemingly dancing on the graves of those poor people. The only partially redeeming people who are opening their mouth on this are those who remain at least somewhat logically consistent.

          But even those who are get called out to the point where it is not even funny anymore, sometimes being cited 'dude, timing !' or even 'But you helped cause this' somehow though a web of logic that is only one you could understand if you took a side in any of this.

          What staggers me the most is that when the vocal minority calms down again we know that they are going to turn their eyes to those who would prefer not to take a side.

          ... I'm sorry, I just got out of bed and I have not gotten my daily self-prescribed dose of whiskey yet ...

          about 10 days ago from web
          • Yeah, this whole "unperson the problematic" movement is getting kind of like one of the more horror-y Bradbury stories.

            about 15 days ago from web
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            • @drinkingpony Broad strokes: the general atmosphere of the internet and this outrage culture we're going through. Specific instigator: The Simpsons pulling a Stalin on the Michael Jackson guest star episode and deleting it entirely from the catalog as though it had never happened. You know, exactly like Warner Bros DIDN'T DO about their WWII propaganda shorts.

              about 15 days ago in context
            • @scribus " the general atmosphere of the internet and this outrage culture we're going through"

              Oh, yeah, Outrage culture. Also known as the "Age of Apathy" for some. I know nothing of The Simpsons so I guess it is/was a recent episode.

              But I guess most people have forgotten about it now since Notch ( the Minecraft dude ) done did something.

              about 13 days ago in context
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            • @drinkingpony @scribus It's not really about whether it was a good episode or not, it's about revisionism and a fascist mindset without any of the good parts of fascism, where anything that is deemed not kosher is censored and removed from public records.

              It was an old episode that was relevant for the time it came out, but the kind of individual that complains about things being "problematic" has no sense of nuance, historical significance, context, or anything like that. Some would see anything that doesn't match the current discourse removed entirely.

              about 10 days ago in context
          • 22 years ago, human-scientists cloned a sheep. Dolly the Sheep they called her. But I am pretty sure it suffered from something that sounded like 'checkerboard'-ism? If someone knows the exact name of that, I would love to know it, for google is not playing nice with me on that font.

            about 16 days ago from web
          • beat Kingdom Hearts III

            about 17 days ago from web
          • TIL : There is a Reddit board to share stories of how someone "Ate the Onion" (meaning, someone who believed The Onion articles to be 'for real' instead of, as they are, saterical). There is probably a metric truckload of bait and bad posts, but some things are just too far gone to even halfway suspect anything but honesty.

            Go check out /r/AteTheOnion. I'll double your money back if you do not find it funny.

            about 17 days ago from web
          • OH GOD YES I got a call from the job I applied for, physical exam tomorrow for a March 18 start date! :D

            about 18 days ago from web
          • @Gherkin do you have a Tweetle accound?

            about 21 days ago from web
          • My weekend project turned out pretty well https://Potato

            about 22 days ago from web
          • So apparently now the news is creeping up that if you play Anthem on the console you have a chance of damaging your console.

            about 21 days ago from web
          • Some 10 years ago I remember seeing a police show on TV and loving it, but I could never remember the name. The squad-cars were black and white, there were 3 newbs, one ( the main character ) was obviously Italian, the guy whom was supposed to teach him could have been Officer Hightower in appearance but with Samuel L Jackson's potty mouth and mean demeanor.

            Anyone know what show I am talking about? For it seems google has failed me, big time.

            about 23 days ago from web
          • you can call me a “libtard”, but public restrooms need two-ply toilet paper

            about a month ago from web

            The feelings towards what I just witnessed can only be equated to the other feelings and desires.

            Mostly feelings of anger and desires to strangle a mouse.

            Now it could still be good, don't get me wrong on that. But the way this thing was framed did not only mess with my childhood (in combination with a VA I am quite fond of) but the combination that Leia can only be badass if she is reckless and almost a mango about it together with the reason why she demoted Poe in TLJ is messing with my head.

            "Thanks Disney" I say while rolling my eyeballs and doing my best 'Sarcastic Dr House' impression.

            about 23 days ago from web
          • My mother owns a Kramer painting. When I was a kid, it creeped me out and gave me nightmares. One of the only dreams from my childhood that I can remember is one in which I was physically assaulted by Kramer.

            about a month ago from web
          • Dear people of TicToc.

            I was drunk, please stop enabling me by liking this so much. 6455 likes and counting. It's stupid. Also while the audio-decibel-jump probably would not blow up your speakers, while deliberate, still not 'fun' in my book.

            about a month ago from web
          • Today I lost an old friend.

            about a month ago from web
          • Ever watched a commercial (I never watch commercials) scream out loud "Hey I want that product !". Then a darkness lift and you find yourself in your bed ?

            I'm having what my friends would call 'Statler&Waldorf style nightmares' now. Why ? "Cus you are getting OLD !"

            about a month ago from web
          • So "Star Wars" is talking about some Rose spinoff. I guess she goes around, interrupting other people's plots in the third act, or something.

            about a month ago from web
            • @scribus I'd rather want to watch the other "Asian" character from the Star Wars universe on the big screen: Doctor Aphra. It'd be worth it just for the droids 000 and BT-1.

              about a month ago in context
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            • @scribus Not sure what is funnier, your synopsis or the fact that someone went as far as to put that information out there, no doubt it is a troll.

              Even the people who would have cared (and undoubtedly would have shouted about how they want an Obi Wan thing instead) have long left the active scene.

              Star Wars news is still chucked at me on the daily and it just leaves me lethargic now.

              about a month ago in context
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          • Ever thought "Oh wow, all those memories I have of more than 5 years ago mean a lot to me, but they are probably just another day to most people I remember in those memories"

            Only to have your memory of your memory having memories interrupt itself with something as silly as a stupid quote from a stupid movie from 1994

            about a month ago from web
          • Things I want but are really useless.

            Number 558

            about a month ago from web
          • I made French Toast for dinner because I am a grown-ass man and also I have a very limited kitchen right now

            about a month ago from web