1. In the 70s Nixon ordered nuclear strikes that were ignored by military officials because he wasn’t seen as being mentally fit to make those decisions (Richard Nixon was, of course, an alcoholic). We didn’t know about the orders until decades later. Have fun thinking about that one while you sleep tonight!

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    1. @mrmattimation Yeah if you strip down the story of details and essentials I can make anyone ( even you ) seem like a total incompetent bubbling buffoon that could play as antagonist in a Mark Groening cartoon somehow.

      I do not know all the details. But I do know that North Korea shot down a 'Lockheed EC-121 Warning Star' ( essentially the 1950's version of what we understand now as AWACS ) and killed some 30 something Americans.

      Some FBI agent noted how he became 'obsessed' with the EC-121 incident.

      When Richard Nixon got on the phone to order PLANS for a tactical nuclear strike and target recomendations however, Henry Kissinger got the JCOS to pull a 25th amendment untill at least he sobered up. Probably because he sounded drunk.

      I heard that he forgot about the B61 attached to the F-4 in Kunsan Air Base.

      I like doing Trivia night with you tho.

      Can we talk about Vasiki Arkhipov next ?

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