Angry Liberal (mrmattimation)'s status on Monday, 02-Dec-19 07:37:49 UTC

  1. Old Chinese guy who threatened to sue me a few weeks back came in today looking for vitamins that help with your memory. He must need them, because he asked me three separate times where the vitamins were. Then he tried to pay with the gift card I offered him a few weeks back, but he didn’t have the gift card, just an activation slip. I told him there isn’t enough information on the activation slip for me to charge the gift card, he tells me he never got a gift card. I tell him, sir, you’re holding the activation slip for the gift card. He says “you lie to me, i not lie to you, you mistreat customers, you bad man” and leaves. One of the more bizarre things to happen to me this week.

    about 6 days ago from web in context

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